Robert Mildwurm – Memories

Robert Mildwurm  was a resident of the Kitchener camp after getting out of Dachau in 1939 and before immigrating to the USA. He  spoke to his family about meeting Winston Churchill. 

A book was written to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the Anschluß, and the effect on the Jews in Vienna, Austria.

Coincidentally, the cover of the book shows a picture of my father (center) and his mother (right) being forced to scrub the streets in Vienna.

Kitchener camp, Robert Mildwurm – centre of photograph on book cover; his mother is on the right

A relative in Britain recognized my father and contacted the publisher, letting them know he was alive and in San Francisco. Profil magazine came to the city to write an article, and afterwards we all flew to Vienna for the unveiling of a statue in Albertinaplatz in Vienna, which commemorates this event.

Robert Mildwurm was presented with the Seal of the City of Vienna by the Mayor.


Submitted by the Mildwurm family for Robert Mildwurm