List of names

Below is a list of the names of the men and boys who were living in Kitchener camp at some point during its operation. This list is incomplete – as they are sent in, or as we find them in Google searches, they will be added to this page. A number of women also resided in Kitchener camp however little is currently known about these individuals – they tended to be in Kitchener for only a short period of time, around the time when war broke out.

To date, such a list has not been available. It is believed that most records of the camp were destroyed during the war – in large part to protect the men and their families trapped in the Third Reich territories. Please get in touch if you can help add to this list.

Please see the map for more information about the men, where available, or click on the links below to go to their pages.

Since starting this list, we have been able to obtain a copy of the 1939 Register entry for Kitchener camp. If you are looking for a relative, please check here. The 1939 Register is not a definitive list and a large number of men who were in the camp were for one reason or another were not present for the census.

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Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Arno Adolf AbrahamMale2 Nov 1920SingleLocksmith-welder (trainee)
Ernst Salomon AbrahamMale21 Nov 1904SingleAgent (wine)
Fritz AbrahamMale19 May 1901SingleClerk (egg-trainer asst), motor car driver
George AbrahamMale 30 Mar 1905MarriedDestilator
Gunther AbrahamMale28 Mar 1916SingleWeaver (machinery)
Heinrich AbrahamMale11 Jan 1896MarriedTextile agent
Leo AbrahamMale27 Oct 1902MarriedMaster baker
Leo AbrahamMale 19 Jul 1903SingleCar driver
Max AbrahamMale 24 Oct 1913MarriedLocksmith (instructor)
Siegfried AbrahamMale 30 Sep 1904SingleLocksmith
Herbert AbrahamsMale14 Dec 1901SingleFarm assistant
Heinz Max AbrahamsonMale6 Apr 1910SingleCommercial traveller (textiles)
Mortiz AckerfeldMale1 Feb 1894MarriedTailor (ladies & gents)
Avril Ackermann (Muller)Female6 Apr 1931SingleStudent
Simon AckermannMale16 Jul 1904MarriedFarmer & butcher
Sophie AckermannFemale16 Sep 1899MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Hans AdamMale31 Aug 1902SingleSalesman (textiles)
? AdlerFemale18 Mar 1906MarriedShop assistant (textiles)
David Adler Male28 Sep 1915SinglePaper salesman
Fritz AdlerMale24 Aug 1898MarriedPhotographer
Fritz Adler Male 14 Apr 1910SinglePhysician
Fritz AdlerMale19 Jul 1915SingleKnitter (machine)
George Adler Male 14 Dec 1898MarriedCarpet colours dealer
Isidor Adler MaleApr 1899MarriedButcher
Joseph AdlerMale14 Jul 1894MarriedBuilding worker
Kurt AdlerMale15 May 1909SingleWatcher
Kurt AdlerMale26 May 1911MarriedSign-writer and painter
Ludwig AdlerMale9 Sep 1913SingleOffice clerk
Siegfried AdlerMale22 Feb 1908SinglePhysician
Wilhelm AdlerMale7 Feb 1903MarriedSilversmith
Jack AginMale7 Apr 1896Camp chief cook
Eugene Albersheim1918
Alfred AlexanderMale12 Sep 1905MarriedWireless technician
Hans AlexanderMale15 May 1915MarriedElectrician
Ludwig AlexanderMale16 Aug 1901SingleButcher
Gustav AllerhandMale17 Sep 1896MarriedGrocer
George AlperMale22 Feb 1894MarriedCutter (ladies gowns)
Gertrud Alper Female20 Mar 1902MarriedDressmaker (shopkeeper)
Mac AlpernMale6 Jun 1910SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Alfred AlpertMale12 Nov 1900SingleShopkeer (textiles) and knitter
Herbert AlpertMale3 Sep 1903MarriedGardener
Walter AlthofMale3 Sep 1906SingleDentist
Alexander AltmannMale23 Jun 1917SingleWindow dresser
Berthold AltmannMale5 Feb 1902SingleFarm worker
Erich AltmannMale14 Aug 1914SingleElectrician
Jaques AlturaMale19 Nov 1903MarriedShop assistant (textiles)
Leo AmsterMale27 Jan 1904SingleElectrician
Martin AmsterMale22 Jun 1898MarriedCommerical traveller (textiles)
Siegfried AmsterMale17 Jun 1894SinglePhysician
Max AngressMale6 Feb 1899MarriedSkin dealer
Gerhard AnkerMale8 Nov 1907SingleClerk (textiles)
Adolf AnsbacherMale18 Jun 1910SingleElectrician
Beno AntmanMale22 Aug 1899SingleHorse dealer
Benjamin AntmannMale26 Jan 1904MarriedHorse dealer
Boruch AntmannMale11 Mar 1902MarriedFodder dealer
Estera AntmannFemale22 Sep 1912MarriedDressmaker
Leopold ApfelMale22 Nov 1910MarriedHairdresser
Alfred AppelMale10 Jan 1907SingleMotor car driver
Rudolf AppelMale10 Apr 1908SingleLeather worker
Erich AppelbaumMale10 Jun 1897MarriedLawyer
Bernhard AptowitzerMale7 Jul 1906SingleClerk (linen)
William ArendtMale7 Dec 1913SingleClerk (textiles)
Walter ArjeMale13 Jun 1904MarriedShoe salesman
Selig ArmMale10 Mar 1901MarriedSalesman (grocery store)
Hans ArndtMale10 Jul 1889SingleAgent (radio)
Hermann ArndtMale8 Jan 1899SingleWorker (skin)
Leo Arndt Male9 Jan 1899WidowedWireless dealer
Willi ArndtMale21 May 1900MarriedChiropodist
Heinz ArnfeldMale15 Sep 1902SingleLawyer
Josef ArnoldMale18 Jul 1903SingleLocksmith
Hans ArnsteinMale22 Nov 1907SingleIron-smoother
Gunter AronMale12 Feb 1923SingleStudent
Heinz AronMale14 Jul 1914MarriedLocksmith and welder
Heinz AronheimMale2 Sep 1912SingleSalesman (upholstery)
Kurt Jakob AronheimMale31 Aug 1907SingleUpholsterer
Fritz AronsheimMale8 May 1900MarriedWindow-dresser and placard designer
Adolf AronsohnMale17 Oct 1904SingleGents clothes (shoe manager)
Max AronsohnMale15 May 1915MarriedDestilator (spirits) and shop assistant (mens clothes)
Robert Aszkenasy Male23 Nov 1902SingleBookbinder
Heinrich AskenazerMale1 Apr 1914SingleShoemaker
? AtlasMale8 May 1903SingleJeweller
Sally AtlasMale10 Jan 1898MarriedGoldsmith (master)
Siegfried AtlasMale19 Nov 1901SingleManipulator (ties)
George AtlassMale23 Sep 1910SingleEngineer (heating)
Hersch AugMale11 Apr 1905MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Irma AusterlitzFemale29 Oct 1914SingleTeacher (languages)
Walther AusterlitzMale8 Sep 1908MarriedFitter (water and gas)


