Alien tribunals: an account

A gentleman recently sent me a photocopy of a chapter of a book written by his grandfather, Sir Gerald Hurst, QC:

The book is called Closed Chapters. And apparently Hurst led one of the Alien Tribunals in Kent in autumn 1939.

Some extracts follow that I thought you might be interested in reading.

I’m particularly interested in the penultimate extract, below, because I am curious about the extent to which the refugees’ careers prior to the so-called Nuremberg laws had been forced to change by the time they became refugees in Britain.

Anyway – I hope you find this an interesting perspective – from very close to the time at which these events took place.

(And yes – I’m trying to track down the references to the Government White Paper of October 1939, and the reference to The Times newspaper article dated 1 November 1939.)