‘Genocide: Know More’

I’ve heard despondency from a great number of Kitchener descendants about lack of Holocaust awareness generally, and lack of teaching about the Shoah in schools specifically.

I’ve recently been sent some information from a British school attempting to tackle ignorance about genocide, and I know from their Twitter account that there is a special focus on the Holocaust.

The students have produced a short film, linked to below, and a professional website to explain and disseminate their project.

You might want to take a look – and perhaps get in touch with some words of support. Perhaps you could suggest to your local school that they might want to join the campaign – Genocide: Know More.

The school’s Genocide 80/20 campaign website is here:


To the students and staff of Hampton School: it’s never easy to stick your head above the parapet.

Well done – for being prepared to stand up and be counted.

And thank you – for caring enough to put in the work.