Original Name GenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Leo Ernst BachMale25 Sep 1902Salesman
Alfred BachenheimerMale24 Jul 1915SingleElectrician
Fritz BachenheimerMale31 Jul 1912SingleButcher
Siegbert Back
Male5 Mar 1908SingleTailor (gents)
Heinrich BackerMale25 Aug 1904SingleChauffer
Leo BackerMale27 Dec 1904SingleBank clerk
Emil H Badt Male13 May 1903SingleShoes – wholesaler
George BaendelMale17 Feb 1894MarriedIron mongery (manger)
Heinz BaendelMale20 Mar 1916SingleChauffer
Kurt BaendellMale14 Jun 1905MarriedTinsmith
Fritz J BaerMale11 Mar 1908SingleSalesman (ladies dresses)
Heinz-Israel (Heniz) BaerMale4 Mar 1912Single Clerk (lawyer)
Hermann BaerwaldMale24 Nov 1904MarriedMaster shoemaker
Arthur BaitMale22 Nov 1897MarriedShop assistant (mens clothes) and destilator (spirits)
Max BakerMale20 Mar 1896SingleLeathergoods dealer
Oswald Baker (Boxer)Male21 Aug 1915SingleWaiter
Alexander BalabanMale1 Mar 1899MarriedMotor car driver
Gerhard BalbiekerMale19 Dec 1914SinglePrinter compositor
Benno BallMale1 Jan 1915MarriedPlumber
Kurt W Bal?Male28 Apr 1898Married Textile salesman
Mendel Bandel
Female26 Nov 1906MarriedSeamstress
Michael J BanksMale30 Oct 1906Single Asst Camp Director at Refugee Camp Richborough
Guenter Barnett (Beermann)
Male21 Jan 1915SingleBricklayer
Adolf BaronMale10 Feb 1904MarriedMotor Mechanic
Siegmond BarsomMale31 Jan 1907SingleLocksmith
Erhard BartensteinMale26 Aug 1903SingleBricklayer
Herta BartfieldFemale26 Juy 1906MarriedAssistant physician
Max BartfieldMale11 Jan 1912SingleHospital – nurse
Siegfried BartfieldMale8 July 1894MarriedPhysician
Max BarthMale20 Feb 1905SingleMotor car driver
Alfred BaruchMale26 Dec 1899MarriedWelder
Isidor BaruchMale18 June 1904SingleClerk (manufactured goods)
Siegfred BaruchMale8 Aug 1902SingleGrocer
Herbert BaschMale9 Jan 1906SinglePerm way labourer
Hermann BassMale28 Aug 1907MarriedGlazier
Otto BasselMale16 May 1913SingleWeaver (machinery)
Horst BassmannMale3 Oct 1911SingleHorse-dealer
Paul BatistMale22 Aug 1904SingleCheese manufacturer (maker)
Zygmund BatistMale18 June 1897MarriedShirtmaker
Heinz BauerMale7 May 1907SingleMechanic (motor cars)
Kurt BauerMale23 Nov 1913MarriedTechnician (machinery)
Max BauerMale17 Dec 1908SingleLocksmith (motor cars and driver)
Friedrich BauernfreundMale8 Sep 1910MarriedHealth message in hospital
Hans BaumMale7 Aug 1902SinglePaper clerk
Max BaumMale27 Aug 1893MarriedPharmacist druggist
Jakob Kopeo Baumann Male28 Sep 1895MarriedCarpenter (master)
Moses S BaumannMale4 Feb 1908MarriedOutfitter (employer)
Leon BaumerMale7 Dec 1920SingleTailor (gents clothes)
Arthur BaumfieldMale15 Jan 1897MarriedElectrician
Gustav BaumgartenMale16 Feb 1898DivorcedBrushmaker
Berthold BaumstarkMale26 Feb 1912SingleElectrician
Chruma Beaver (Wetterhahn) Female14 Jan 1914MarriedMilliner
Robert BeckMale23 Nov 1911SingleHat-maker
Fritz Becker Male16 Feb 1896Married Editor (Jewish newspaper)
Kurt BeerMale31 Oct 1906MarriedSkin dealer
Otto BeerMale30 Oct 1896SingleWeaver (linen machinery)
Salo BeeverMale24 Mar 1900MarriedTrailer (gents clothes)
Artur BehrMale15 Jun 1904MarriedMotor mechanic
Hans H (Gunter J) Behrendt (Herzberg)Male24 Sep 1902SingleEngineer (machinery)
Kurt BehrendtMale19 Apr 1903MarriedWelder
Jakob BehrendtsohnMale19 Feb 1900MarriedTextile salesman
Arthur BeifusMale25 June 1915SingleButcher
Julius BeinMale28 Jan 1902SingleTinsmith
Emil BelkMale9 Jul 1898Married Poultry farmer
Julius BenauMale22 Jul 1907MarriedLeathergoods agent
Rudolf Bender
Kurt BenditMale1 Apr 1913MarriedGlazier
Samuel BenditMale25 Mar 1919SingleGlazier
Friedrich BeniesMale12 Jun 1901SingleJourneyman tailor (gents)
Georg BenjaminMale12 Aug 1894MarriedAgent (decor material)
Victor BenjaminMaleMay 1897WidowedOffice-clerk
Ruddle BenzionMale25 Jul 1904MarriedShop assistant (textiles), manipulator gents wear
Kalman Beonel Male16 Dec 1903SinglePreceptor
Manfred Berend Male15 Oct 1905MarriedEditor
Gunther BergMale4 Apr 1912SingleTextile salesman
Herbert S Berg (Swillemberg)Male16 Aug 1901MarriedShop assistant (text)
Herman Kurt Isaack Bergel1893
Alfred Berger
Male29 Dec 1894MarriedPhysician
Kurt Berger
Srul Bergman (Bergmann)Male14 Oct 1903MarriedWatchman
Mortiz BergmannMale15 Jun 1895MarriedCattle dealer
William BergmannMale23 Oct 1905SingleClerk (metal)
Ludwig BergnerMale23 Aug 1908SinglePhysician
Siegfried BergtromMale 1 July 1910MarriedDraughtsman
Werner BerkovicsMale3 Feb 1910SingleWindow cleaner
Isidor BerkowerMale24 Feb 1902MarriedLeathergoods-maker
Leibisch BerkowitzMale18 Jun 1909SingleClerk (outfitting)
Justin BerlinerMale23 July 1895MarriedPreceptor
Otto BermannMale24 July 1908SingleTextile technician
Rudolf BermannMale28 May 2904MarriedMetal turner
Julius BerneyMale29 Dec 1909SingleCattle dealer
Herbert BernhardMale21 Aug 1897MarriedTextile dealer
Martin BernhardMale9 Apr 1903SingleCompositor
Erich BernholdMale19 Aug 1895SingleTextile salesman
Sawwa BernsonMale 24 Sep 1909MarriedShoemaker
George BernsteinMale17 May 1897SingleHaberdashery (agent)
Kurt BernsteinMale28 Apr 1906MarriedLocksmith
Max T BernsteinMale3 May 1908SingleFurniture salesman
Benedikt BernzweigMale30 Mar 1898MarriedOptician
Fritz BersdachMae22 Oct 1912SingleClerk (correspondent foreign lang)
Erich (L S) BertramMale22 Nov 1903SingleTainter designer
Jakob Beverstein
Herman BeyerMale25 Apr 1906SingleSalesman (raw products)
Erich BialostotzkyMale24 Jul 1901SingleLocksmith
Louis BiberMale7 Mar 1905SingleTanner and leather dyer
Edgar BieberMale19 Apr 1908SingleClerk (shoe)
Manfred BiegeleisenMale3 Mar 1913SingleShoe salesman
Josef BienMale5 May 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Bruno BienesMale28 Oct 1913SingleBook-keeper
Moses BienstockMale13 Oct 1896Married Farmer (agriculture)
Hans BiererMale11 July 1904MarriedMerchant (mineral oils)
Fritz BiermannMale20 Sep 1903SingleLawyer
Paul BiermannMale28 Feb 1917MarriedCutter (suits)
George BiesenthalMale7 Oct 1906SinlgeClerk (textiles)
Aron BigmannMale22 Feb 1893MarriedTailor (gents)
Joachim BijumMale 6 Oct 1906WidowedWholesaler (vegetables)
Szyja BilletMale2 Mar 1899MarriedInnkeeper
Ernest G BiringerMale29 Mar 1900MarriedManufacturer (leather goods)
Grojnam BirnbaumMale10 May 1894WidowedJourneyman tailor
Leo BirnbaumMale2 Nov 1904SingleBank-clerk
Leo BischburgMale17 Aug 1897MarriedWelder
Geza BischitzMale12 May 1906MarriedFarm labourer
Sigurd Bl?Male30 Dec 1903SingleClerk (ladies wear)
Erich (Eric) Black (Schwarz) Male9 Jan 1912MarriedTailor (gents)
Walter S Blackman1900
Szmulela Blajwas Male20 Dec 1896MarriedCommercial traveller (textiles)
Samuel BlaserMale12 Nov 1905SingleTradesman (shoes)
Max BlassMale12 Mar 1897 MarriedShoe assistant
Nathan BlattMale17 Aug 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Arthur BlauMae5 Feb 1902MarriedWeaver (linen)
Walter BlauMale19 Nov 1911MarriedWeaver (machine)
Ludwig BlausteinMale21 Feb 1900MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Fritz BleicherMale30 Dec 1910SingleFurrier
Fritz BeichfeldMale1 Feb 1902SingleOffice clerk
Salomon BlitzMale13 June 1907SingleAgent (textile)
Gerhard BlochMale30 Jan 1912MarriedShirt maker and cutter
Herbert BlochMale2 Sep 1917SingeJourneyman tailor
Karl BlochMale1 Mar 1907SingleButcher
Walter BlugerMale9 Apr 1914SingleTeacher (Elm School)
Salomon BluhmMale5 May 1895SinglePreceptor
Hans BlumMale2 Jul 1899MarriedLawyer
Hans BlumMale23 Nov 1908MarriedShoemaker (master)
Ignatz BlumMale19 Apr 1913SingleMechanic (motor)
Irmgard Blum1913
Motitz BlumMale20 Apr 1909SingleFarmhand
S?mul BlumMale18 Apr 1895SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Erwin BlumenfeldMale8 Mar 1905SingleEngineer (wireless)
Johann BlumenfeldMale11 Sep 1900MarriedSalesman (leather goods)
Walter BlumenfeldMale13 May 1905MarriedGoldsmith
Israel BlumenkranzMale22 Jan 1911SingleChemist – labour
Juda BlumensteinMale3 oct 1910SingleFurrier
Elechiel Blumenthal Male14 Feb 1905MarriedTaior (gents)
Heinz BlumenthalMale29 Nov 1908MarriedMiller and corn merchant
Hugo BlumenthalMale27 Dec 1904MarriedWatchmaker
Ruth BlumenthalFemale12 June 1912MarriedAssistant (dental surgeon)
Chaim BobkerMale25 Jun 1896MarriedGrocer
George BockMale17 Feb 1900MarriedPictures dealer
Heinz BockMale11 Mar 1907MarriedAgent (furniture)
Siegfried BockMale27 Feb 1897MarriedCivil engineer (wireless)
Max BodenheimerMale4 Aug 1897Single Office clerk
William BodenheimerMale20 Jul 1907SingleSalesman (washing material)
Bruno Boehm Male4 Oct 1907MarriedShop assistant (shoes)
Anna BohmFemale27 Jul 1902MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Leim A BohmMale15 Jul 1902MarriedWatchmaker
Moritz (Gerard H) Bohm Male19 Nov 1893MarriedPhysician
Ernst BolderMale7 Mar 1903SingleAgriculture farmer
Heinz BoldesMale11 Aug 1914SingleCattle dealer, farmer
Adolf BomzeMale1 Jan 1900Single
Max BomzeMale31 May 1910MarriedBricklayer (master)
George BorchardtMale7 Jan 1901SingleDental surgeon
Norbert (Leopold) BorchardtMale25 Jun 1911SingleEking trainer
Ilbert BorcharotMale15 Sep 1912SingleAgricultural worker
Max BorcharotMale21 Apr 1899SingleSalesman and manufacture (furnace)
Alfred BorchertMale28 Jun 1912SingleDecorator
Albert Borchhardt1912SingleAgricu
Kurt Border (Bortstieber)Male14 Nov 1917SingleTypewriter-mechanic
Emanuel BorgerFemale5 Feb 1897MarriedSalesman (tobacco)
Berthold BormannMale19 Jun 1904SingleBookkeeper (balance sheets)
Gerschon BornsteinMale21 Dec 1909SingleGeneral labourer
Hugo BorowskiMale10 Sep 1903SingleSalesman (raw prod)
Leon John Bortniker1919
Kurt Bortstieber1917
Israel BotknechtMale23 May 1908MarriedCutter (ladies dresses)
Rarl Braeshan Male28 Jan 1912Hairdresser (master)
Israel Brainin Male3 Jan 1905SingleTextile merchant
Emile BrandMale13 May 1912SingleSingle (medicine)
Max BrandMale8 Aug 1901SingleShoemaker
Chaim BrandesMale11 Mar 1904SingleGoldsmith
Markis BrandesMale12 Jan 1908SingleWindow dresser
Richard BrandesMale26 Feb 1902SingleHouse-painter
Eugen BrandtMale31 Mar 1911MarriedDentist (surgeon)
Walter BrannMale25 Dec 1898MarriedGrain salesman
Hermann BrannesMale24 Dec 1904MarriedGoldsmith
Helmut BraschMale11 Jul 1916SingleShop assistant (textiles)
Alfred BrattMale18 Jan 1900MarriedBricklayer
Martin BrauerMale11 Aug 1905MarriedJourneyman locksmith
Herbert BraunMale14 Mar 1900MarriedTextile salesman
Robert BraunMale21 May 1902SingleRubber-dealer
Walter BraunMale25 Aug 1906SingleCar tyres (dealer)
Beni BraunoldMale3 Jun 1902MarriedTeacher
Bella Braunold Female6 Oct 1910MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresser)
Ernst Breichenstein Male2 Oct 1906SingleWater-fitter
Wolf BreindelMale2 Jul 1903MarriedShoemaker (master)
Alfred BremmlerMale17 Ju 1918SingleTeacher of languages
George BrennerMale9 Oct 1909SingleBuilding worker
Hans BreslauerMale6 Feb 1896MarriedPhysician
Lita Brestian (Brull)Female20 Sep 1912SingleMilliner
Moshe BretlerMale30 Apr 1902MarriedTextile salesman
Wolf BrettolzMale25 Dec 1904MarriedBrushmaker
Fritz BreuerMale15 Jun 1912Married Physician
Ludwig Heinrich BrillMale25 Aug 1917SinglePhys laboratory-assistant
Walter BrillMale13 Sep 1910SingleJoiner carpenter
Otto BrillingMale3 Mar 1903SingleCattle farmer
Isidor BrochMale14 Feb 1904MarriedRabbi
Samuel BrockMale5 Mar 1900MarriedButcher
Martin BrockMale29 Oct 1910SingleMaster tailor (ladies)
Joseph Brod
Pinchos BrodchanelMale15 Jul 1897WidowedFurrier (master)
Artur BruckMale6 Jul 1913SingleCattle-dealer, farmer
Heinz Bruck
Salamon BruckensteinMale7 Oct 1906MarriedTailor (gents)
James BruckerMale15 Nov 1911SingleTextile salesman
Max BruckheimerMale27 Feb 1903SingleCattle-dealer
Berthuld BruckmannMale25 Jun 1903SingleBank clerk
Ignatz BrucknerMale20 Sep 1895MarriedTimber merchant
Herbet BrueckMale8 Jul 1912SingleBaker and confectioner
Emanuel (Mani) BruhlMaleNov 1896MarriedButcher
Viktor BrullerMale26 Mar 1916Married Upholsterer
Leo Manfred BrummerMale25 Oct 1919SingleMechanic (trainee)
Erwin BrunnMale26 Mar 1909MarriedWindow dresser
Siegfried BrunnMale25 May 1907MarriedGoldsmith
Friedrich BrunnerMale7 Jul 1905MarriedBookkeeper
Karl BrunnerMale2 Apr 1897MarriedLeather-dealer
Aron Gerschon Buch Male25 Dec 1920Brushmaker
Moses BuchMale2 May 1893MarriedBrushmaker
David BuchenMale20 Dec 1902MarriedTextile salesman
Salomon BuchsbaumMale25 Apr 1911SingleJoiner
Walter BuchwaldMale26 Sep 1905MarriedTailor (master, gents)
Felix BujakowskyMale28 Jul 1922SingleStudent
Walter Bun
Male6 Apr 1914SingleToolmaker
Burg Salomon BurakMale20 Sep 1909SingleBookkeeper
Bernhard BurchMale14 Apr 1911SinglePhysician
Sami BurekMale15 Jun 1907MarriedSalesman (textiles)
Karl BurinMale27 Oct 1905MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Adolf ButschowitzMale10 Aug 1898MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
David ButterfassMale13 Aug 1896MarriedAgent (stationers)
Hans BykielMale16 Aug 1899SingleManservant (cook)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Emil CahnMale8 Apr 1904MarriedShoemaker (master)
Fritz CahnMale6 Oct 1906Single
Herbert S CalmonMale29 Dec 1917SingleBaker (journeyman)
Gertrude Carde (Pek)Female15 Sep 1914MarriedMaker (galoshes)
Walter Carlman (Carlmann)Male2 Sep 1895MarriedDentist
Hermann CasparyMale12 Oct 1910SingleJoiner carpenter
Hans L CassinerMale29 Oct 1906MarriedClerk (textiles)
Moses ChanjesMale22 Jun 1903SingleTextile salesman
Ephraim CheitMale27 May 1897MarriedSlater
George ChodeiesnerMale4 Mar 1900MarriedEngineer (electro)
Raffaele Cingoli Male13 Sep 1911SingleBank clerk
Rudolf ClareMale25 Oct 1910SingleChauffer
Walter Clay (Kleeberg)Male18 Aug 1905MarriedButcher (master)
Enrico (Henry E) CohenMale22 Sep 1920Single Bricklayer
Friedrich CohenMae7 Nov 1898MarriedVeterinary surgeon
Herbert CohenMale24 Apr 1912SingleClerk (textile)
Max Cohen1920
Eduard CohnMale17 Jun 1895MarriedFarm assistant
Erich CohnMale4 Feb 1896MarriedPhysician
Erich CohnMale11 Mar 1897MarriedBuilding worker
Ernst J CohnMale19 Jul 1916SinglePrinter (lay on)
Eugen CohnMale24 Feb 1911MarriedFarmhand
Fritz CohnMale24 Jul 1901SingleCattle dealer and farm assistant
George Cohn
Gerhard CohnMale22 Dec 1907MarriedSalesman (textile)
Hans Cohn
Male14 Jul 1916SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Harry CohnMale 25 Jun 1899SingleArchitect (building)
Harry CohnMale 31 Mar 1904SingleCommercial agent (shoes)
Herbert CohnMale 8 May 1904SingleClerk (Organisation department hat?)
Hermann CohnMale31 Mar 1894MarriedSalesman (chemical goods)
Hugo CohnMale20 Feb 1915SingleDriver
Kurt Ernst CohnMale19 Jul 1899SingleLawyer, Manager of Jewish Organisation
Ludwig CohnMale10 May 1907SingleClerk (textile)
Manfred CohnMale29 Oct 1900MarriedSteppen quilts maker and dealer
Martin CohnMale17 Jan 1906SingleButcher, farmer
Max CohnMale6 Jul 1906MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Richard CohnMale28 Jun 1907MarriedLawyer
Siegfried CohnMale13 Oct 1907SingleMusician (piano)
Victor CohnMale21 Oct 1915Married Farmer (agriculture)
Wilhelm CohnMale17 Feb 1902MarriedJudge
Rose (Rosa) Coleman (Rallmann) Female4 Jan 1911MarriedSeamstress
Walter Coleman (Kaleman) Male9 Jan 1897MarriedShoe salesman
Martin CompartMale7 Mar 1887MarriedPlumber (instructor)
Max CompartMale19 Jan 1895SinglePhotographer
Jack CoopersmithMale22 Mar 1903SingleCamp quartermaster
Siegfried CossenMale19 Apr 1901SingeSalesman (textile)
Ernst Cranken Male13 May 1907SingleButcher and farmer
Max CronerMale 27 Jun 1895Married Butler
Abraham Cymbler
Male16 Jul 1894MarriedTailor and cutter (gents)
Chil M Cynamon Male29 Oct 1897MarriedTailor (gents)
Josef L CzacskesMale22 Jun 1906SingleShop assistant (textiles)
Hermann CzarlinskiMale16 Apr 1903SingleLeather (shop assistant)
Julius CzarlinskiMale1 Nov 1905MarriedCorn merchant
Amandus CzollackMale26 Mar 1904MarriedTeacher (college)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Arthur DachesMale21 May 1904MarriedFarm labourer
Hans DahlMale30 May 1905MarriedShop assistant
Kurt DahlMale9 Nov 1914SingleFarm assistant
Hans DammannMale4 Feb 1909SingleLadies gown (dealer)
Alfred Daniel Male10 Jan 1901MarriedBuilding worker
Gerhard DantowitzMale15 Apr 1915SingleFarm assistant (agriculture)
Hersch DanzigerMale9 Oct 1901MarriedBrushmaker
Max DavidMale24 May 1903SingleAgriculture farmer
Paul J DavidMale21 Feb 1897SingleLeather salesman
Otto DavidjohnMale9 Jul 1901MarriedButcher and farmer
Fritz DavidohnMale12 Apr 1903MarriedTailor
Ludwig DavidowMale24 Jun 1897MarriedArchitect
Lea DavidowFemale14 May 1905MarriedInnkeeper
Ludwig DavidsohnMale16 Apr 1911MarriedWindow dresser
Israel DawidMale10 Jul 1902SinglePhysician
Curt Dawidowitz Male20 Dec 1901SingleClerk (textile)
Walter Dawidowitz Male5 May 1904SingleSalesman (textile)
Werner Dawidowitz Male17 Apr 1910SingleBricklayer
Alfred De JongeMale18 Feb 1908SingleFarmer (agricultural)
Mortiz De VriesMale11 Sep 1896MarriedButcher (master)
O?rar DefieberMale28 May 1908MarriedJourneyman shoemaker
Heinz DehnMale23 Sep 1905MarriedMerchant (ladies dresses)
Armand DemuthMale4 Mar 1904SingleClerk (textile)
Siegbert DermerMale2 Apr 1914SingleLocksmith (machinery)
Ernst DesiatnikMale3 Jul 1915MarriedCompositor
Herta DeuchtFemale19 Mar 1906MarriedDental assistant
Zoltan DeuchtMale16 Apr 1899MarriedDental surgeon
Alexander DeutschMale19 Oct 1897SingleStonemason
Fritz DeutschMale
Ignatz DeutschMale16 Nov 1902SingleButcher
Norbert Deutsch
Male22 Jun 1910MarriedTailor (gents)
Otto Deutsch Male1906
Hans DeutschkronMale17 Nov 1902MarriedEconomist
Alfred DiamaniMale25 Sep 1917SingleWeaver (linen)
Hermann Diamant Male28 Mar 1912MarriedPhysician
Abraham DiamondMale14 Jul 1917SingleFarm assistant
David DiamondMale13 May 1913SingleChauffer
Gizella Diamoud (Schwartz) Female15 Aug 1915SingleShop assistant (textiles)
Ernst Dingfelder Male18 Aug 1902SingleAgriculture farmer
Soegried (I) Dingfelder Male13 Dec 1903MarriedStationery wholesale dealer
Max DirektorMale24 Sep 1896MarriedGeneral labourer (roads)
Alfred DiskantMale24 May 1907SingleJuice producer
Rosa Diskant (Spiegel) Female28 Mar 1905SingleCorsage maker
Alexander Distler Male17 Mar 1897SingleCivil engineer (architecture)
Jacob (Jakab) Dobschiner Male26 May 1893MarriedPreceptor
Leopoldine Doerfler (Dorfler) Female4 Jan 1918MarriedPhotographer
Heinz Dohut1913
Jakob S Dollinger Male27 May 1898SingleShoe salesman
Gertrud DolskiFemale5 Apr 1908MarriedSecretary (office)
Michel Dorfler Male2 Jul 1909MarriedClerk (insurance)
Kurt DorfnerMale25 Mar 1905SingleSalesman (oil)
Ernst Drecasaer Male18 Feb 1906MarriedSalesman and driver
Martin DreierMale13 Sep 1911MarriedLocksmith and car driver
Max DreifussMale3 Oct 1913SingleTextile salesman
Siegfried DreifussMale13 Jan 1903MarriedLeather dealer
Eduard DresslerMale27 May 1914SingleTextile salesman
Armin DrexlerMale16 Nov 1907Single Textile salesman
Hans DrexlerMale24 Jul 1906SingleBricklayer
Siegfried Dreydel Male22 Aug 1900SingleBank clerk
Adolf DreyerMale8 Mar 1898MarriedJourneyman glazier
Wilhelm DreyerMale9 Mar 1901SingleHousehold goods agent
Fritz DrillMale14 Dec 1906MarriedMechanic (car)
Hugo DrillichMale25 Oct 1896SingleFelt salesman
Ernst (Selmara) Drucker Male25 Sep 1915SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Gerda DryerFemale21 May 1912MarriedShopkeeper (textile)
George Dubsky Male24 Mar 1910SingleMechanical engineer
Ilia Dulski Male12 Aug 1903MarriedPhotographer
Otto Dutch (Deutson) Male8 Jun 1906MarriedHairdresser
Elizabeth Dutch (Deutsch) Female4 Dec 1909MarriedMilliner
Majer Dziadek Male29 Jan 1902MarriedLeather worker
Wolf Dzialoszynski Male25 May 1901SingleTextile dealer


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
George EanderMale24 Jun 1894MarriedArchitect (decorator)
Osias Ebel Male20 Jan 1907MarriedYarn dealer
Abraham EbensteinMale12 Oct 1908SingleAgriculture-farmhand
Karl Ebersohn Male13 Sep 1910SingleSalesman (shoes)
Leopold EbersohnMale19 Oct 1905SingleShoemaker
Hugo EbnerMale8 Oct 1913SingleTourist officer
Bruno EbsteinMale6 Feb 1898MarriedManufacturer (gents clothes)
Elias EchtMale19 Dec 1896SingleFurrier
Erich EchtMale5 Sep 1910SingleFarmer and cattle breeder
Max EckdischMale22 Dec 1910SingleManipulator (mens clothes)
Egon EckmannMale13 Sep 1906SingleSalesman (textile)
Fritz EcksteinMale4 Jul 1897SingleManufacturer (varnish)
Benno EdelMale31 Aug 1907SingleCerk (carpets)
Gerhard EdelMale2 Feb 1908SinglePhysician and surgeon
Rudolf EdelhoferMale6 Aug 1901MarriedShoemaker (master)
Ruddle EdelsteinMale19 Jun 1904SingleCommercial traveller
Adolf EhrenfeldMale29 Feb 1908MarriedFarmhand
Markus EhrenhausMale20 Mar 1905MarriedGrocer
Rudolf EhrenwaldMale27 Mar 1913MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Josef EhrlichMale7 Jul 1909SingleBookkeeper
Jakob EhrlickMale23 Dec 1899SingleClerk (Jewish community)
Ernst EichenwaldMale9 May 1896MarriedTextile dealer
Emil EichlerMale2 Nov 1903MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Bruno EichnerMale17 Sep 1903MarriedLinen cutter
Walter EichnerMale1 Jun 1901MarriedTailor (ladies)
Hans EienhardtMale13 Jun 1905SingleClerk (textile), car driver)
Izaak EieringMale22 Nov 1895Married Saddle maker
Artur EiffelerMale15 Dec 1910Single Shoemaker
Heinz EilfortMale1898
Wilhelm EilfortMale4 Oct 1899MarriedClerk (car driver)
Max EinbinderMale25 Jun 1896SingleTextile salesman
Erich EinzigerMale10 Jan 1904SingleBank clerk
Hans EinzigerMale21 Mar 1914SingleProducer of chemical goods
Hugo EinzigerMale13 Jan 1911MarriedLawyers assistant
Jack EinzigerMae25 Dec 1896MarriedCattle dealer
Abraham A EisenMale7 Aug 1902MarriedMaster furrier
Adolf EisenbergMale19 Nov 1900SingleBookseller
Gusav EisenbergMale7 Jun 1905MarriedFiiter (pipes – water, gas, heating)
Kurt EisenhammerMale3 Apr 1915SingleClerk (textile)
Isak EisenhandlerMale1 Jun 1905MarriedBricklayer
Erich EisingerMale31 Dec 1910SingleHairdresser
Hans EisingerMale10 Jul 1913SingleChemist
Ernest EislerMale30 Nov 1898SingleOutfitter (gents)
Alexander ElefantMale30 Dec 1896SingleMechanic (machinery)
Emil ElefantMale18 Nov 1905MarriedGoldsmith
Otto ElefantMale1 Feb 1899MarriedElectrician
Eduard EliasMale2 Jun 1905SingleSalesman (car material)
Hans Friedrich EliasMale10 Jan 1915SingleTextile salesman
Ernest R Elmer (Elner)Male21 Jun 1909SingleLeathergoods maker
Jakob W Elmer (Elner)Male21 Jun 1909SingleJourneyman joiner (carpenter)
Artur Emanuel
Male7 Ma7 1908MarriedMotor car equipment dealer
Hans L EngelMale 10 Dec 1907SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Kurt EngelMale8 Feb 1914SingleJourneyman shoemaker
Moritz EngelMale2 Jun 1911SingleLawyer’s assistant
Robert (Julius) Engel (Haldern)Male10 May 1913SingleTravel office manager
Hans EpsteinMale18 Apr 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Kurt EpsteinMale25 Sep 1903MarriedPhysician
Rudolf EpsteinMale15 Jun 1907MarriedChartered accountant
Rudolf EpsteinMale7 May 1915MarriedGardener
Selma EpsteinFemale26 Oct 1908MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Susi EpsteinFemale27 May 1914MarriedDressmaker
Walter EpsteinMale25 Jan 1901MarriedWorker (cigar manufactory)
Walter EpsteinMale5 Jun 1905MarriedLadies gown dealer
Blanch (Blanka) Ernest (Ernst)Female22 Sep 1897MarriedOwn household
Julius Ernst Male1 May 1895MarriedCommercial traveller
Julius ErschlerMale1 Sep 1902SingleDentist


