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Images and all other materials on this website are under copyright and must not be used without prior consultation and written permission. Family images are owned by the families; all other materials are owned by the website unless otherwise indicated.
Your data

Firstly, this is not a commercial website.

However, to comply with data legislation, we have to provide a page that tells the website’s users about what data we store and how it is used.

We do use the running of this website in part to help us learn how to put websites together, and to better understand what helps people find a particular page or a particular piece of information.

Our ‘take down’ policy 

If you decide you are not happy that information you have provided has been uploaded – and you may change your mind at any point, for any reason – please just get in touch. This website is not ‘for profit’, it does not ‘sell on’ your details, and nor does it try to sell you things directly. It is a hobby/research site for people who have similar interests. We very much hope that it will be of use to families and researchers for the future. However, if you change your mind and would like us to take down anything you have sent us, please just say so, and of course we will comply.

Important note

For practical and financial reasons we are unable to run this website indefinitely. We intend to hand over administration and ownership of the website to the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide in 2019, marking the 80th anniversary of the opening of Kitchener camp.

This is being done so that the materials go to an ‘appropriate institution’, by which we mean:

a) a longstanding institution with a secure future; and

b) an institution committed to, and well known for, promoting education and information about the Holocaust.

Once this handover has been completed, you will need to contact the Wiener Library if for any reason you no longer wish the project to maintain your materials.

We will post on the website and attempt to email you when we have confirmation of which institution this will be. If you prefer, you may postpone sending your materials until this is clear. If you do send in your materials before this is known, and if you are unhappy with the outcome, you may ask for your materials to be removed. We will comply within 20 working days. If you change your mind once the handover has been completed, you will need to contact the new website administrators.

Website regulations

We are putting this site together in our own time and, for the time being at least, at our own expense. We are seeking some funding for the website, but so far it is being run as a hobby.

We do not regard it as our task to mediate or otherwise deal with hate mail, disputes, upsets, and the general kinds of unpleasantness that can arise online.

Unpleasant or upsetting material or comment of any kind (to be decided by the administrator) will be removed and the offender permanently blocked without warning. No correspondence will be entered into.

We will notify the police immediately regarding any behaviour that may warrant such investigation.

Note: By continuing to use this website, you are accepting these regulations.

Next: You should read on concerning serious legal matters, below. This is especially important regarding copyright if you intend to submit documents, letters, photographs, or other items to the website.

We have tried to make this as accessible as possible in terms of language.


The families retain ownership of their images. As such, images on this site should not be used for any purposes without prior written permission.

Please do NOT send in material (that is, photographs, letters, documents, objects, and memories) that has been published elsewhere. If you send in something that is already under copyright (if you’ve already had it published in a book, for example, but not limited to this example), you may be breaking the law. If in doubt, you should seek legal advice.

We neither take nor accept any responsibility for any materials sent in to be uploaded to this website.

In sending the materials, you indemnify the website owner against all and any copyright issues that might arise.

Your data

The following information comprises both the standard clauses for data use, which we are legally obliged to set out on this website under EU GDPR legislation (2018), and some clauses that are specific to this website.

Please read the following carefully to understand what information we may collect, how we may use it, and your rights in respect of our use.

Note: By continuing to use this website, you are accepting these terms.


The website owner does not accept any liability that may arise from using or downloading information from this website, or from uploading any information, images, and/or documents to it.

The website owner does not accept any liability that may arise from using or downloading information from other websites that users may visit by following a link, recommendation, or other form of citation on this website.

Information we may collect from you

We do not require visitors to reveal any personal information in order to access the majority of this website. However, we collect and process the following personal information if/when you choose to fill in the contact form or the ‘Subscribe to Blog’ form.

This includes, but is not limited to, information provided at the time of registering – when we reply to your contact by email, for example, or when you sign up to receive a notification of updates, etc.

For these purposes only, we may retain a record of your name, address, telephone number, email address, and/or other contact information that you may choose to share with us.

If you contact us by email we may keep a record of that correspondence.

We may collect details of visits to our site, including, but not limited to, the resources that are accessed. These details are not personally identifiable.

We may publish anonymised extracts from email comments, but these will not be linkable to an individual person, unless prior permission has been sought and granted in writing by email.

We may publish thanks to, or other types of notes and information about, identifiable individuals on this website. We will always ask permission first. This material will not be published on the site unless prior permission has been sought and granted in writing by email. You may change your mind at any time and contact us in writing by email to have this information removed. This request will be carried out as quickly as possible and within 14 working days.

We may publish photographs of individuals who have been involved in the research for this website, or photographs of individuals attending events linked to this research and this website. You may contact us in writing by email to have this information removed at any time. This request will be carried out as quickly as possible and within 14 working days.

IP addresses and cookies

From any point after entering this website, information may be collected about the computer used, including, where available, the IP address, operating system type, and browser type, for the purposes of system administration and website optimisation. This information provides statistical data about browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify an individual.

Google Analytics, JetPack, and WordPress may also collect information during the time this website is in use. In summary, these may –

Track the pages visited and the total number of visits to the website
Track how long visitors spend on any page within the website
Track how visitors have been visiting the website
Track how visitors came to access the website, including keyword searches, search engine information, or referrer

Analytics cookies

These cookies allow us to count page visits and traffic sources (provided by WordPress, JetPack, and Google Analytics), so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. They do not contain personally identifiable information.

Third-party cookies

This site may use functionality provided by third-party providers (WordPress, JetPack, Google Analytics and plugin providers, for example). As such, when you use pages with these elements you may be opening a window on the page from a third-party site, which itself may use cookies.

This site also provides links to other websites, downloads, links, and pages. You must check the policies of any sites you chose to visit and take action that is appropriate to your use if you choose to visit those sites.

EU anti-spam laws

We do not send out spam, nor sell on, nor otherwise financially benefit from any information gained as outlined above, but to conform with EU anti-spam laws, we must confirm here that you may opt out of further contact at any time – please just let us know by email. Your details will be deleted as quickly as possible and within 14 working days.