Please click on the submenus (under ‘Letters’) to view the letter collections.


If you wish to add your Kitchener camp letters, please send an image of them – scanned in as high a resolution as you can manage. Best to send them as .jpg files. If you need advice/help with how to do this, please just ask.

If your letters are not in English, please provide a translation if you can.

For items without an English translation, we will be uploading a page on the site to ask for crowd-sourced translations.

The letters will be listed in alphabetical order under the name of the Kitchener camp man you and your family are identifying. See here, for example.

Please provide your relative’s full name and date of birth – and place of birth if you know it. Their profession in country of origin would also be useful, if you know it.

You may want to include a short biography of your Kitchener relative, if you know anything about them.

Please also consider our Memories page if your father or other relative told you anything about leaving Germany, Kitchener camp, or the Pioneer Corps.

We are collecting for the dates in our timelime: that is – from around November 1938 (‘Kristallnacht’) to the point at which the men joined the Pioneer Corps or were interned.

And thanks so much for participating, as we collect the materials to document this significant part of our history.