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Herman C FabianMale18 Jan 1895MarriedSalesman (celluloid)
Selmar FabianMale9 Apr 1914SingleTailor (journeyman)
Werner FabianMale1 Feb 1908SingleClerk (Textile)
Heinirch FabischMale2 Oct 1896MarriedTextile dealer
Salomon FagotMale8 Sep 1906SingleClerk office
Ernest FaibuszewitchMale5 Oct 1910SingleSalesman (leather goods)
Alexander FainbergMale2 Aug 1920SingleClerk (correspondent English, Spanish, French)
Benjamin FainbergMale26 Aug 1917SingleTeacher (foreign languages)
Jakob M FajermannMale20 May 1901SingleHatter
Herz FalbelMale15 May 1902SingleSalesman (fancy goods)
Izak FalbelMale20 Sep 1906MarriedSalesman (steelware)
Friedrich FalkMale2 Dec 1907SingleLawyer
Fritz Falk
Karl FalkenbergMale31 Mar 1909MarriedLocksmith
Heinz FalkenburgMale6 Jan 1903MarriedBookbinder
Richard FalkensteinMale7 Aug 1902SingleBank clerk
Walter FantlMale19 Aug 1905SingleShirt-cutter
Walter FarberMale16 Aug 1915SingleJourneyman tailor (gents)
William (Wilhelm) Farn (Fahn)Male24 Oct 1905Single Locksmith
Isidor FassMale27 Sep 1897MarriedAgent (washing material)
Alfred FastMale3 May 1917SingleCarpenter
Alfred FastrowMale3 Mar 1905MarriedBricklayer
Hans Fauser Male29 Jul 1913SingleSport trainer
Otto FdekauerMale1 May 1898SingleAccountant
Jakob FedergruenMale23 Jul 1913Single Teacher (precentor)
Szloma FedermannMale7 Oct 1897MarriedCap-maker
Richard FedritMale10 Mar 1901SingleAgent (insurance)
Ernst FeherMake3 Dec 1915Single Lawyer
Kathe FehlFemale12 May 1913SingleSilk nurse (private)
Ludwig FeibelmannMale14 Sep 1901SingleButcher
Josef G FeifkeMale18 Feb 1916SingleJourneyman tailor
Werner FeigMale1908
Hans FeigeMale6 Sep 1904SingleEstate agent
Rudolf FeigeMale7 Jan 1900SingleElectrician
Siegfried FeigelstockMale23 Nov 1900MarriedCarrier and owner of poultry farm
Karl FeiglMale17 Mar 1898SingleLeather bags maker (employer)
George Gershon FeilmannMale23 Aug 1902SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Ernst FeinbergMale30 Nov 1893MarriedPhysician surgeon
Eliza FeinstadtMale25 Oct 1893MarriedLocksmith
David Feist1909
Alfred FeldheimMale17 Nov 1894SingleGeneral labourer
Siedmund FeldheimMale31 Mar 1904SingleGeneral labourer
Anton FeldmanMale8 Aug 1904MarriedTinsmith
Arthur FeldmannMale30 Jul 1902MarriedBank clerk
Ernst FeldmannMale17 Oct 1898SingleAgent (sewing machines)
Hersch FeldmannMale18 Sep 1909SingleTradesman (draper)
Josef FeldmannMale9 Apr 1909SingleWindow-dresser
Alfred FeldtMale23 Jan 1914Single Printer
Otto FelsnerMale15 Sep 1904MarriedEngineer (machiner boiler-making)
Frieda FenyesFemale11 Nov 1900MarriedPhysician
George FenyesMale11 Apr 1898SinglePhysician
Jonas FerschkoMale13 Apr 1912SingleStudent of law
Maximilian FeuerMale8 Jan 1904SingleHouse painter
Osias FeuerMale9 June 1902MarriedButcher
Max FeuermannMale13 Nov 1911SingleStudent of medicine
Jakob FeuersteinMale3 Feb 1898MarriedPainter and gardener
Max Feuerstein1898
Franz FichtmannMale1 Feb 1915SingleWindow trimmer
Salomon FiedlerMale22 Mar 1903SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Josee Field (Fiesenfeld)Male15 Jan 1901MarriedPlumber
Eduard FightmannMale4 Mar 1905SingleCook
Paul FingerMale6 Mar 1907MarriedIron-dealer
Robert FingerMale19 Nov 1904MarriedElectrician
Sabine FingerFemale31 Aug 1912MarriedNurse (children)
Wilhelm FinkMale18 Aug 1907SingleUpholsterer
Samuel FinkelMale20 Aug 1901MarriedBicycle dealer
Hermann FinkelsteinMale30 Jan 1911MarriedChauffer
Helmut FinkelsteinMale6 Dec 1914SingleToolmaker (maker)
Josef FinkelsteinMale15 Apr 1908SingleKnitter (machine)
Walter FinklerMale31 Oct 1902MarriedAuthor
David FirnbacherMale9 Oct 1898SingleCattle dealer
Ernest FischMale13 Dec 1905SingleDentist
Leo FischMale10 Dec 1908MarriedTextile salesman
Siegfried FischMale9 Sep 1912SingleTextile salesman
Alfred FischbachMale25 Mar 1912SingleShoemaker and linen cutter
Moses Fischbaum
Male28 Nov 1900MarriedTaior (gents)
Ernst FischelMale22 Mar 1901Married Gas fitter
Arnold Fischer
Male24 Jan 1913SingleFitter (electrical)
Arthur FischerMale20 Apr 1901MarriedShopkeeper (leather goods)
Hugo FischerMale30 Jan 1903MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Josef FischerMale9 Apr 1905SingleButcher
Josef N FischerMale1909
Kurt FischerMale4 Sep 1895MarriedLocksmith
Martin Aaron FischerMale22 May 1913SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Robert FischerMale14 Feb 1907MarriedTailor (gentleman)
Hans FischgrundMale3 Jan 1906SingleGeneral labourer
Ferdinand FischmannMale18 July 1899SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Herbert FischerMale11 Mar 1910SingleShop assistant
Schloma FiszMale7 Dec 1899MarriedConfectioner (maker)
Heinz Flachs
Male1 Sep 1915SingleShop assistant (leather wholesale)
Frederich FlatauerMale23 Oct 1898SingleElectric sets (agents)
Hans FleckMale28 Oct 1913SingleClerk (newspaper)
Kurt FleischerMale9 Oct 1914SingleJourneyman baker
Otto FleischerMale29 Apr 1917SingleCinema-operator
Siegmund Fleischer
Male9 Nov 1916SingleShop assistant (gents wear)
Sylvian FleischerMale25 Oct 1910SingleEngineer (machine)
Viktor FleischerMale26 Mar 1891Married Physician
Josef FleischmannMale22 Jun 1898SingleAgriculture – farmer
Siegmund FleischmannMale29 Dec 1907MarriedTailor (master)
Woldemar FleischmannMale 15 Feb 1907SingleGeneral shopkeeper
Berthold FleisigMale 27 Jul 1912MarriedFurrier and cap maker
Isidor FleissigMale21 Oct 1905MarriedMaster furrier
Paul FleschMale15 Jan 1910SingleKnitter and weaver (machine)
Josef I Fleschner Male12 Jan 1904SingleElectrician
Kurt F FlinkMale31 Oct 1901SingleHospital nurse
Ludwig FlohrMale24 Jan 1897DivorcedTextile Agent
Arthur FlorMale26 Jun 1914Married Draughtsman
Alfred ForsterMale21 Jul 1914SingleStudent of medicine
Eduard FraenkelMale28 Jun 1906MarriedEngineer (chemistry)
Hans FraenkelMale7 Aug 1913SingleTechnician (radio) and motor car mechanic
Josef FraenkelMale12 Jun 1916SingleLocksmith
Benno FrankMale18 Nov 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Bertold FrankMale2 Mar 1903SingleFarm labourer (agriculture)
Josef FrankMale29 Jul 1920Cook’s assistant
Julius FrankMale7 Jun 1897MarriedShop assistant (iron)
Kurt R FrankMale1 Oct 1910SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Leopold Frank Male22 Jun 1908MarriedAntiques dealer
Ludwig FrankMale28 Oct 1909SingleActor
Mordka FrankMale3 Aug 1897MarriedShoemaker (master)
Siegfried FrankMale31 May 1907SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Ernst FrankelMale13 Nov 1905SingleJourneyman upholsterer
Julius FrankelMale29 Jun 1903MarriedSalesman (furniture)
Mathaus (Matthaus) Frankel Male 26 Apr 1902 Single Electrican
Max FrankelMale3 Mar 1909MarriedUpholsterer
Erich FrankenMale2 Jul 1910MarriedSyndics (Jewish Association)
Lothar FrankenbergMale25 Oct 1897SingleCattle dealer
Alfred FrankensteinMale24 Aug 1904MarriedGlazier
Kurt FrankensteinMale26 Oct 1907SingleSports teacher
Hans FranklMale15 Feb 1914SingleCook
Erna Fraser (Finkelstein) (nee Nowak)Female30 Nov 1914MarriedOwn household
Herbert Fraser
Male4 Sep 1913MarriedWeaver apprentice (machine)
Zysia Fraylich Male7 Jun 1901MarriedTailor (gents)
Lucy M (Lucie) Freeden (Friedenthal)Female19 Nov 1898MarriedNurse (hospital)
Marianne Freeden (Huppert)Female12 Feb 1912MarriedTeacher and translator of foreign language
Leontine Freeman (Vogel) Female24 Jan 1911MarriedDressmaker
Edward FreibergerMale19 Feb 1904MarriedLocksmith
Elias FreindMale18 Jul 1915SingleJourneyman furrier
Leon FreisradtMale11 Oct 1900SingleTombstones shop assistant
Dorothy J (Doris) Fremantle (Frankel)Female14 Mar 1910MarriedAssistant (X-rays)
Alan (Kurt) French (Frensdorff)Male21 Apr 1905MarriedMusician (piano)
Kurt N FrenkklMale19 Dec 1912Married
Dagobert FreundMale24 Sep 1895MarriedIronmonger
Robert Freud Male6 Oct 1905MarriedClerk (agent) (toys)
Otto FreundMale28 Feb 1907SingleLawyer
Otto FreundMale25 Dec 1913SingleClerk
Wilhelm FreundMale17 Mar 1907SingleBricklayer
Salamon Freundlich Male7 OCt 1897SingleLawyer, organiser locomative, foreign exchange adviser
Hans FreybergMale16 Jul 1906SingleClerk (machine factory)
Adolf FriedMale26 May 1902MarriedRailway clerk
Alexander FriedMale2 Feb 1904MarriedLocksmith
Otto FriedMale 13 Jun 1909Married Bagmaker
Paul FriedMale5 Jan 1902SingleHairdresser
Walter FriedMale14 Nov 1903SingleKnitter and reeler (socks)
Artur FriedenbergMale27 Apr 1905MarriedClerk (textile)
Josef FriedensohnMale14 Aug 1905SingleFarmer assistant
Herbert FriedenthalMale22 Jan 1909MarriedStage manager
Kurt FriedlaenderMale8 Aug 1905SingleSalesman (textiles)
Rudolf FriedlaenderMale10 Feb 1896MarriedPhysician
Ferdinand Friedland Male18 Dec 1905MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Erich FriedlanderMale27 Oct 1906MarriedDomestic servant
Eduard FriedlanderMale24 Mar 1902SingleTextile salesman
Eugen FriedmannMale7 Feb 1907SingleCapmaker
George FriedmannMale1904MarriedTextile salesman
Gustav FriedmannMale7 Dec 1914SingleMotor mechanic
Hans FriedmannMale6 Jan 1905MarriedMaster baker
Simche J (Simcha) FriedmannMale8 Mar 1902MarriedMaster tailor (gents)
Emil FrimanMale11 Nov 1913SingleHouse painter
Alfred FrischMale4 Nov 1908SingleShoe salesman
Jakob I FrischMale18 Aug 1898MarriedLeather worker
Markus FrischMale18 May 1912SingleStudent (of medicine)
Ilja FrischmannMale9 May 1901SingleDental surgeon
Paul FrischmannMale12 Aug 1898SingleDispensing chemist
Wilhelm FritzMale21 Jun 1915SingleBag maker
Alfred FroehlichMale1 Apr 1909MarriedHouse painter
Hans FroehlichMale14 Mar 1899SingleMasseur
Rebekka FrohlichFemale19 May 1908MarriedSocial welfare worker
Richard FrohlichMale6 Aug 1904SingleManufacturer (artificial silk)
Ruth FrohlichFemale31 Oct 1931SingleStudent
Walter FrohnhausenMale14 Jul 1914SingleMechanic (motor car)
Wilhelm D FrommMale7 Apr 1905MarriedSalesman (hops)
Emil FroschMale11 Apr 1899MarriedOffice clerk
Siegmund FrostMale26 Jun 1905MarriedMechanic (typewriter)
David FrostigMale11 Jul 1902SingleMerchant (confectionery)
Alfred FruchterMale8 Jan 1897SingleArchitect
Alexander FrumMale20 Apr 1902SingleWireless engineer
Jakob FrydmanMale7 Nov 1909MarriedLocksmith (motor cars)
Schmul Frydman
Male29 Apr 1896MarriedTailor (gents)
Adolf FuchsMale8 Jun 1905MarriedMaster shoemaker
Anton FuchsMale18 Apr 1908SingleChemical laboratory assistant
Frich FuchsMale15 Mar 1903MarriedBank clerk/bookkeeper
Viktor Fuchs Male10 Oct 1899MarriedLocksmith (machine)
Ernest Fuchs Recte HauslerMale4 Jun 1911SingleFurrier
Robert Fuchs Recte Hausler Male5 Apr 1915SingleFurrier
Paul FuernbergMale19 Oct 1915SingleKnitter (machine)
Paul FuhrmannMaleSingleStudent of philosophy
Aron FurbergMale19 Jun 1901MarriedMaster tailor (gents)
Walter FürstMale7 Dec 1920
Johannes Furstenberg Male9 Dec 1896MarriedFarm assistant
Walter Fürstenberg Male
Gerald Manfred Futter Male17 Feb 1922SingleMechanic (trainee)
Hans FutterMale2 Jul 1923SingleStudent
Ludwig Fydower Male28 Mar 1908SingleShop assistant


