Walter Brill – Letters

Walter Brill – born in Herzebrock, Germany, 13th September 1910

Occupation in country of origin: furniture making

Arrived in Britain as a refugee from Germany, 3 April 1939

Letter: from Notary to Imgard Brill, 19 July 1949

Walter Brill - letter 1949
Walter Brill – letter 1949
Submitted by Winston Brill and family, 2017
19th July 1949


Mrs Irmgard Brill née Levy

4 Chatham Road



Dear Madam,

Regarding your case, your father and sister, Käthe, are now declared dead with the timing of death of 8th May, 1945. I must still obtain the judicial succession that you and Frau Lehmann have become the legal heirs, each 50/50. Only then do I have the legitimacy to make the assertion of your rights with the reparations authorities.  In all certainty, I have however already carried out the registration of the commercial building and garden.



Translation submitted by a Kitchener descendant, 2017