Rabbi Isidor Broch – Memories

After the war, Rabbi Broch was appointed as the kashrut supervisor at the Bonns matzo making factory in Carlisle.  There being no significant Jewish community in Carlisle, he and his family moved to Gateshead and Rabbi Broch commuted daily to Carlisle.  Some time in the 1960s, the Bonns factory was closed down and Rabbi Broch, obviously in need of a job,  became the resident minister and kashrut supervisor at the Majestic Hotel in Bournemouth.  He retired from that post in 1989/90 and moved back to Gateshead – I think he may have subsequently moved to Hendon.  I understand that he also edited, or wrote, commentaries on three books of the Bible – Ruth, Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) and the Song of Songs.  He passed away in 2000 and his granddaughter told me that he is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Cheshunt.  However, I’ve looked at the Cheshunt records and there’s no mention of a Rabbi Broch.

Kindly submitted and researched by David Harris. With thanks to Michelle, Rabbi Broch’s granddaughter