Original nameGenderDate of birthStatusOccupation
Alfred GaberMale4 Feb 1922SingleStudent
Alfred GadielMale24 Jan 1900SingleDental surgeon
Isidor GadielMale28 Sep 1910MarriedDentist
Karl GalantiMale28 Jul 1904SingleDyer/chemical cleaner
Ludwig Galewski Male12 Jul 1910SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Erich GalliaMale30 Jan 1905SingleDestillator
Felix GalliaMale9 Feb 1911SingleSilk and wool manager
Max GamperMale1902
Max GamperMale18 Aug 1902SinglePrinter
Isidor GansMale15 Nov 1907MarriedUpholsterer (apprentice)
Julius GansMale19 Apr 1911MarriedFarmer agriculture
Max GansMale9 Jan 1915SinglePrecentor
Herbert Gassenhelmer Male 21 Nov 1898MarriedMechanic (agricultural machines)
Johannes GassmannMale15 May 1906MarriedFarmer (poultry and fish)
Siegfred GehrMale22 Nov 1912SingleButcher
Ernst GeiringerMale1 Nov 1904DivorcedManufacturer (soda water)
Richard Geiringer Male9 Apr 1895MarriedGoldsmith
Hersch GeislerMale7 Feb 1904MarriedHatter
Gustav GeismarMale23 Dec 1909SingleAgriculture farmer
Israel (Sandor) Gelband Male2 May 1905Married Farm labourer
Gisella GelbandFemale17 Feb 1899MarriedOwn household
Bernhard GelbeinMale19 Jul 1908MarriedFurrier/hatter
Moses GellerMale10 Aug 1904MarriedBasket maker
Gunter GellertMale9 Jun 1916MarriedBricklayer
Martin Gellert Male 1 Jun 1913 Single Motor mechanic (journeyman)
Samuel GelmanMale16 Apr 1912SinglePhysician
Werner GembickiMale 25 Nov 1915MarriedClerk (hide skins)
Leib GenzerMale21 Jul 1906Married Stationer
Lew GepnerMale22 Aug 1896SingleAgent (fur line)
Heinrich Gerbel Male8 Jul 1906SingleJoiner assistant
Heinz (L) GerberMale30 Aug 1904SingleShoemaker
Markus GerberMale2 Nov 1903SingleTanner and furrier
Walter GerbertMale4 Feb 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Armin GerechterMale21 Nov 1899SingleTextile salesman
Kurt GersonMale1 Jun 1912SingleLocksmith (motor cars)
Rudi GersonMale11 May 1917SingleCutter (shirts)
Adolf GerstenhaberMale8 Oct 1912SinglePhysician
Hertha GerstiFemale18 Dec 1912MarriedGoldsmith
Hugo GerstiMale26 Jan 1906MarriedBaker (master)
Paul GerstlMale23 Apr 1912SingleUpholsterer (master)
Karl GesundMale19 Aug 1899MarriedEngineer (building)
Kurt Max GesundMale1 Mar 1901MarriedGrain agent
Erich GeveMale
Max GeyerMale2 Nov 1918Toolmaker
Julius GildenerMale1 Nov 1896SingleMunicipal clerk
Martin K GillyMale18 Oct 1907MarriedHouse painter
Erich GimpelMale19 Oct 1912SingleWelder
Walter GinsbergMale25 Oct 1906MarriedFarmer and cattle dealer
Jolly Iso Gismann1920
Mendel GladbergMale4 May 1902MarriedWood salesman
Erich GlaserMale28 Jul 1904SingleTextile salesman
Gusta V GlaserMale1 Jul 1902MarriedMetal worker/alloying of metals
Hermann GlaserMale24 Mar 1911SingleMaster tailor
Johanna Glaser (Prager)Female17 Aug 1914SingleTelephone operator
Josef GlaserMale4 Jan 1904MarriedCorrespondent for foreign languages and interpreter
Herbert GlassMale25 Jul 1912SingleTextile salesman
Max GlattMale
Meier GlattMale26 Dec 1912SinglePhysician
Jenoe GlatterMale25 Jan 1912SingleScents shop assistant
Ernst GlatzMale12 Apr 1912SingleShop assistant (textile)
Olga GlucksmannFemale2 Dec 1898MarriedWorker in applied arts
Wolf GlucksmannMale6 Jan 1909SingleButcher
Leopold Glueck (Gluck)Male16 Mar 1913SingleEngineer (building)
Adolf Gluecksmann Male27 Oct 1899MarriedFurniture manufacturer (employer)
Benno GoldMale28 May 1914 SingleShop assistant
Emanuel Gold (Goldstein)Male16 Jan 1909SingleCivil engineer (agricultural machines)
Walter GoldMale1903
Walter GoldMale1 Jun 1913SinglePainter/decorator
Adolf GoldbergMale29 Mar 1914SingleClerk (gents)
Baruch GoldbergMale 15 Jan 1895MarriedGeneral labourer
Elias GoldbergMale29 Jan 1899MarriedMaster tailor (ladies and gents)
Isaak GoldbergMale20 Nov 1897MarriedFarm labourer
Josef GoldbergMale7 Apr 1909MarriedFitter (electro)
Wilhelm GoldbergMale5 May 1900SingleSalesman (chemical)
Geza GoldbergerMale1 May 1900MarriedDealer (grocery)
Max GoldenbergMale13 Jul 1893MarriedButcher
Max GoldenbergMale23 Jan 1911SingleTextile technician
Rudolf GoldenbergerMale1910
Bernhard GoldlustMale30 May 1896MarriedMaster tailor
Martin Goldman (Goldmann)Male19 Aug 1907SingleLocksmith (car)
Bruno GoldmannMale7 Mar 1909SingleMaster shoemaker
Heinz GoldmannMale22 Jan 1904MarriedCar driver (lorry)
Herbert GoldmannMale13 Apr 1904MarriedConfectioner
Louis GoldmannMale13 Feb 1914Single Tailor (gentlemen’s clothes)
Mayer GoldmannMale1 Jun 1894MarriedPr?entor
Werner GoldmannMale25 Jul 1912SingleClerk (shoes)
Hersch GoldmarkMale27 Sep 1902MarriedCoffee roaster
Max GoldmeierMale13 Jun 1912SingleBookkeeper
Walter GoldsandMale30 Oct 1901SingleElectrician (dipl engineer)
Alfred GoldschmidtMale5 Jul 1895MarriedElectrician
Alfred GoldschmidtMale26 Oct 1900MarriedDruggist
Benjamin GoldschmidtMale10 Apr 1913SingleButcher
Berihold M GoldschmidtMale26 Jan 1912SingleJourneyman tailor
Heinrich GoldschmidtMale19 Jul 1914SingleSport trainer
Herbert GoldschmidtMale12 Oct 1898MarriedManager of a motor car (retired)
Josef GoldschmidtMale23 Aug 1908SingleFarm assistant
Kurt GoldschmidtMale23 Jul 1917SingleLocksmith
Max GoldschmidtMale23 Jun 1896SingleSaddler
Samuel GoldschmidtMale21 Feb 1893MarriedBuilding worker
Walter Peter GoldschmidtMale1 Jul 1899MarriedUpholsterer
Bernhard GoldsteinMale5 Jan 1904SingleWireless technician
George GoldsteinMale7 May 1901MarriedTextile salesman
Heinz GoldsteinMale14 May 1910SingleInsurance clerk
Herbert GoldsteinMale22 Jul 1901MarriedGardener
Josef GoldsteinMale19 Dec 1899MarriedWelder
Martin GoldsteinMale20 Dec 1906SingleBookkeeper
Samuel GoldsteinMale18 Nov 1902SingleDentist
Walter GoldsteinMale2 Jan 1908MarriedDecorator
Arthur GoldstromMale27 Jul 1905Married Salesman (textile)
Erich GoldvogelMale27 Dec 1902SingleStationer
Harry GolluberMale9 Jun 1909MarriedManufacturer of cardboard boxes
Manfred Gonsiorowski Male21 Apr 1917MarriedHatter (maker and salesman)
Eric (Erich) Goodman (Outtmann) Male2 Sep 1908SinglePrecentor assistant and organist
Ilse (L)Female25 Oct 1913MarriedNurse (children)
Gordon ?Male18 Jul 1910SingleCommercial traveller
Rudolf (Robert) Gordon (Goldberger)Male4 Jul 1910SingleTextile worker
Maximilian Gort-Barten (Grodzinski) Male23 Jul 1914SingleEngineer (toolmaker)
Fritz GotteldMale15 May 1899SingleX-ray technician
Paul GottesmannMale18 Apr 1903MarriedWeaver (linen)
Ismar GottheinerMale7 Sep 1905SingleClerk (bookkeeper)
Lothar Gotthelf Male14 Jul 1920SingleElectrican
Theodore Gottlieb Male11 Nov 1896MarriedActor
Adolf GottschalkMale26 Nov 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Eva GottschalkFemale6 Jul 1913SingleChildren’s nurse
Max GottschalkMale12 Sep 1900MarriedCuttle dealer and butcher
Hans GottschallMale12 Feb 1896SingleClerk (weaving assistant)
Hermann GotzMale20 Apr 1917SingleFarm assistant
Julian GotzMale25 Mar 1907SingleFarmhand
Manfred GotzMale28 Dec 1910MarriedWindow dresser
Martin Grabowski Male9 Feb 1895Married Carpenter
Hans S GraetzerMale7 Nov 1896MarriedBookseller
Friederick GraffMale23 Sep 1906DivorcedConductor/composer
Siegfried GratzMale8 Feb 1895MarriedSkin dealer/textile salesman
Feilwel GraverMale29 Nov 1899MarriedUnderground worker
Fred (Frite B) Greenwood (Grunewald)Male21 Apr 1903Married Butcher
Gertrude GreigerFemale13 Mar 1907MarriedMilliner
Erich GreilsamerMale29 Jun 1915SingleShop assistant (spirits)
Felix GriegerMale30 Aug 1905MarriedAgent (leather belt)
Mortiz GriffelMale11 Nov 1912SingleClerk (textile)
Eduard GrillMale14 Aug 1913SingleElectrician (apprentice)
Otto GrindlingerMale6 May 1911SingleJewellery salesman/office clerk
Maximilian Grodzinski Male1914
Leo Grodszinsky Male8 May 1898MarroedShopkeeper (textile)
Walter GrohnemMale5 Jan 1897Married Gardener
Selig GronnerMale27 Feb 1906SingleTailor (gents clothes)
Berisch GrossMale9 Feb 1906SingleTeacher (Hebrew)
Fulius GrossMale1 Apr 1908SingleElectrician
Georg GrossMale1 Jan 1900MarriedDesigner and cutter of ladies wear
Hugo GrossMale10 Feb 1902MarriedGoldsmith
Josef GrossMale17 Apr 1908SingleGroceries (shop assistant)
Jrma GrossFemale26 Oct 1898MarriedOwn household
Luitpold GrossMale4 Mar 1911SingleElectrician
Siegfried Gross Male31 Jul 1898MarriedGoldsmith
Willy GrossMale25 Sep 1903SingleButcher (master)
Albert GrossbardMale27 May 1907Married Goldsmith
Josefine GrossbardFemale20 Sep 1912MarriedTextile shop assistant and cashier
Siegfried Grossbard Male
Erwin GrossmanMale28 Aug 1907MarriedChartered accountant/cutlery
Salomon (P) GrossmanMale2 Jan 1911Married Druggist
Arabella GroszFemale3 Jul 1898MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresses)
Elmer GroszMale10 Nov 1900MarriedMaster tailor
Theodore GrubelMale6 Sep 1911SingleStudent (medicine)
Abraham GruberMale27 May 1904SingleTradesman (chemical and pharmacy)
Pinkas GruberMale7 May 1909MarriedStudent (medicine)
Joseph Grueneberg Male17 Jul 1898MarriedBank clerk
Otto Gruenewald Male8 Aug 1911SingleClerk
Rudolf Gruenewald Male25 Feb 1916SingleMiner
Jindrich GruenhutMale29 Jan 1904SingleElectrician
Maximilian GruenseidMale14 Dec 1901SingleTie maker
Jim? Boruch GruensteinMale13 Aug 1900WidowedGents tailor
Adolf Gruenwald Male4 Jan 1900MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Isidor GruessMale16 Aug 1902MarriedDealer in agricultural machines and cycles
Berthold Gruhn Male4 Feb 1903MarriedPlumber
Herbert GrunbaumMale10 Jul 1911SingleShop assistant (textile)
Moshe Chaim GrünbaumMale8 Dec 1912SingleButcher (shopkeeper)
Justin GrunebaumMale7 Feb 1912SingleCommercial traveller
Siegfried GrunebergMale24 Mar 1903MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Helmut Grünewald Male 1923
Wilhelm Gruner (Gruener)Male16 Nov 1905MarriedWaiter and clerk (Jewish community)
Maler GrunesMale14 Sep 1912SingleLeather fancy goods maker
Oskar GrunsfeldMale23 Mar 1907MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Hugo GrunwaldMale31 May 1907SingleJournalist
Otto Grünwald Male 1911
Rudolf Grünwald Male1916
Lipa GruszowMale19 Feb 1899MarriedTextile salesman
Isidor Grüss Male1902
Ludwig GuensMale13 Jul 1900MarriedEngineer (buildings)
Friedirch GunserMale25 Male 1906MarriedMaster baker
Martin GuggenheimMale22 Sep 1900SingleScrap iron storekeeper
Alexander GuhrauerMale17 Aug 1901SingleCommercial traveller (rubber)
Eugen GumpertMale11 Aug 1897MarriedGrain-miller and dealer
Richard GumpertMale24 Sep 1903MarriedFruiterer
Sally GunzenhauserMale25 Mar 1901MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Sally Gunzenhauser Male 28 Jun 1910Married Farmer (agriculture)
Leo GuterMale2 Jan 1895MarriedAgent (textile)
Max GutheimMale12 Jun 1905MarriedButcher
Moritz GutheimMale16 Aug 1902MarriedButcher
George GutmannMale20 May 1907MarriedClerk (tools and machines)
Hurst GutmannMale14 Jan 1912Single Window dresser
Sal? GutmannMale12 Nov 1902SingleCattle dealer and farmer
Alfred GutsteinMale24 Jan 1914SingleDriver
Hans GutsteinMale10 Oct 1911SingleGrain dealer
Erich GuttenbergMale24 Apr 1908SingleTailor (ladies dresses)
Heinz Guttentag Male3 May 1905MarriedMetal worker
Kurt GuttfeldMale18 Mar 1907MarriedElectrician
Egon GuttmannMale25 Apr 1916SingleDruggist
Hermann Gutwurzel Male22 Dec 1906SingleMechanic (machine)
Fr? Gutz Male5 Aug 1909SingleFarm assistant
Leo (John Ian) Graham (G?Mann) Male22 May 1920SingleToolmaker


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Leopold HaarMale28 Jan 1912SingleWaiter
Rudolf HaarMale31 Jan 1906SingleJewellery salesman
Friedrich HaasMale18 Jul 1916SingleJourneyman baker
Karl W (Wilhelm, Jacob) Haas Male27 Dec 1900MarriedConductor
Nathan HaasMale29 Nov 1902MarriedPrecentor
Adolf HaaseMale5 Aug 1902MarriedTextile shop assistant
Josef Juda HaberMale2 Jun 1912Physician
Juda J HaberMale21 Jun 1921SinglePhysician
Frank HackerMale25 Jul 1912MarriedGlazier (master)
Franz K HackerMale7 Dec 1913SingleBank clerk
Jonas HackerMale4 Apr 1908SingleMaster baker
Josef HackerMale16 Aug 1904MarriedButcher
Josefine HackerFemale22 Jan 1904MarriedShop assistant (household)
Martin Haendler Male17 Jan 1901MarriedChemist (pharmacist)
Leib HaermelinMale11 Jun 1904SingleGeneral labourer
Albert HahnMale20 Jul 1900MarriedFarm assistant (fruit and vegetables)
Benjamin HahnMale10 Aug 1908MarriedShoe salesman
Josef HahnMale9 Sep 1910MarriedJam marmalade maker
Rebekka HahnFemale26 May 1899MarriedShopkeeper (grocery)
Dieter HagelbergMale
Max HaimannMale14 Jan 1905MarriedShop assistant (photo)
Robert HajduMale2 Mar 1897MarriedMechanic (weaving machines)
Ludwig Halberstadt
Szymon HalbreichMale17 Oct 1896SingleCook and waiter
Samuel HalleMale 5 Aug 1900MarriedAgent (textile)
Kurt HallerMale8 Aug 1914SingleLawyer’s assistant
Rosa HallerFemale25 Dec 1908SingleManager/dressmaker (ladies dresses shop)
Mauryce HalpernMale12 Feb 1904MarriedHairdresser
Leon HalpersohnMale20 Oct 1903MarriedEconomist (writer of periodicals)
Max HamburgerMale31 May 1897SingleLawyer
Siegfried HamburgerMale7 Apr 1898MarriedTinsmith and slater
Alfred HamletMale1902MarriedCattle dealer
Theodore Hammel Male9 Dec 1898SingleAgent (cigars)
Arthur Hammerschmidt Male23 Mar 1911MarriedGeneral labourer
Dagobert HammserschmidtMale23 Dec 1903MarriedFarm assistant
Siegbert HammserschmidtMale29 Mar 1912SingleMarket gardener
Hans HammersteinMale17 Apr 1901MarriedHeadmaster (Jewish school)
Senno HanauerMale22 Oct 1904SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Robert HandMale23 May 1908SingleShop assistant (typewriter ribbons)
Erich HannachMale25 Sep 1900MarriedLawyer (judge)
Kirt HannachMale19 Sep 1897MarriedCivil engineer (water supply)
Hans HannoverMale29 Jul 1905WidowedIron salesman
Hermann HansMale13 Jan 1914SingleDecorator
John (Hans) HansonMale3 Jul 1913MarriedGardener
Hans HarpuderMale26 Aug 1907SingleMusician (piano)
Rudolf HartMale12 Dec 1897MarriedArchitect/engineer
Mendel Samuel HarzMale25 Jun 1904MarriedSalesman (bookseller)
Paul HassMale 6 Mar 1898SingleManufacturer (weaving mill)
Schmerl HaubenstockMale20 Feb 1892MarriedButton maker
Oberlander (Alias Leib) Hauptmann Male2 Aug 1902SingleShoe salesman
Adolf HauserMale28 Jun 1908MarriedTextile salesman
Alexander HauserMale2 Nov 1903MarriedWater and gas fitter
Antonia HauserFemale23 Jan 1911MarriedHairdresser
Berl HauserMale21 Apr 1906SingleShopkeeper (grocery)
Egon Hauser
Male18 Jul 1898MarriedCommercial traveller (shoes)
Henryk H HauserMale9 Oct 1909SingleShop assistant (shoes)
Mojzesz HauserMale5 May 1898MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Sigmund HauserMale24 Mar 1916SingleJourneyman glazier
Moses David HausmannMale28 Aug 1906SingleBorer (petroleum)
Alfred HayekMale11 May 1897MarriedGroceries/shopkeeper
Erwin Hearn (Herrnstadt) Male12 Dec 1908MarriedArtist (magician)
Ludwig Heber Male2 Jan 1914SingleMotor mechanic (master)
Hans J Hechinger Male29 Oct 1909SinglePainter
Kurt HeideMale21 Nov 1918MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Audolf HeilbornMale5 Jun 1907MarriedDental surgeon
Bruno HeilbornMale13 Oct 1900MarriedShoe dealer
Ernst HeilbornMale15 Nov 1914SingleLocksmith
Fritz HeilbornMale27 Jul 1902SingleDraughtsman
Gunter Adolf HeilbornMale12 Nov 1917SingleStudent (philology and theology)
Norbert HeilbornMale23 Aug 1909SingleSalesman (textile)
Hugo HeilbrunnMale22 Aug 1905MarriedButler/laundry assistant
Markus HeilmannMale24 Mar 1897MarriedSalesman (fire brigade equipment)
Wilhelm HeilmannMale7 Jan 1903SingleEgg dealer
Josef HeimannMale25 Dec 1903MarriedMaster tailor (ladies and gentlemen)
Max HeimannMale23 Oct 1901MarriedAgriculture farmer
Rudolf Heimannsohn Male7 Jun 1904SingleEmigration advisor
Max HeinMale6 Feb 1903MarriedBookkeeper comm office
Walter HeinMale12 Aug 1916MarriedLocksmith (motor cars)
Adolf Heinberg Male22 Dec 1904MarriedSalesman (textile)
Siegfried HeinemannMale1 Mar 1897MarriedShoe salesman
Berthold Heinrich Male11 Apr 1906SingleMusic teacher
Gustav HeiserMale8 May 1905MarriedPrecentor
Edward Jack HeisigMale3 Mar 1914MarriedKnitter (machine)
Erwin HeisigMale8 Jun 1907MarriedLeather goods maker
Sigmund HeislerMale3 Jun 1908SingleGoldsmith
Heinz HeitlerMale27 Apr 1906SingleAgent (leather goods)
Norbert HeitlerMale9 Aug 1916SingleCommercial traveller (leather)
Oskar HeklerMale22 Jul 1903MarriedRubber goods salesman
Kurt HeldMale17 Jul 1894MarriedWaiter
Ernestine HelferFemale7 Jul 1908MarriedBodice-maker
Leiser Heliczkowski
Male14 Feb 1904SingleWeaver (machine)
Anna HellerFemale28 Jul 1911MarriedHospital nurse
Hans HellerMale5 Jan 1906SingleFarmer/cattle breeder
Meier HellerMale11 Dec 1907SingleKnitter (machinery)
Robert HellerMale20 Jan 1907MarriedPhysician
Kurt HellmannMale27 Oct 1912SingleStudent (medicine)
Erich HelmannMale4 Feb 1904MarriedRetail dealer (textile)
Ludwig Hemmerdinger Male14 Jul 1911MarriedTeacher (science)
Ludwig Henoch Male13 Apr 1900MarriedFarm assistant (agriculture)
Walter Hensch 1923
Oskar O HenschelMale1 Mar 1913MarriedDruggist
Rudi Walter Hans HerbertMale21 Jan 1900SingleHorseman attendant/butcher
Herbert P H Herbert (Okonski) Male1 Dec 1905MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Heinz Herbst Male27 Feb 1909MarriedWindow dresser and designr
Jakob HerfMale5 Nov 1904SingleManipulator (gents wear)
Kurt HerfogMale13 Feb 1906SingleLeather worker
Walter HerlingerMale10 Jan 1909MarriedMechanic (motor cars)
Heswig Herlitschek1915
Walter HeritschekMale4 May 1913MarriedSalesman (outfitter)
Jakob HermanMale9 Jun 1904MarriedDentist
Siegfried (F) Herman (Herrmann) Male30 Oct 1904MarriedWeaver (machinery)
Abraham HermannMale25 May 1904MarriedShop assistant
Daniel Herrmann
Karl HermannMale4 Feb 1914SingleDentist
Margarete Herrmann
Maximillan HermannMale4 Feb 1904MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Siegfried Herrmann
Arthur HerrnstadtMale17 Jul 1895MarriedDental surgeon
Paul HerschanMale7 Jan 1894MarriedCompositor assistant
Artur Herschthal
Male25 Aug 1906Married Commercial traveller
Rori HertzMale19 Dec 1906SingleLawyer
Herman HerzMale5 Nov 1904SingleAgent (textile)
Hildegard E HerzFemale15 Aug 1910 Married Shop assistant (gents)
Leopold HerzMale10 Aug 1905SingleShop assistant (gents)
Rudolf HerzMale
Wilhelm HerzMale23 Apr 1903MarriedGrocer
Yitzhak Sophoni Herz Male
Horst Adolf Herzberg
Wilhelm Herzberg Male4 Jan 1902MarriedDentist
Franz HerzfeldMale22 Mar 1902SingleShoe dealer
Kurt HerzfeldMale21 May 1900MarriedBookkeeper and cashier
Erich HerzkaMale31 Aug 1897SingleInsurance clerk
Moriz HerzlichMale24 Dec 1902MarriedBookkeeper
Kurt HerzoeMale28 Mar 1901SingleEconomical advisor
Gustav HerzogMale6 Jan 1908SingleShop assistant (chemical goods)
Walter HesMale9 Mar 1915MarriedPrecentor and teacher
Mathias William HesekielMale20 Jan 1909SingleMusician (accordion)
Helene HessFemale28 Apr 1899MarriedHospital nurse
Josef HessMale31 May 1905MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Otto Hess
Siegfried HessMale5 Oct 1896MarriedCommercial traveller
Robert HesseMale26 May 1895SingleDealer (hop)
Walter HeufeldMale26 Aug 1920SingleClerk (office correspondent)
Hermann (David) Heumann Male25 Feb 1908MarriedClerk (optician)
Josef HeumannMale2 Sep 1910SingleMechanic (motor car)
? HeymannMale24 Dec 1904MarriedHousepainter
Ernst Heymann
Male5 May 1901MarriedTextile salesman
Fanny HeymannFemale9 Apr 1912MarriedCook (diet)
Gunter HeymannMale1 Jan 1908SingleTeacher/lithograph drawing and painting
Heinz HeymannMale22 Aug 1916SingleWeaver (machine)
Kurt HeymannMale10 Mar 1912SingleTextile salesman
Ludwig HeymannMale3 Sep 1914SingleTube fitter
Marjem (Marian L) HeymannFemale6 Aug 1904MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresser)
Siegbert HeymannMale28 Jun 1907MarriedEmbroidery (dealer)
Walter HeymannMale22 Dec 1901SingleCinema operator
Siegfried HeyuMale12 Dec 1902SingleClerk (coffee wholesale)
Heinrich S HibschmannMale4 Dec 1914SingleManager (grocery wholesale)
Rudolf HighieakMale12 Feb 1919SingleOffice-clerk
Saul HighiearMale30 May 1913SingleOffice-clerk
Hans HilbMale25 Jul 1895MarriedPhotographer
Jacques Hilbert (Hirschberg)Male17 May 1902SingleElectrician
Leo HillelMale15 Nov 1902SingleFarm assistant
Herman HillerzMale9 Feb 1906SingleHouse painter
Wermer HinrichsMale17 Apr 1910SingleMotor mechanic
Alfred HirschMale7 Nov 1870MarriedTextil salesman
Alfred HirschMale1893
Artur HirschMale10 Jun 1913SingleFarm assistant
Ernst Hirsch
Male15 Mar 1913SingleJoiner/carpenter
Franz J HirschMale16 Jul 1908SinglePerfume producer
Fritz HirschMale27 Nov 1898SinglePhysician
Hugo HirschMale1 Jul 1908MarriedUpholsterer/saddler
Josef HirschMale21 Feb 1904SingleMechanic (motor cars)/driver
Josef HirschMale25 Aug 1905MarriedCattle dealr
Julius HirschMale20 Aug 1903MarriedSkin dealer
Martin HirschMale22 Jan 1895MarriedButcher/farmer
Martin HirschMale9 Oct 1897MarriedGlazier
Paul HirschMale14 May 1906SingleTextile salesman
Rafael N HirschMale3 May 1920SingleFarm labourer
Richard HirschMale21 Jun 1900MarriedClerk (textile)
Simon HirschMale10 Jun 1897MarriedDental surgeon
Walter HirschMale22 Jun 1897MarriedWine dealer
Walter HirschMale8 Oct 1899SingleFarmhand (agriculture
Werner HirschMale9 Mar 1907MarriedClerk (confectionery)
Norbert HirschbergMale17 Oct 1894MarriedMechanic (machines)
Oskar HirschbergMale27 Jun 1910SingleMaster butcher
Franz HirschelMale3 Jun 1903SingleInsurance agent
Wilhelm HirschelMale20 Aug 1900SingleClerk (gents)
Adolf HirschfeldMale20 Oct 1908MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Nathan HirschheimerMale4 Jun 1903SingleButcher
Alfred HirschlMale29 Nov 1909SingleTailor (ladies)
Ernst HirschmannMale13 Mar 1908SingleButcher
Joachim HirschsteinMale16 Oct 1920SingleElectrician-welder (trainee)
Herbert HirschwehMale18 Apr 1904SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Gerdt HirschbergMale18 Jul 1900SingleMotor mechanic
Wilhelm HirshhornMale29 Nov 1908MarriedClerk (textile)
Simon HochbergerMale19 Apr 1906MarriedJournalist
Otto HochheimerMale5 Jun 1899SingleGrain dealer
Martin HoechstaedierMale17 Mar 1910SingleBank clerk
Herbert Hoexter
Max HoffenbergMale26 Jun 1912MarriedStudent (technical school)
Simon HoffenbergMale24 Male 1898MarriedMaster baker
Hugo HoffmannMale29 Oct 1904SingleElectrician (radio and telephone)
Jakob A HoffmannMale25 Jun 1910SingleEngineer (building)
Leo HoffmannMale19 Feb 1893SingleGrain-salesman
Bernhard HoflerMale16 Oct 1902MarriedBookkeeper
Ignate HofmannMale12 Mar 1905SingleGeneral labourer
Walter HofmannMale25 Jul 1907MarriedShoe designer
Abraham HohenbergMale12 Mar 1893MarriedUnderground worker
Adolf HohensteinMale12 Nov 1914SingleShop assistant (gents and ladies)
Arnold HolinMale18 Jun 1910MarriedEngineer (mills)
Sambert HollaenderMale29 Jun 1906SingleMechanician/motor car driver
Siefried HollanderMale2 Mar 1911MarriedCutter (gents clothes)
William HolzMale6 Apr 1912SingleElectro-fitter
Siegfried HombergerMale9 Apr 1903SingleInsurance agents
Arnold HopferMale17 Mar 1916SingleCattle dealer
Israel HornMale24 Jan 1908SingleTextile salesman
Kurt HornMale25 Feb 1911MarriedFurniture dealer
Dora HornerMale31 May 1902Married
Alter HorowitzMale26 Jan 1913SingleShop assistant (textile)
Motek HorsteinMale12 Jan 1907SingleDentist
Arnold Raphael HorwitzMale19 Jan 1914SingleEmigration advisor
Juius J HorwitzMale6 Aug 1902MarriedCinema owner
Harry Hos?Male3 Jul 1912SinglePlumber
Herbert ?Male28 Jan 1906SingleShop assistant (textile)
Erich HubnerMale21 Oct 1905SingleSalesman (phone optic)
Moritz HuebschmannMale24 May 1897SingleShop manager (shoes)
Franz HulsenMale25 Dec 1902MarriedManager (paper factory)
Osias HundertMale13 Dec 1911SingleStudent (law)
Fred HuppertMale3 Jun 1895SingleBuilding material dealer
Robert HurwitzMale2 Jun 1904SingleSlater
Salomon HusarMale31 Dec 1905SingleMaster tailor (gents clothes)
Paul HusserlMale15 Jul 1907SingleGas and water fitter
Hugo HutzlerMale1 Dec 1897MarriedButcher
Inge Hyman (Heymann)Female5 Jun 1921MarriedAssistant (dental surgeon)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Alfred InselMale20 Feb 1911MarriedInsurance cerk
Mayer IromMale3 May 1909SingleFurrier
Fritz IsaacMale11 Apr 1906MarriedElectrician
Josef IsaacMale11 Apr 1899MarriedWindow dresser
Heinz IsaacsonMale25 Nov 1911SingleTextile salesman
Hermann (Kurt) Isaack (Bergel) Male27 Feb 1893MarriedCar driver
Willy IsaakjohnMale8 Feb 1893MarriedTextile agent
Albert IsackMale16 Jun 1909SingleMaster butcher
Max IsayMale29 Mar 1894MarriedButcher/shopkeeper
Leopold IsllerMale13 May 1897MarriedWine cellarer
Arno IsnerMale21 Apr 1912SingleClerk (textile)
Arthur IsraelMale
Hilde IsraelFemale6 Jun 1915MarriedShop assistant (shoes)
Hugo Israel Male15 Jan 1908MarriedAgent (textile)
Ludwig IsraelMale23 Feb 1901SingleLocksmith
Fritz IsraelskiMale21 Feb 1904SingleClerk (machines)
Max IsraelsohnMale19 Oct 1901MarriedLabourer (roads)
Manfred IsselraynerMale14 Aug 1914SingleAgriculture farmer
Adolt IsslerMale21 OCt 1895MarriedChemist and printer
Wilhelm IszakMale16 Nov 1906MarriedClerk (grocery)
Curt ItalienerMale9 Dec 1894SingleNewspaper editor
Shoel IztrumMale15 Aug 1897MarriedBag dealer


