Werner Goldmann – Memories

Born July 25, 1912

Werner was in his 20s when my mother (born 1929) was a toddler (I have a picture) (Queens, New York). Opa Fritz Frommelt was born 1902/1903. How would they have known each other? Fritz’s family seems to have been mostly from Berlin. Fritz was trained as an accountant before coming to the US (immigration records).

Werner is definitely a young adult in the two pictures my mother has of him. In one, he was posing by a very nice new car which appeared to be his. Huge smile! Very handsome. Black hair. In the other he was with my mother and her sisters (all very young girls).  

Not sure if he was an actual uncle or a family friend, but he lived with Grandma’s family in the 1930s in New York until he went back to Germany because of an injury.

My daughter found a biography of Louis Goldmann and his family: they were well off. It appears they had English language skills, which helped them. The youngest brother took a boat to Genoa, then went to Australia with his wife. There was a Werner Goldmann that drew satirical comics in Der Wahre Jacob (The Real Jacob– a satirical magazine). He was published in it in 1931 and 1932. He was in Germany in 1938. (Assuming this is the correct person, he went from New York back to his family, because of a back injury.) Werner went to England in 1939; from there he moved to Manchester and Anglicised his name. The Kitchener refugees apparently were mostly men that had been imprisoned by the national socialists, and were then let go. 

Kindly submitted by a family friend for Werner Goldmann

If surviving family of Werner’s should get in touch, we would be delighted to upload the photographs mentioned above.