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Kurt JablonskiMale18 Dec 1900MarriedSalesman (furniture)
Isidor JachmannMale8 Oct 1907SingleSalesman (textile)
Maximilian JackellMale19 Jan 1912SinglePhysician
George JacobMaleNov 1895MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Hermann Jacobsberg Male17 Jan 1915MarriedLocksmith/mechanic
Alfred JacobsohnMale11 Jan 1899SingleWelder
Erich JacobsohnMale19 May 1902SingleSalesman (children’s toys)
Gerhard JacobsohnMale24 Oct 1912SingleLocksmith
Harry JacobsohnMale28 Sep 1893SingleTimber merchant
Siegfried JacobsohnMale26 Jul 1917Single Hatter
Edgar T JacobyMale11 Jun 1893MarriedBank/confidential clerk
Fritz JacobyMale15 Sep 1895MarriedAgent (leather goods)
George JacobyMale25 Jun 1895MarriedGlazier
Karl JacobyMale9 Jan 1906SingleBricklayer
Felix JaffeMale3 Nov 1896MarriedConfectioner
Chaim A JagendorfMale12 Feb 1901MarriedWood salesman
Chaim Jager (Jaeger)Male27 Oct 1902SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Isidor JakobsbergMale25 Feb 1901MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Kurt JakobsbergMale2 May 1904SingleCigar maker
Berthold JamesMale9 Oct 1915SingleMechanic (machinery)
Bruno JanklowiczMale14 Jun 1904SingleFurrier
Sigmund JanowksiMale1 May 1913SingleAgent (textile)
Kurt JaschekMale1 Jul 1902MarriedTailor (gents)
George JaschlowitzMale30 Jan 1907MarriedGents wear shop assistant
Dorothea JastrowFemale5 Apr 1914MarriedSeamstress
Felix JaulMale31 Jul 1900SingleManipulator (mens clothes)
Albert JeglinskiMale12 Mar 1900SingleSkin dealer
Ella JekelFemale3 Apr 1906MarriedApplied arts worker
Max (Maximilian) JekelMale14 Apr 1904MarriedMusician
Paul JellinekMale3 Apr 1910SingleTailor (gents clothes)
Walter JellinekMale15 Apr 1913SingleHairdresser
Arnold JerutMale22 Apr 1907MarriedUpholsterer
Hertha O JervtFemale18 Jul 1914MarriedShop assistant (leather goods)
Alfred JeserskyMale20 Oct 1899MarriedShop assistant (carpets)
Fritz Siegfried JoachimMale7 Aug 1897SinglePhysician
Paul JoachimMale30 Oct 1904SingleFarmer agriculture
Erwin JoahchimsthalMale21 Apr 1908MarriedShopkeeper (textiles)
Aron JoelMale5 Sep 1893MarriedWelder
Feibisz A JolliesMale26 Jul 1896SingleTextile agent
Arthur A JonasMale5 Aug 1905SingleSalesman (textile)
Kurt Jonas Male24 Feb 1908SinglePrinter
Walter JonasMale8 Jun 1898WidowedDental surgeon
Rudolf JonnehscheinMale24 May 1903MarriedDairy goods producer
Margarethe JosefbergFemale11 Jul 1898MarriedBookkeeper/cashier
Josee JosefsbergMale8 Feb 1905MarriedGoldsmith
Nuchem Hersch Josefsberg Male10 Sep 1902MarriedTextile salesman
Berta JosephFemale6 May 1908MarriedShop assistant (agricultural machines)
Ifo JosephMale18 Oct 1900MarriedRepairer of agricultural machines
Max JosephMale16 Dec 1901MarriedCommercial traveller (silk goods)
Max JosephMale12 Jun 1907MarriedChauffer
Alfred JosephsonMale14 Oct 1902SingleBook dealer
Hans Hermann JosephyMale
Nisen JosetsbergMale23 Jan 1898MarriedJoiner/carpenter
Leibus I JoskowiczMale6 Jul 1897MarriedLinen cutter
Friedrich JungMale11 Oct 1908SingleShop assistant (shoes)
Leo JungermannMale15 Jul 1907SingleChemist
Pinkas JungleibMale10 Aug 1899SingleAgent (hosiery)
Jakob JungerwirthMale9 Mar 1901MarriedBookkeeper
Felwel JupiterMale2 Jul 1905SingleLawyer/interpreter/translator
Jakob JupiterMale19 Aug 1916SingleCutter (shirts)
Moses JupiterMale13 Dec 1903SingleTeacher of languages/translation
Wolf JurmannMale25 Jul 1898MarriedSalesman (clothes)
Werner (Peter V) JustMale6 Dec 1912SingleToolmaker assistant


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccuption
Manfred KaatzMale12 Nov 1907MarriedWindow dresser
Julian KadischMale28 Sep 1904MarriedAgent (grocery)
Sugbert KadischMale27 Dec 1901SingleChemist (pharmacist)
Leo KadritzkiMale23 Oct 1897SingleTextile (dealer and agent)
Ludwig KaempferMale7 Jan 1901Single Estate agent
Heinrich KaestlerMale5 Feb 1915SinglePoultry farmer
Eduard KahnMale
Edward KahnMale2 Jun 1908MarriedChauffer
Friedrich KahnMale5 May 1906MarriedMechanic (motor car)
Heinrich KahnMale15 Apr 1904SingleFarmer (cattle and horse breeding)
Herbert KahnMale21 May 1906SingleFowl breeder
Herbert KahnMale17 Feb 1917SingleTeacher (agriculture)
Julius KahnMale4 Feb 1896MarriedButcher
Max Kahn Male24 Dec 1903MarriedMaster glazier
Nathan KahnMale20 Feb 1913SingleTeacher (elementary school and religion)
Oedo KahnMale19 Apr 1910SingleLocksmith and welder
Rudolf KahnMale19 Feb 1900MarriedCar driving instructor
Max KaiserMale24 May 1911MarriedTeacher (science)
Mendel KalbMale8 Mar 1903MarriedCap maker
Kurt KalemannMale1917
Walter KalemanMale
Jakob KalinerMale28 Jul 1894MarriedOrthopaedist
Arthur KallmanMale13 Apr 1912MarriedMotor car driver
Friedrich KallmannMale 2 Jan 1902SingleLawyer
Harry KallmannMale11 Aug 1901MarriedFarmer and miller
Hans KalmusMale30 Jul 1899SingleInnkeeper
Leo KamilMale5 Nov 1893MarriedFurniture dealer
Rudolf KammMale26 Sep 1902MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Schmul (Samuel, Sam) KammMale27 Jul 1896SingleMaster tailor (gents)
Rudolf M H KanderMale10 Aug 1916SingleClerk (rubber shoes)
Martin KaninMale8 Apr 1907SingleSalesman (textile)
Adolf KaniorowitzMale31 Jul 1899SingleBank clerk and bookkeeper
Stefan KanitzMale1 Dec 1895MarriedInsurance mathematician
Kurt KannMale1 Jan 1917SingleToolmaker
Paul KannMale31 Oct 1894MarriedTextile agent
Friedrich KantorMale28 May 1916SingleBank clerk
Heinrich KaplanMale27 Jul 1899MarriedBricklayer
Jeikas KaplanasMale2 Dec 1904SingleAnalytical chemist
Hugo KarielMale21 Apr 1888MarriedBank clerk
Fritz KarpeMale11 Jun 1911SingleCleaning materials shop assistant
Siegmund KaryMale3 Aug 1893MarriedMaster butcher
Bernhard KasmacherMale26 Jun 1904MarriedHousepainter
Julius KasnerMale20 Mar 1909SingleShop assistant (chemicals)
Fritz KasselMale19 Dec 1897SingleProprietor of spinning mill
Karl Georg Fritz Kassel Male
Walter KassernMale21 Sep 1907MarriedHatter
Wolf KassmannMale20 Apr 1893MarriedCoal dealer
Karl KassnerMale27 Nov 1911SingleDriver
Arthur KastelanMale7 Sep 1915SingleBuilding worker
Abraham KatzMale10 Dec 1894MarriedTailor (gents)
Alfred KatzMale19 Apr 1899MarriedBookkeeper
Artur KatzMale14 Nov 1903MarriedPharmacist
Helmuth KasztanMale24 Oct 1903MarriedTextile salesman
Friedrich KatzMale27 Aug 1914SingleStudent (law)
Manfred KatzMale11 Mar 1910MarriedAgriculture farmer
Norbert KatzMale9 Nov 1900MarriedBank clerk
Schulim KatzMale25 Apr 1903SingleElectrician
Werner Katz
Male30 Dec 1898MarriedMusician (composer)
Werner Jakob Katz Male17 Jul 1922SingleMechanican (trainee)
Oskar KatzenellMale24 Mar 1902MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Bernhard KatzensteinMale14 Aug 1905SingleSingle Office Help (Jewish Community)
Max Katzenstein Male3 Feb 1907SingleAgent (wood)
Max KatzensteinMale4 Dec 1915SingleUnderground worker
Alfred KatzkyMale19 Mar 1908SingleMotor car driver
Moritz KatzmannMale12 Nov 1894WidowedCloth dealer
Hildegard KaufmannFemale11 Apr 1911MarriedClerk (textile)
Josef KaufmannMale4 Oct 1901MarriedEgg dealer
Siegfried (Sydney, Sidney) Kay (Kulmann) Male21 Aug 1910SingleFurrier
Lothar Kaye (Krakowski)Male30 Apr 1894MarriedTextile salesman
Ernst Kaye (Krampel)Male7 May 1907SingleExport merchant
Maximilian A KeffMale19 Nov 1909MarriedKnitter (machine)
Kurt KeilerMale23 Feb 1894MarriedTextile salesman
Lothar KeilerMale31 Aug 1895MarriedElectrician
Isak KellerMale16 Feb 1893MarriedWorker (printing office)
Regina KellerFemale28 May 1896MarriedSeamstress (shirts)
Majer KellmannMale26 Dec 1903MarriedManufacturer of paper cubs
Abraham (Hansfred) KelterMale22 Dec 1907MarriedFurrier
Ernst KemenyMale14 Oct 1906SingleTextile clerk
Sigbert KemplarMale22 Mar 1911MarriedCommerical traveller (buttons and belts)
Bernhard KempnerMale5 Apr 1901MarriedForwarding worker
Elisabeth KendeFemale17 Jun 1907MarriedDesigner (modes)
Eugen KendeMale15 Nov 1904MarriedLawyer
Walter KendeMale2 Oct 1906MarriedCivil engineer (motor mechanic)
Hans KerberMale23 Feb 1915SingleGardener
Erich Kernek Male7 Jul 1914SingleStudent (languages)
Erich KerpnerMale17 Oct 1907MarriedPoultry farmer
Naphiah KestenMale25 May 1903MarriedSalesman (grocery)
Bernhard KestenMale19 Oct 1898MarriedShopkeeper (textile)
Ruth (Rebecca) Kew (Kuh)Female3 Nov 1916MarriedTeacher (domestic science)
Friedel Keyneg (Klein)Female11 Nov 1904MarriedMilliner
Friedrich KiaberMale18 Jan 1905SingleSalesman agent
Josef KieslerMale15 Apr 1901MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Paul KieweMale17 May 1894MarriedCattle dealer and farmer
Siegfried KindermanMale27 Dec 1900SinglePrinter (compositor)
Margarethe Kingston (Knapp)Female2 Jul 1912MarriedGymnastics teacher
Max KinstlingerMale2 Mar 1917SingleClark (sanit techn branch)
Heinz KirschbaumMale22 Jul 1909SingleLocksmith
Siegfried KirschnerMale14 Mar 1909MarriedCommercial traveller
Leopold KirwaczekMale6 Aug 1903MarriedManufacturer of cleaning app
Bernhard KlaarMale11 Oct 1904SingleWaiter
Abraham KlajnMale27 Aug 1900MarriedSpinning worker
Natan KangMale27 Jul 1902SingleTextile salesman
Simon KlapholzMale20 Mar 1905MarriedCommercial traveller
Leo KlagMale1920
Oskar KlasMale18 Apr 1913MarriedTextile engineer
Rudi Kleczewski Male29 Oct 1915SingleHorse trainer
Walter KleebergMale1905
Alexander KleinMale31 Jul 1905MarriedLawyer
Berl KleinMale16 Jun 1905SingleForeman of a cable factory
Efgon KleinMale17 Feb 1904MarriedChemist
Franz KleinMale12 Sep 1911SingleMotor car dealer
Fritz KleinMale21 Jan 1909SingleFurrier
George KleinMale20 Aug 1901MarriedAgent (clothes)
Gerd KleinMale18 Oct 1920SingleFarm assistant
Gunter KleinMale27 Sep 1902SingleInnkeeper
Josef KleinMale10 Mar 1901MarriedKnitter (machine)
Julius KleinMale2 Jun 1895MarriedTextile salesman
Karl KleinMale17 Dec 1907MarriedElectrician
Markus KleinMae7 Dec 1906SingleTextile salesman
Max KleinMale10 Mar 1904MarriedHay and straw presser
Max KleinMale6 Oct 1908SingleAgent (tobacconist articles)
Richard KleinMale18 Sep 1904SingleWeaver (machinery)
Robert KleinMale25 Oct 1898SingleActor
Robert KleinMale4 Feb 1900MarriedMaster joiner (carpenter)
Selig KleinMale4 Nov 1906SingleTailor and cutter (gents clothes)
Siegfried KleinMale 16 Jan 1901MarriedBrush maker
Siegfried KleinMale17 Jul 1902MarriedClerk (textile)
Walter KleinMale1 Feb 1905SingleShop assistant (furniture)
Walter KleinMale8 Sep 1912SingleShirt ?
Oskar KleinbergMale27 Jun 1904MarriedJourneyman joiner
Erich KlemptnerMale21 Mar 1900SingleProducer of cleaning rags/master old material
Szlama KlepMale25 Dec 1898MarriedMaster watchmaker
Ernst KlingerMale21 May 1914SingleCutter (cloth confection)
Samuel KlingerMale3 Oct 1912SinglePhysician
Ison KlompusMale16 Jun 1906SingleDentist
Bernhard KlompusMale5 Apr 1901SingleManager (household goods)
Has KlonowerMale23 May 1895SingleGrain dealer
Harry KlopperMale17 Apr 1920SingleMechanic (cycles)
Norbert KlopstockMale13 Mar 1896MarriedLavatories equipment dealer
Hans KlugMale17 Jun 1912SingleMechanic (motor cabs)
Bruno KlugerMale6 May 1905MarriedCommerical traveller (mens clothes)
Lajos KlugerMale
Ludwig KlugerMale11 Oct 1909SingleDairy farmer
Rudolf KlugerMale31 Mar 1913MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Salomon KlugerMale7 Jun 1910SingleRubber dealer
Bernard KnappMale16 Feb 1907MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Robert Joachim KnedelMale18 Jun 1919
Joachim Knobil (Knoebil)Male15 Aug 1911MarriedClothes manufacturer
Fred (Siegfried) KnochMale19 Aug 1898SingleTextile salesman
Max KnochMale23 Nob 1899SingleSalesman (corn)
Zymen KnollMale25 May 1902MarriedMaster mechanic
Otto KnollerMale5 Apr 1913SingleMusician
Robert (I) KnoppMale17 Jul 1898MarriedMaster glazier
Walter KoberMale16 Aug 1917SingleWindow dresser
Ahron KochMale15 Apr 1912SinglePhysician
Salomon KochMale23 Jun 1904MarriedClerk (textile)
Paul KoenigsbergMale15 May 1909MarriedLinen cutter
Heinz Martin KoenigsbergerMale31 Jul 1909MarriedTobacco salesman
Hermann KoestenbaumMale20 May 1906SingleFurrier
Aron KogenMale20 Jan 1905SingleSport teacher
Hans KohlMale
Johannes KohlMale
Otto KohlerMale1 May 1904SingleMusician (piano)
? KohnMale23 Jan 1908SingleInsurance master
Alexander KohnMale14 Feb 1900SingleIronmonger
Alfred KohnMale30 Aug 1905SingleCleaner (chemical)
Erwin KohnMale5 Dec 1913SingleDentist
Fritz KohnMale3 Aug 1910SingleClerk (stationery)
Hans KohnMale15 Jun 1902MarriedAgent (metal goods)
Hans KohnMale5 Jul 1904SingleSport teacher
Jaques KohnMale20 Aug 1894MarriedManufacturer (men’s clothes)
Josef KohnMale24 Nov 1899MarriedWatchmaker and driver
Josef KohnMale30 Dec 1899MarriedMaster locksmith (machine)
Konrad KohnMale19 Nov 1908SingleBookkeeper
Leopold KohnMale25 Dec 1903MarriedMaster bookbinder
Martin KohnMale16 Oct 1896MarriedTextile salesman
Pinka KohnMale26 Ju 1896MarriedSaddle maker
Siegmund KohnMale15 Jul 1915SingleWelder
Walter KohnMale29 Mar 1906MarriedOffice clerk
Walter KohnMale6 Jun 1910MarriedLawyer’s assistant
Walter KohnMale4 Nov 1910SingleMaster shoemaker
Walter KohnMale28 Feb 1921SingleClerk (fur trade)
Hermann KohnerMale30 Jul 1898MarriedButcher
Heinz KohutMale3 May 1913SinglePhysician
Hugo KokischMale27 Oct 1900MarriedBaker/driver
Max KolbMale7 Oct 1901MarriedAgriculture farmer
Robert KolbMale23 Jan 1898SingleClerk (bookkeeper)
Paul KolbenMale21 Nov 1900MarriedPainter
Karl KollerMale20 Jan 1906SingleSport teacher
Rudolf KollerMale20 Jul 1912SingleGroceries dealer/motor mechanic/lorry driver
Max KollmannMale13 Feb 1911MarriedMaster baker
Robert KollmannMale20 Aug 1895MarriedAgent (leather goods)
Walter KollmannMale15 May 1904Single Physician
Leo KomornerMale27 Aug 1901SingleStone engraver
Abraham KongrecksMale1 Feb ?MarriedUpholsterer
Friedrich KonigMale9 Dec 1900SingleLinen salesman
Wilhelm KonigMale13 Dec 1914SingleTechnician (electricity/gas/water)
Isak KonigsbergMale11 Dec 1901MarriedFarm labourer
Perla KonigsbergFemale20 Aug 1904MarriedSeamstress
Bernhard KonigsteinMale6 Nov 1903MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Majer Koperwas MajerMale5 Apr 1896MarriedMaster tailor (gents and ladies wear)
Ardad KopestienMale30 Nov 1911SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Ladislaus KopfsteinMale2 Nov 1902MarriedFarmer/cook
Hugp KoppelMale1 Sep 1901MarriedMaster butcher
Karl KoppelMale5 OCt 1906MarriedPoultry farmer
Paul KoritschanMale19 Jun 1902SingleTeacher
Oskar KoritschonerMale14 Feb 1897SingleMaster upholsterer
Grete KornFemale8 Jul 1914MarriedClerk (cafe)
Hans KornMale1 Nov 1897MarriedClerk (furniture)
Hans KornMale3 Dec 1902MarriedShop assistant (ladies clothes)
Max Korn Male15 Jul 1913MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Melanie KornFemale12 May 1910Married Milliner
Otto KornMale20 Jan 1905MarriedDentist
Salman KornMale4 Mar 1904SingleFarm labourer
Paul KornbluethMale28 Sep 1911MarriedConfectioner
Sucher KornbluthMale7 Jul 1900MarriedMaster watchmaker
Ernst KornerMale 13 Nov 1914SingleElectrician
Benjamin KorngoldMale 30 Jun 1908SingleCommercial traveller (chocolate)
Lieber KorngoldsMale26 Aug 1906SingleShop assistant (paper)
Otto KornitzerMale24 Mar 1906MarriedPhotographer
Egon KornmehlMale22 Mar 1901MarriedCoffee house manager
Franz Korst Male31 OCt 1902SingleClerk
Emanuel KostMale27 Nov 1904MarriedPhysician
Hildegard KostFemale26 Nov 1912MarriedUnpaid domestic/hospital nurse
Josef (Joseph) Kosten (Koesten)Male29 Jun 1889MarriedSalesman (surgery equipment)
Lazar KotekMale26 Sep 1900MarriedMaster confectioner
William KotkowskiMale24 Nov 1904MarriedButcher’s assistant
Abraham KottMale11 Apr 1899MarriedSalesman (textile) and baker
Leopold KovacsMale27 Aug 1914SingleLeather fancy goods maker
Isaak KowalskiMale25 Jan 1897MarriedCommerical traveller (textile)
Berthold KramerMale24 Ju 1901MarriedLeather dealer
Michael KranzMale23 May 1907MarriedAgriculture farmer
Eduard KranzlerMale22 Oct 1907MarriedOptician
Franz KrausMale9 Dec 1909MarriedHosiery merchant
Heinrich Krayn Male17 Jan 1901MarriedDestillator
Adolf KrebsMale30 Jan 1900MarriedAgriculture farmer
Ludwig KreideMale8 Mar 1917SingleWaiter
Herbert KreigsmannMale27 Jul 1904SingleShirt cutter
Beila KreilisheimFemale3 Jun 1913MarriedShop assistant (grocery)
Fritz KreilisheimMale7 May 1913MarriedMaster baker
Karl KreilisheimMale17 Mar 1911SingleKnitter and weaver (machine)
Otto KreilisheimMale13 Apr 1911Single Car driver
Erik (E) KremierMale24 Dec 1915SingleMechanic (machinery)
Erich KreutzbergerMale2 Apr 1905MarriedDecorator
David KriegerMale23 Apr 1897SingleBookkeeper/cashier
Rudolf KriegerMale18 Nov 1908SingleShop assistant (stationer)
Simon KriegsmannMale29 Mar 1902MarriedPrecentor
Wolf KripsMale25 Jun 1897MarriedBank clerk
Bernhard KristellerMale2 Jan 1904SinglePharmacist
Bruno KritcherMale10 Sep 1902MarriedBricklayer
Heinrich KriwitzskyMale2 Jun 1916SinleClerk (warehouse)
David KrochmalMale13 Nov 1906MarriedBookkeeper
Bruno B KronerMale12 Jun 1906SingleFarmer and destilator
Alfred KronheimMale16 Sep 1915SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Wolf KrzerickiMale12 Mar 1896MarriedLocksmith and mechanic
Walter Kubie
Male23 Aug 1903Married Master glazier
Ernst KuczynskiMale26 Mar 1895MarriedUpholsterer
Karl KudferMale14 Aug 1900MarriedWelder
Leopold KuhMale30 Jan 1910MarriedEngineer (machinery)
Justin KuhnMale15 May 1907SingleButcher
Leopold KuhnMale13 Apr 1896SingleBuilding – road worker
Julius KuliaskoMale7 Nov 1907SingleElectrician
Siegfried KulmannMale
Ernst KummermannMale23 Mar 1906SingleGrain dealer
Isaak KunstlerMale12 Sep 1903MarriedMaster butcher
Nuchim Kürschner Male25 Aug 1900MarriedManufacturer of chemical products
Moses L KurzbergMale5 Mar 1907MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Erich KurzerMale14 Dec 1912SingleElectrician
Rudi KutnerMale26 Jul 1916SingleLocksmith
Jacob KwaszesMale25 May 1905SingleChemist


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Alfred LabeMale5 Jun 1903MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Louis LachmannMale18 Oct 1897MarriedCattle dealer
Siegbert LachmannMale29 Dec 1911MarriedPrecentor
Walter LachmannMale25 Jan 1905SingleFarmhand (agriculture)
Arnold Max (Emanuel) Lachs Male9 Nov 1920SingleTie maker
Max LadendorfMale12 Feb 1907SingleTextile salesman
Charlotte LaksbergerFemale6 Feb 1908Married Shop assistant (furs)
Erwin LaksbergerMale30 Mar 1903MarriedFurrier
Fritz LamermanMale11 Aug 1908SingleMusician
Maurycy LammelMale23 Feb 1910SinglePhysician
Karl LamplMale13 Apr 1902MarriedMetal coiner
Ernst LandauMale18 Sep 1903SingleAdvertising manager
Heinrich LandauMale13 Jun 1902SingleSalesman (beer)
Kurt LandauMale24 Apr 1905SingleDentist
Alfred LandauerMale13 Jun 1910MarriedArtist/musician
Alexander LandesbergMale21 Mar 1912SingleBookkeeper
Wilhelm LandesbergMale3 Feb 1908SingleDraughtsmann and window dresser
Heinrich LandesmannMale15 Feb 1905SingleElectrician and driver
Josef LandesmannMale23 Apr 1911SingleTradesman (textile)
Richard LandesmannMale19 Apr 1905MarriedCook and butcher
Friedrich LandmannMale21 Jul 1912SingleElectrician
Karl H LandmannMale8 Jul 1915SingleBookkeeper
Ernst LandsteinMale16 Feb 1913MarriedChemist
Eugen LangeMale19 Nov 1908SingleArchitect for interior decorator
Hans LangerMale1 Aug 1909SingleForwarding clerk
Pinkas LangerMale7 Jun 1908MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Jakob LangfuerMale20 Jan 1897MarriedLocksmith and motor car driver
Julius LangingerMale14 Jun 1908SingleJourneyman goldsmith
Leon LangnasMale21 Apr 1895MarriedTimber merchant
Robert LanzerMale21 Jun 1905MarriedLawyer
Johann LasekyMale31 Jul 1902MarriedSecretary CC (Vienna), supervising markets and butchers
Kurt LaserMale5 Sep 1908SingleTimber manager
Fritz LasnerMale1 Jun 1911SingleCosmetics maker
Richard LasnerMale22 Jul 1913SingleCosmetics maker
Isidor LaurengerMale30 Nov 1907MarriedDraper
Chaim LauerMale22 Sep 1896MarriedMaster furrier
Moritz LauferMale8 Jun 1906MarriedMaster furrier
Richard LauferMale24 Aug 1899MarriedGoldsmith (master)
Richard LauferMale11 Feb 1901MarriedOffice clerk
Salomon LauferMale18 Jul 1914SingleSalesman (textile)
Hilde Lawton (Leubuscher)Female15 Aug 1913MarriedNurse (children) and dressmaker
Leib LazarMale6 Sep 1902MarriedFurniture salesman
Franz LechnerMale23 Mar 1901MarriedBank clerk
Ledwid LechnerMale1 Jan 1902SingleStore keeper
Otto LedererMale28 Jul 1909MarriedPhysician
Ernst LedermannMale18 Sep 1900MarriedChartered accountant
Irmgard LedermannFemale8 Jul 1868MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Alfred LednerMale1928
Max LeemannMale12 Feb 1900SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Hermann LeeserMale6 Nov 1905SingleBuilding worker
Ella LehmannFemale19 Dec 1909MarriedShop assistant (ladies and gents clothes)
Leo LehrmannMale28 OCt 1895MarriedTextile salesman
May LehmannMale29 Nov 1900SingleStationer
Rudi H LehmannMale6 Apr 1916SingleShoemaker
Erna LehrbergerFemale1 Nov 1904MarriedClerk (leather shop)
Rudolf Josef LehrbergerMale18 Nov 1899MarriedLeather fancy goods worker
Alfred LehrhauptMale16 Jan 1902MarriedGrain dealer
Alfred LehsheimMale21 Feb 1899DivorcedSmoother
Erwin LeiberMale7 Aug 1914SingleJourneyman baker
Lelb Leibovici (Mandel) Male26 Aug 1906MarriedShopkeeper (colours)
Erich LeinerMale4 OCt 1914Single Knitter, weaver, welder, student (medicine)
Fritz LeinerMale2 Jan 1913SingleWelder and student (medicine)
George LeiserMale7 Dec 1907SinglePetrol station attendant
Jakob LeisnerMale24 Nov 1894MarriedMetal goods salesman
Kurt LembergerMale6 Jan 1907MarriedBaker (confectioner’s assistant)
Mendel LembergerMale2 Dec 1895MarriedMaster tailor (gents)
Abraham LempertMale27 May 1904SingleBrushmaker
Jakob LenMale15 Apr 1898MarriedTextile salesman
Victor LenelMale8 Jun 1907SingleManager (cellulose articles)
Jakob LengelMale20 Jan 1907SingleMerchant (old metals and iron)
Hans LenkMale9 Jan 1905SingleEngineer (metal)
Ajzik LenkiewiczMale22 Jun 1898SingleHorse dealer
Hermann LennhoffMale17 Jun 1907SingleCattle dealer and farmer
Leopold Leopoldstadl Male1 Feb 1911SingleTailor (gents)
Richard LerechMale9 Nov 1905MarriedShoe factory worker
Kurt Lerner Male13 May 1912Single
Heinz LeschzinerMale28 Sep 1914SingleHandicrafts instructor
Heinrich LeserMale6 Aug 1899SingleTextile salesman
Edward LesnerMale24 May 1910SingleForwarding clerk
Heymann LessMale23 Dec 1905MarriedMaster hairdresser
Martin LesserMale20 Feb 1896MarriedSalesman (furniture)
Robert Lester (Levy)Male3 Apr 1923SingleCardboard manufacturer (apprentice)
Herbert Leubuscher Male11 Feb 1902MarriedJudge
Fritz LeviMale18 Feb 1905MarriedGrain dealer
Hermann LeviMale14 Jan 1893SingleGeneral labourer
Hermann LeviMale4 Nov 1898MarriedTailor/cutter (gents)
Sigmund LeviMale30 Nov 1908SingleClerk (Jewish community)
Erich Max Levin Male14 Aug 1898MarriedCinema operator
Ernst LevyMale10 Jan 1911MarriedFarmer agricuture
Friedrich Albert LevyMale16 Feb 1903MarriedLocksmith
Günter Markus Raphael LevyMale18 Oct 1922Electrician (apprentice)
Herbert LevyMale25 Oct 1903SingleSalesman (leather)
Hermann LevyMale4 Feb 1902SingleCattle dealer
Hermann LevyMale9 Dec 1909MarriedCattle dealer
Iwan LevyMale25 Mar 1910SingleOffice clerk
Karl LevyMale10 Dec 1901MarriedButcher and cattle dealer
Karl Levy
Male24 Jan 1909MarriedBricklayer
Kurt LevyMale22 May 1911SingleShop assistant
Leo LevyMale17 May 1897MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Martin LevyMale21 Oct 1917SingleLocksmith and welder
Max LevyMale31 Jan 1895MarriedHatmaker (felt)
Norbert LevyMale17 Mar 1912SingleSalesman (textile)
Ernst (Ernest) LewandowskiMale1 Aug 1896MarriedPreceptor
Hertha Lewandowski Female7 Dec 1900MarriedTelephone operator
Erwin LewekMale8 Apr 1886SingleDental surgeon
Albert LewinMale26 Feb 1914SingleDecorator
Arnhold LewinMale21 Feb 1909MarriedMaster shoemaker
Fritz LewinMale28 Dec 1902MarriedStamps salesman
George LewinMale26 Feb 1899SingleSilk merchant
Gerhard LewinMale14 May 1906MarriedClerk (outfitter)
Hans (Harry) LewinMale2 Dec 1895SingleLadies clothes agent
Harry LewinMale25 Sep 1915SingleWindow dresser
Ilbert LewinMale7 Jul 1908MarriedTailor (gents)
Julius LewinMale1 Oct 1905MarriedClerk (textile)
Kurt E LewinMale2 Jan 1898MarriedHouse painter
Leo LewinMale3 Jul 1909SingleWireless sets dealer
Leonhard LewinMale3 Nov 1905SingleBookkeeper
Manfred K LewinMale16 Jul 1905MarriedJudge
Martin LewinMale11 Nov 1900SingleFarm labourer
Otto LewinMale30 Spr 1904SingleStove and metal goods maker
Siegfried LewinMale25 Mar 1913SingleLocksmith (motor car)
Salomon Lewis (Levin)Male9 Feb 1896MarriedGeneral labourer
Alfred Franz LewinnerMale26 Oct 1892MarriedWelding instructor
Hans G LewinnerMale24 Aug 1910SingleAgriculture farmer
Kurt LewinskiMale
Alfred LewinskyMale24 Mar 1901MarriedHousekeeper
Berthold LewinskyMale4 Jan 1906MarriedMaster glazier
Edgar LewinsohnMale1 Mar 1910MarriedMotor mechanic
Fritz LewinsohnMale19 Oct 1907SingleWindow dresser
Hermann LewinsohnMale18 Sep 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Kurt LewitzMale10 Apr 1904SingleMill products dealer
Gerhard LewkonjaMale3 Aug 1904SingleEngineer (metallurgy and steel)
Hans LewkonjaMale25 Feb 1894SingleOrthopaedist
Alfred LewkowiczMale18 Jun 1894MarriedTeacher (grammar school)
Moses LewkowiczMale22 May 1900MarriedGeneral labourer (metal foundry)
Gustav Lewkowitz Male 19 Jan 1899MarriedRaw products salesman
Simon Lewnidwski Male22 Sep 1902Widowed House painter
Albert LewyMale
Arthur LewyMale11 Dec 1897SingleFarm assistant
Ernst LewyMale17 Mar 1904MarriedMarket gardener
George LewyMale20 Mar 1904SingleIroner (smoother of menswear)
Hans LewyMale1 Mar 1902SingleDistillatory (juice-spirit)
Heinrich (Heinz) LewyMale13 May 1904MarriedCarpet salesman
Martin LewyMale21 Feb 1899MarriedLocksmith
Walter LewyMale30 Jun 1901MarriedHatter
Walter LeydeMale11 Jun 1910MarriedShoes dealer
Alfred LeyserMale3 Sep 1906MarriedManager (clerk textiles)
Elli LeyserFemale16 Feb 1910MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Ernst LeyserMale18 Jul 1912SingleDraughtsman
Leo Leyton (Lichtblau) Male26 Jul 1907MarriedTailor (gents)
Moritz LibowskiMale21 Mar 1898MarriedTextile salesman
Samuel LibrowskyMale15 Apr 1912SingleLocksmith
Walter LichtblauMale26 Mar 1910SingleMaster motor mechanic
Erich S LichtensteinMale30 Jan 1908MarriedJourneyman baker
Theodore LichtensteinMale13 Nov 1902SingleClerk (shoes)
Walter LichtmannMale24 Jul 1900SingleBank clerk
Emyl LiebermannMale25 Mar 1904MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Fritz LiebmannMale19 Jan 1896MarriedForwarding agent
Hugo M LiebmannMale12 Feb 1894MarriedFarm assistant (agriculture)
Siegfried LiebmannMale14 May 1904MarriedFarm assistant (agriculture)
Leser LiebshuetzMale13 Aug 1893MarriedCompositor and printer
Heinrich LienMale6 Apr 1903MarriedWine salesman
Chaim M LilienfeldMale15 Nov 1903SingleTeacher and interpreter
Fritz LindMale11 Mar 1910SingleShoe salesman
Kurt LindemannMale8 May 1909SingleManufacturer (gentlemens clothes)
Kurt LindenbergMale23 Jul 1912MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Arthur LindnerMale28 Jul 1904SingleInterior decorator
Albert LionMale25 Jun 1902SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Frederick LionMale26 Jul 1913SinglePhotographer (master)
Helene LionFemale6 Jul 1906MarriedDressmaker
Ludwig LionMale7 Jul 1900MarriedIronmonger
Siegfried LionMale4 Sep 1900MarriedBank clerk
Hersz LipnowskiMale 6 Sep 1902SingleHairdresser
Walter LipowskiMale27 May 1902MarriedGrain dealer
Fritz LippmannMale12 Mar 1907SingleHealth massage (assistant)
Heinz LippmannMale
Fritz LipschuetzMale26 Nov 1905SingleShopkeeper (textile)
Ludwig LipskyMale17 Sep 1895MarriedSalesman (textile)
Alois LitauerMale5 Jan 1907Single Electrician
Erich Lit?Male17 Dec 1916SingleClerk (hotel)
Ernst LittmannMale14 Apr 1904SingleLawyer
Kurt LittwackMale3 Jan 1915SingleClerk (menswear)
Walter LittwitzMale13 Aug 1911SingleMechanic (cycle)
Werner LitwitzMale15 Feb 1913MarriedBank clerk
Robert LoalMale19 Mar 1908MarriedTechnical clerk
Ludwig LoebMale26 Jun 1909SingleDairy farmer
Ernst LoblMale13 Feb 1912MarriedLocksmith (mechanic)
Richard Lobl Male4 Oct 1901MarriedShirtmaker (gents)
Helmut LoesenbergMale7 Mar 1914SingleMotor mechanic
Erich LoeserMale4 Jan 1904Widowed Publicity man
Paul LoeserMale24 Apr 1908SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Hans LoewenbergMale13 Apr 1907MarriedTeacher (junior school)
Harry LoewenhardtMale20 Feb 1907SingleGardener
Ernst LoewensteinMale2 Sep 1904SingleLocksmith and driver
Karl LoewensteinMale8 Sep 1910SinglePainter (books)
Max LoewensteinMale2 Jul 1904SingleCattle dealer and farmer
Alfred LoewsMale17 May 1902MarriedDentist
Albert LoewyMale17 Aug 1909SingleBricklayer
Fritz LoewyMale15 Sep 1908MarriedEngineer (machine constructor)
Leo Loewy Male21 Sep 1912SingleAgent (paper)
Erich LohnbergMale8 Jan 1896SingleShoe salesman
Schalom LomasMaleMarriedHebrew teacher
George LomnitzerMale2 Mar 1905SingleMaster baker
Paul LorantMale3 Dec 1907MarriedTextile clerk
Frite LottlerMale1 Mar 1910SingleFarmer and cattle breeder
Nathan LovenbergMale2 Apr 1899MarriedCar driver
Ernst Josef LowenbergMale28 Dec 1922SingleMechanic (trainee)
Lucie LowenbergFemale2 Sep 1903MarriedNurse (childrens)
Berthold LowensteinMale3 Jan 1914SingleTool locksmith
Ernest (Leo) LowensteinMale2 Jan 1901MarriedManufacturer and salesman (ladies coats)
Heinrich LowensteinMale15 Nov 1910SingleOffice clerk
Kurt LowensteinMale30 Spr 1904SingleRubber salesman
Max LowensteinMale1904
Paul LowensteinMale24 Aug 1895MarriedMaster butcher
Eugen LowyMale20 Feb 1917SingleHouse painter
Geza LowyMale15 Aug 1897MarriedTeacher of languages
Heinrich LowyMale29 Jun 1903MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Julius LowyMale12 Sep 1900MarriedDental surgeon
Karl LowyMale13 Aug 1898MarriedGrocer
Otto LowyMale14 Mar 1909SinglePhysician
Paul Lowy (Loewy)Male2 May 1913SingleMusician (piano)
Rudolf LowyMale30 Jul 1912SingleMechanic (motor cars)
David LucasMale20 OCt 1900MarriedJockey
Max LuchsMale21 Jun 1907SingleHorse dealer
Herbert LuftMale21 Aug 1907MarriedGrain salesman
Josef LukacsMale18 Mar 1910SingleShop assistant (textile)
Karl LuriaMale4 Aug 1919SingleTailor (gents)
Osias LustigMale5 Mar 1893MarriedMaster baker
Burich LynerMale13 Dec 1898MarriedLinen maker


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Henryk M Male7 Apr 1908SingleTextile salesman
Ernst MaasMale20 Oct 1909SingleShop assistant (ladies dresses)
Gerszon MaderMale10 Nov 1900MarriedLaundry master
David MagierMale16 Jul 1903MarriedWatchmaker
Herman MahlerMale18 May 1902MarriedButcher
Hugo MahlerMale13 Mar 1906SingleCattle dealer
Max MahlerMale18 Mar 1914SingleFarm labourer
Oskar MaierMale30 Dec 1907MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Erwin F MamlokMale9 Feb 1903MarriedEngineer (electrician)
Leopold MammaMale13 Nov 1902SinglePhotographer
George ManberMale11 Feb 1904SingleDentist
Markus ManberMale26 Feb 1903MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Mortiz MandelMale24 Oct 1903MarriedPrecentor
Markus Mandel-MarampolerMale31 Oct 1911SingleDruggist
Franz MandlMale19 May 1913SingleStudent (medicine)
Emil ManeMale28 Mar 1900MarriedIronmonger
Gustav ManeiesMale20 Sep 1884MarriedAgriculture farmer
Alexander (Salamon) Manela Male17 Aug 1890MarriedCutter (shirts)
Siegmund ManneMale26 Mar 1912SingleCarpenter
Frieda MannheimFemale29 Feb 1896MarriedOwn household
Julius MannheimMale11 Oct 1894MarriedTextile salesman
Richard MannheimMale12 Jun 1898MarriedBookseller
Siegfried MannheimerMale25 Dec 1894MarriedFarmer and cattle breeder
Peter MansbacherMale
Heinrich MantelMale26 Feb 1915SingleWindow dresser/farm assistant
Edwin ManzoniMale2 Jan 1902MarriedMechanician – motor car driver
Kurt MarchandMale30 Jun 1903MarriedPlumber
Beate MarcusFemale24 Nov 1913MarriedShop assistant (gents clothes)
Erwin MarcusMale4 Jul 1895MarriedInsurance agent
Heinz MarcusMale24 May 1914MarriedMotor car driver and mechanic
Kathe Marcus (Berotrom)Female14 May 1914SingleSeamstress
Leo MarcusMale3 Aug 1901SingleElectrician
Otto V MarcusMale29 Aug 1900SingleWeaver (machine)
Otto MarcusMale1899
Willy MarcusMale22 Aug 1912MarriedTailor (ladies clothes)
Lajbus MarczikMale15 Jun 1917MarriedTailor (gents)
Jakob MargoschesMale9 Nov 1905SingleLeather worker
Nathan MargulesMale2 Jun 1911SingleJourneyman tailor
Gustav MarienbergMale30 Jun 1906MarriedLinen maker
Barbara MarkFemale8 May 1897MarriedDressmaker
Otto MarkMale18 Oct 1899MarriedCarpet salesman
Siegmund MarkMale29 Aug 1899MarriedMusic teacher
Todred MarkMale4 Aug 1905MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Ludwig MarksMale9 May 1895SingleDentist
Rolf MarkusMale26 Apr 1914SingleCutter (shirts)
Walter H (Walter) Marmorek (Poss) Male13 May 1908MarriedArchitect/recognized doctor/engineer
Walter MartinMale1904
Albert MarxMale16 Sep 1895SingleBookbinder
Bernhard MarxMale28 Dec 1899MarriedDental surgeon
Emil MarxMale9 Jun 1895WindowedButcher
Ernst MarzMale22 Jul 1915SingleFarmer (cattle breeding)
Hermann MaschkeMale25 Jun 1893DivorcedJudge
Ernst Maschkowski Male25 Nov 1902SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Maartin Maschkowski Male14 Feb 1904MarriedMusician
Robert MassMale10 Mar 1907MarriedAgent (millinery)
Franz MassarikMale26 Jun 1911SingleEngineer (geometer)
Erich MathiasMale24 Sep 1900MarriedMaster furrier
Hans Alfred MathiasMale12 Jan 1923SingleElectrician (trainee)
Alfred MatzdorfMale18 Feb 1896MarriedDowns manufacturer
Siegfried Matzdroff Male6 Apr 1897MarriedPhysician
Leo MaxMale29 Oct 1910SingleMaster tailor (gents)
Hermann MayMale17 Dec 1913SingleTinsmith
Ivy MayFemale1899
Jonas A MayMale28 Feb 1905MarriedDirector – Richborough Refugee
Phineas L MayMale9 May 1906SingleSports and recreation officer
Emil MayerMale18 Jul 1896MarriedWindow dresser
Ernst MayerMale25 Jun 1903MarriedClerk (commercial organisation)
Hellmuth MayerMale21 Mar 1904SingleCook
Josef MayerMale3 Sep 1895MarriedAgent (insurance and bank)
Josef MayerMale26 Jun 1902SingleCattle dealer
Leo MayerMale18 Dec 1906MarriedCattle dealer and milker
Martin MayerMale13 Oct 1906MarriedStore keeper (cotton)
Paul MayerMale22 Mar 1915SingleFarm assistant (agriculture)
Zacharias MayerMale26 Nov 1898SingleStonemason
Fritz Me?Male16 Aug 1899MarriedEngineer (electric machines)
Rudolf MedarMale7 Apr 1908SingleHouse painter
Benno MeierMale26 Apr 1904WidowedManufacturer (confectionery)
Bertuld MeierMale24 Aug 1911MarriedDecorator and sign writer
Josef MeierMale28 Jun 1903SingleClerk (textile)
Arthur MeilenMale2 Dec 1912SingleStudent (law)
Ernst MeiselMale3 Jun 1900SingleStorekeeper (provision)
George MeiselMale26 Aug 1912SingleEngineer (machinery)
Walter MeiselMale9 May 1876SingleMechanic (typewriter)
Walter MeiselMale1916
Paul MelcherMale5 Jul 1906SingleShopkeeper/butcher
Ledwig MencselMale11 Jan 1905SingleBank clerk
Abraham Arno MendelMale21 Jan 1905MarriedTextile salesman
Erich MendelMale14 Jun 1902SinglePrecentor and music teacher
Hans E Mendelsohn Male23 Jun 1900MarriedJournalist (freelance)
Emanuel Mendle Male7 Sep 1903MarriedConfectioner and destillator
Leiser Chil MendzigurskiMale6 Dec 1899MarriedTextile salesman
Peisech Mendzigursky Male9 Apr 1898MarriedPrecentor and reader
Meanie Mensel (Schifferman)Female3 Dec 1907MarriedCook
Leon MerkerMale14 Nov 1917SingleStudent (chemistry)
Oskar MerkerMale4 Jan 1915SingleStudent (medicine)
Emil MesnerMale11 Jan 1897MarriedEngineer (building)
Leopold MesznikMale6 Apr 1910MarriedCutter (mens clothes)
Binem MethMale20 Jan 1896MarriedCloth dealer
Walter MethMale17 Oct 1920
Siegfried MetzMale22 May 1922SinglePlumber/welder (trainee)
Max MetzelMale16 Nov 1904MarriedClothes dealer
Helmuta MetzgerMale22 Nov 1910SingleStage dresser
Max MetzgerMale27 Apr 1917SingleGardener
Josef Metzker Male6 Sep 1906MarriedLeather fancy goods worker
Alfred MeyerMale17 Feb 1923SingleStudent
Edward MeyerMale20 Apr 1897SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Else H Meyer (Aronsohn)Female8 Dec 1900SingleClerk (office)
Fritz MeyerMale24 Sep 1905SinglePerm way labourer
Fritz MeyerMale4 Jul 1916SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Hannah MeyerFemale2 Aug 1908MarriedOwn household
Hans MeyerMale20 Apr 1898SingleShoemaker
Hans MeyerMale16 May 1909SingleTobacco salesman
Julius MeyerMale12 Apr 1907MarriedFarmhand (agriculture)
Kurt MeyerMale22 Spr 1903SingleMechanician-electrician
Leo MeyerMale20 Apr 1908SingleAgricultural labourer
Leonhard MeyerMale1 Sep 1904MarriedClerk (general store)
Manfred MeyerMale29 Nov 1898SingleLawyer
Max MeyerMale28 May 1890SingleDental surgeon
Max MeyerMale28 Jan 1915SingleRope maker
Nathan MeyerMale4 Dec 1902SingleButcher
Walter MeyerMale7 Sep 1915SingleMotor mechanic
Walther Meyer Male6 Oct 1897SingleSilk dealer
Edgar MeyerheimMale7 Jun 1901MarriedDental surgeon
Kate Meyerheim Female5 Feb 1909MarriedAssistant (dental surgeon)
Hans Hermann MeyersteinMale17 Apr 1901MarriedTextile agent
Otto MichaelisMale19 Jul 1903MarriedCarpenter/farmer
Blanka MichelFemale22 Jan 1899MarriedOwn household
Jakob MichelMale30 Oct 1906Master butcher
Julius MichelMale10 Mar 1897MarriedWine salesman
Walter MichelMale24 Jan 1907SingleShop assistant (textile)
Frederick MichelsonMale29 Jan 1910SingleBricklayer
Siegfried MichelsonMale 30 Nov 1898SingleUnderground worker
Ernst MiedzwinskiMale22 Dec 1900MarriedPainter/decorator
Jonasz MiklerMale23 Oct 1906SingleShop assistant (fruits)
Walter MildenbergMale10 Apr 1905SingleCattle dealer/farmer
Robert Mildwurm Male17 Jan 1920Tailor
Schavell MilichMale26 Aug 1917SingleHairdresser
Kurt MillerheimMale6 Jul 1900SingleCar and lorry driver
Anna MilletFemale17 May 1901MarriedKnitter (hand)
Ignatz MillettMale2 Aug 1898MarriedCutter (shirts)
Rosa MincFemale2 Jan 1904MarriedPhysician
Afred MindesMale28 May 1899SingleElectrician
Alfons MinikesMale8 Jun 1898MarriedPaper manufacturer
Kurt MinnerMale23 Jan 1909SingleTextile salesman
Samuel Mirsk Male24 Ap 1894SingleTextile merchant
Leopold Mischkowski Male5 Mar 1900MarriedCook
Walter MithMale17 Oct 1920SingleTechnician (machinery)
Charles MlodzikMale26 Feb 1898MarriedCutter (lady dresser)
Jechil Hugo ModlingerMale29 Apr 1910MarriedPhysician
Leopold ModlingerMale14 Oct 1904SingleJoiner/carpenter
Justin MohrenwitzMale13 Nov 1905SingleWine salesman
Julius MolknerMale25 Feb 1907SingleAssistant salesman (textile)
Klemens MolknerMale29 Dec 1903MarriedJeweller (on own account)
Armin MondscheinMale31 Mar 1904MarriedElectrician and fitter
Erwin Moon (Mondschein)Female19 Jun 1928SingleStudent
Ida Moon (Mondscein)Female13 Jun 1904MarriedShopkeeper (grocery)
Karl MorawetzMale21 Feb 1917SingleStudent (law)
Emil MorgensternMale3 Sep 1904SingleJoiner/carpenter
Robert MorgensternMale6 Feb 1911SingleMaster glazier
Wilhelm MorgensternMale29 Aug 1908MarriedClerk (textile)
Charlotte Morton (Marcus)Female27 Dec 1913MarriedNurse (children)
Eugenie MorxFemale1 Dec 1903SingleDentist
Hans MosbergMale4 Mar 1904SingleManufacturer (mens clothes)
Leonhard MosbergMale11 Aug 1903SingleButcher
Arthur MosesMale27 Jul 1903MarriedFarmer (cattle breeding/dairy)
George MosesMale5 Aug 1899MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Horst MosesMale20 Mar 1906SingleMusician
Leo MosesMale11 Feb 1891SingleClerk (grain trade)
Urich MosesMale22 Feb 1907SingleElectrician
Herbert MosheimMale9 Feb 1908SingleEngineer (paper factory)
David MoskowitzMale31 Dec 1904SingleSalesman (auto equipment)
Erich MotolskiMale28 Apr 1917SingleShop assistant (hosiery and under work)
Samuel MoxotowMale20 May 1895SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Hans MuehiradMale27 Dec 1895DivorcedCutter (shirts)
Fritz MuellerMale4 Feb 1906SingleWeaver (machine)
Herbert MuellerMale25 Jul 1904SingleManufacturer of tin boxes
Otto MuenzMale3 Jun 1900MarriedCarpet dealer
Walter MuetzMale17 Apr 1910SinglePhysician
Kurt MuhlbauerMale8 Nov 1915SingleMotor mechanic driver
Alfous Müller Male
Erich MullerMale19 Jul 1906MarriedTechnician (photography)
Leopold MullerMale14 May 1905SingleLeather fancy goods worker
Roza MullerFemale21 Dec 1906SingleShop assistant (textile)
Erich MundstockMale24 Jun 1905SingleAgent (own account)
Heinz Mundstock Male25 Oct 1906SingleShop assistant (menswear)
Josef MunzMale6 Jul 1908MarriedBank clerk
Luise (Louise) MunzFemale2 Jun 1899MarriedEmbroideress (monogram)
Golda MunzerFemale2 Dec 1907MarriedDressmaker
Julius MunzerMale7 Jan 1903SingleTextile salesman
Marek MunzerMale2 Jul 1911MarriedWeaver (machinery linen)
Heinrich MutzMale14 Feb 1905SingleMechanic (motor cabs)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Herbert Nachmann1923
Salo Nachtigall
Heinz NadelMale28 Mar 1910SingleTutor (orphanage Berlin)
Max NaftanielMale1 Oct 1915SingleLocksmith
Ferdinand NagelMale17 Jun 1899MarriedCook/butcher
Salomon NagelMale11 Jun 1899MarriedShoemaker
Leo NagelbergMale5 Feb 1913SingleStudent (philosophy)
Gustav NaglerMale29 May 1903MarriedMaster furrier
Wolf Neier Ahas NajerMale15 Sep 1899MarriedTeacher (religion)
Jakob NarwatMale28 May 1895MarriedJoiner/carpenter
Berbisch NarzissenfeldMale14 Mar 1898MarriedBookkeeper
Sabine Narzissenfeld Female10 Jan 1906MarriedAssistant manager (soda water factory)
Julius NastMale12 Mar 1900MarriedAgriculture/farmer
Max Heinz NathanMale5 May 1920SinglePlumber
Johannes (John A B) Nathan Male25 Dec 1902MarriedEngineer (machine diploma)
Josef NathanMale20 Apr 1902MarriedTextile shop assistant
Wile? NathanMale1 Nov 1907MarriedElectrician
Hans G NathansohnMale11 Aug 1893MarriedPedagogical advisor at youth office
Ludwig NaumannMale15 Dec 1906SingleOil salesman
Max Josef NawratzkiMale
Erich NebelMale24 Apr 1895MarriedLinen salesman
Franz NebelMale
Heimann NebelMale16 Jan 1897MarriedMaster butcher
Kurt NebelMale
Robert NegerMale1 Aug 1921SingleFarmer/cattle breeder
Kurt E NehabMale26 Apr 1912SingleFitter/plumber
Siegfried NeibermannMale2 Oct 1907SingleTailor (gents)
Kurt NelkeMale26 Sep 1902MarriedEngineer (machinery)
Kurt NelkenMale14 Nov 1906SingleTechnical engineer (wire)
Lothar NelkenMale9 Sep 1909SingleWeaver (machinery)
Rudolf NeuMale27 Feb 1895SingleTailor (gents)
Hugo NeubauerMale12 Jun 1903MarriedManufacturer of ladies dresses
Fritz NeudingMale4 May 1894MarriedTextile salesman
Hans NeuerMale22 Dec 1897MarriedDental surgeon
Felix NeufeldMale4 Nov 1896MarriedMaster butcher/farmer
Walter NeufeldMale5 Mar 1903SingleDental surgeon
Otto NeufieldMale19 Jan 1906MarriedWatchmaker
Erich NeugartenMale29 Nov 1901MarriedButcher/farmer
Richard NeugebauerMale8 Mar 1895MarriedUpholstering materials dealer
Paul NeugrdeschlMale24 Nov 1901MarriedKnitter (machine)
Felix NeuhausMale21 Mar 1900SingleCutter (gents clothes manufacturer)
Otto NeuhausMale6 Mar 1914SingleMaster butcher
Walter NeuhauserMale19 Mar 1907Married Grocer
Kurt NeulaenderMale26 Nov 1896DivorcedUnderground worker/gardener
Luzer K NeumanMale10 Sep 1893Married Gardener/farmer
Alfons NeumannMale14 Jul 1915SingleConfectioner
Berthold NeumannMale1 Jun 1899MarriedSalesman (ladies dresses)
Erich NeumannMale13 Mar 1898MarriedCar driver
Erich NeumannMale29 Sep 1907SingleLithographer
Erich NeumannMale11 Jun 1908MarriedTeacher/precentor
Hermann NeumannMale11 Nov 1906SingleFarm labourer
Josef NeumannMale5 Aug 1904SingleHosiery dealer
Louis NeumannMale21 Mar 1894MarriedWindow dresser
Samuel NeumannMale1 Feb 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Samuel NeumannMale28 Jan 1912MarriedShirt cutter
Siegmund NeumannMale27 Jun 1903MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Walter NeumannMale27 Apr 1897MarriedMarket gardener
Alice NeumarkFemale15 May 1902MarriedNurse (childrens)
Herman NeumarkMale14 Dec 1901MarriedShop assistant (leather shoes)
Richard NeunerMale13 Aug 1895MarriedHairdresser
Rudolf NeustadtMale8 Sep 1904MarriedMaster furrier
Richard NeuwegMale9 Nov 1904SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Hugo NevhausMale15 Oct 1909MarriedTextile salesman
Frederick (Friedrich) Newman (Neumann)Male7 Aug 1902MarriedCook
Julius NewmannMale1 Jan 1894SingleMerchant (wholesale textiles)
Karl (Charles) Newstead (Neustadtl) Male1 Sep 1912SingleEngineer/sports teacher
Alfred NfustadtMale5 Apr 1909SingleMusician (cello)
Alexander Nicholls (Nisselowitsch) Male27 Apr 1899SingleProfessor/engineer (electric)
Jakob NichtburgMale31 Dec 1906MarriedIronmonger (shop assistant)
Hugo NichtenhauserMale30 Oct 1903SingleInsurance clerk
Otto NichtenhauserMale22 Jan 1902SingleMaster baker
Abram Nieporent Male13 May 1900MarriedHatter
Hermann Noerdlinger Male6 Nov 1901MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Adolf NolanMale1 Feb 1913Single Locksmith
Fritz NowakMale24 Nov 1905Married Electrician
Franziska Nowak Female8 Feb 1910MarriedBookkeeper
David NussbaumMale21 Aug 1909SingleBricklayer
Hans NussbaumMale11 Dec 1903MarriedTrunk maker
Hermann (Herman) NussbaumMale5 Dec 1896MarriedGroceries dealer
Moses NussbaumMale24 May 1911SingleCarpenter
Ozyasz NussbaumMale4 Mar 1904SingleLeather worker


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Carl OberlanderMale1 Sep 1897MarriedSalesman and agent (carpet)
Max OberlanderMale18 Jan 1890WidowedHotel manager
Nessanel OewurzmannMale8 Aug 1901MarriedGeneral labourer
Joseph OffenburgMale17 Jan 1905MarriedTeacher (elementary school and precentor)
Bruno OffnerMale16 Jul 1896MarriedDistiller
Kurt (Jacob) OkonskiMale19 Apr 1902MarriedCattle and horse breeder/farmer
Sitti OlhramFemale3 Jun 1902MarriedOwn household
Walter OlshramMale
Fritz OllendoroffMale29 Dec 1912SingleTeacher (elementary school)
Leo OppenheimMale18 Apr 1903MarriedRoad worker
David OppenheimerMale6 Jun 1908SingleManager (egg wholesale firm)
Grete OppenheimerFemale13 Feb 1907MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Manfred OppenheimerMale13 Mar 1902MarriedHosiery dealer
Chaim E OrdynanzMale20 Mar 1896SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Edwin Edvard OschitzkiMale7 Jan 1907DivorcedClerk (textile)
Werner OskeMale17 Oct 1898SingleGeneral labourer/car driver
Joseph OstwaldMale12 Apr 1906MarriedDriver/locksmith
Schlama OttmannMale15 May 1894MarriedTeacher (Hebrew religion)
Agin (Bruno) Jack (Ottner)Male7 Apr 1896MarriedCamp chief cook
Hans OutmannMale14 Nov 1915SingleCar driver
Herbert OyresMale24 May 1902SingleFurniture dealer
Karl OyresMale26 Sep 1903SingleShop assistant (furniture)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Richard PalmMale3 Nov 1910SingleBrushmaker
Jakob Erwin Palmon
Huna PaluchMale20 Jul 1896SinglePrinter (compositor)
Gustav PapendikMale30 Apr 1914SingleOffice clerk
Bernhard ParnesMale17 Dec 1915SingleOffice clerk
Adolf PavsonMale26 Sep 1908MarriedFood dealer
Otto PearlMale22 Sep 1915SingleJourneyman tailor (gents)
Julius PekMale30 Oct 1902MarriedCommerical traveller (gents clothes)
Abraham L PellerMale6 MarMarriedFurrier
Judith PellerFemale31 Dec 1901MarriedShop assistant (grocery)
Zygfryd Penziaj Male13 Oct 1915SingleWelder
Karol PenziasMale22 Jul 1911MarriedLeather salesman
Siegfried PerelesMale11 Dec 1900SingleShoe dealer
Erich PeritzMale15 Jan 1907SingeGardener
David PerkowskiMale15 Dec 1911SingleTeacher (Hebrew/religious)
Walter Wolfgang PerleMale1921
Philip PerlesMale30 Aug 1912SingleTextile clerk
Walter PerssonMale1915
Ernst PerthainMale25 Jun 1907SingleOfficer (soldier)
Josef PertzinMale26 Feb 1908WidowedTextile salesman
David PeterfreundMale13 Apr 1907SingleTextile salesman
Leo PeysackMale17 Nov 1898MarriedTextile salesman
Heinz A PeyserMale11 Aug 1911SingleJoiner/carpenter
Fritz PfefferMale7 Feb 1912MarriedMechanic (motor)
Kurt H PfefferMale9 Sep 1908SingleLocksmith
Otto PfifferlingMale24 Apr 1911MarriedMotor mechanic
Julius Pflugeisen Male10 Aug 1910SingleShoe salesman
Arnold PhilippsohnMale14 Oct 1902SingleFarmer/bucher
Heinz PhilipsbornMale16 Nov 1907SingleAgriculture/farmer
Werner Horst PhillipsenMale11 Sep 1915SingleOffice clerk
Friedrich PichlerMale7 Dec 1900MarriedHat maker/dealer
Erich PickMale11 Jan 1899SingleButcher
Josef PickMale20 Jul 1899MarriedShop assistant (metal goods)
Robert PickMale27 Jan 1917SingleClerk (cap factory)
Jakob PiekarzMale13 Feb 1898MarriedTailor (gents)
Majer Pietrushka Male17 Feb 1901SingleMusician
Bruno PietschMale1 May 1895MarriedManager (gents clothes)
Helmut PillwinskyMale31 May 1913SingleLocksmith (airplane)
Manfred Ernst PinnerMale18 Nov 1914SingleJourneyman locksmith
Ernest PintusMale14 Jan 1904SingleElectrician
Alfred PirakMale31 Dec 1906MarriedLocksmith
Horst PischewerMale
Robert PiskMale29 Apr 1905MarriedMaster tailor (gents clothes)
Paul PiskiMale12 Feb 1904SingleSalesman (hides)
Emanuel PachteMale16 Jun 1899MarriedCivil engineer
Leo PlachteMale17 Dec 1905SingleLawyer
Siegfried PlaczekMale31 Aug 1903SingleCattle dealer
Moses PlatMale15 Jul 1893MarriedMaster joiner (furniture)
Artur PlautMale6 Feb 1902SingleTextile salesman
Ernst PlautMale15 Dec 1899MarriedLegal advisor
Hilde PlautFemale3 Feb 1901MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Paul PlautMale15 Jul 1911SingleTextile salesman
Siegfried PlautMale7 Feb 1905SingleTextile salesman
Izaak David PodhorcerMale2 Aug 1907SingleConfectioner
Oskar PodhorylesMale17 Apr 1914SingleMechanic (bicycles)
Alexander PolakMale18 Jan 1906MarriedFilm cutter
Josee PolgarMale2 Jan 1894MarriedCommercial traveller (textile
Geza PoliczerMale29 Jun 1909MarriedShop assistant (shoes)
Karl PollackMale14 Mar 1903DivorcedConfectioner (sweets)
Ernst PollakMale14 Jun 1902SingleMechanic (machine)
Franz PollakMale2 Sep 1900SingleDr. pol. econ. social advisor, Jewish community
Fritz PollakMale17 Apr 1906MarriedChmical engineer
Hans PollakMale3 Aug 1908MarriedChampagne wine maker
Ignatz PollakMale14 Feb 1899MarriedChemical engineer
Irwing PollakMale20 Jul 1901MarriedWindow dealer
Leo PollakMale20 Sep 1914SingleMaster furrier
Siegfried PollakMale30 Nov 1910MarriedTextile agent
Wilhelm PollakMale28 Oct 1899SinglePhotographer (employer)
Adolf PollatschekMale24 Feb 1914MarriedLocksmith
Hans PompanMale18 Jun 1901MarriedBank clerk
Max PomranzMale14 Mar 1907MarriedMaster baker
Emil Popper Male20 May 1900MarriedShoemaker
Paul PopperMale8 Jul 1904MarriedPhotographer
Rudolf PopperMale1 Feb 1903MarriedClerk (stocking)
Armin PorgesMale7 Sep 1909SingleOffice clerk
Ernst PorgesMale1 Aug 1908MarriedChauffer/motor mechanic
Paul PorgesMale29 Oct 1904MarriedLawyer
Ernst J PoriesMale16 Mar 1921SingleStudent (medicine)
Jonas PoritzkyMale7 Nov 1894MarriedSalesman/iron clerk
Kurt PorjeszMale23 Aug 1914SingleLinen cutter
Otto PorjeszMale10 Apr 1908SingleMusician (piano)
Ernst PosamentierMale16 Feb 1904MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Adolf PosanerMale5 Apr 1906MarriedMechanic (typewriter)
Benedikt PosanerMale22 Apr 1904SingleMechanic (typewriter and reckoners)
Karl PragMale18 Jul 1905SingleCashier
Benjamin PragerMale8 May 1910MarriedOffice clerk
Hermann H PragerMale14 Oct 1905SingleTailor (cutter)
Wilhelm PragerMale25 Jun 1899MarriedTimber merchant
Alexander PregerMale25 Sep 1897MarriedGrain dealer
Leo PreisMale17 Oct 1899MarriedTypewriter
Felix Preiss Mae15 Apr 1906WidowedLawyer
Gisela PreissFemale19 Nov 1904SingleClerk (office)
Michael PreissMale29 Jan 1904MarriedActor
Bela A PressburgerMale14 Jul 1907MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Leopold PressburgerMale29 Jan 1900MarriedMaster tailor
Oskar PressburgerMale9 Jul 1911SingleButcher
Alter S PresserMale1 Jul 1903Married Goldsmith
Hermann PresserMale14 Jul 1910Married Journeyman tailor
Abraham PreszowMale2 Oct 1896MarriedElectrician
Heinz PriesterMale14 Apr 1910SingleLawyer/interpreter/translator French to English
Wolfgang Heinz PriesterMale20 Jul 1907SingleFreelance journalist
Franz W PrinzMale1 Dec 1915SingleButcher
Schia Pruewer (Pruwer)Male6 Jun 1899SingleTextile salesman
Pinkus PrzeqeckiMale6 Jun 1900MarriedUnderground worker
Walter PyskMale1 Jun 1900SingleDairy farmer


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Ernst QuastlerMale24 Jun 1905SingleMotor car driver, welder
Alfred QuetschMale17 Sep 1910MarriedButcher
George QuittnerMale27 May 1906SingleMusician (conductor)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Edmund RaabMale5 July 1913SingleLawyer
Awrum RabnerMale22 Dec 1913SingleSalesman (textile)
Leo L RachMale25 Sep 1902MarriedSound engineer
Alfred RachmilMale17 Sep 1900MarriedTailor (gentlemens)
Leo RadinowskiMale11 Mar 1907SingleDecorator (window dresser)
Carl RadlmesserMale31 Aug 1904Single Manufacturer of timber
Josef RadlmesserMale25 Dec 1914SingleTailor (gentlemens)
Chaim RaedaMale18 May 1896MarriedTradesman (textile)
Stefan K RafaelMale27 May 1917SingleSport teacher
Salomon RajcenstajnMale3 Feb 1899MarriedSalesman (raw products)
Markus RandMale3 Sep 1907MarriedWarehouse manager
Max RansenbergMale30 Oct 1910SingleWaiter
Siegfried RanzenhoferMale13 Sep 1904MarriedDealer (Pairl-Moott)
Heinz RaphaelMale
Jakob RaphaelMale26 Aug 1897MarriedHeadteacher (Jewish school)
Ludwig Franz RaphaelsohnMale31 Aug 1922SingleApprentice electrician
Benedikt RappaportMale24 Oct 1905SingleIron building materials dealer
Otto RappaportMale7 Jun 1894DivorcedOrthopaedist
Walter RaslmesserMale6 Mar 1910MarriedMechanic (machines)
Josef Lazar Rath-WeinsteinMale
Leopold RatnerMale1 Oct 1916SingleGeneral labourer (underground)
Jakob RattnerMale10 Feb 1898MarrierPaper salesman
Artur RauchMale1 Dec 1903SingleJourneyman baker
David RaucherMale28 Feb 1902MarriedMusician
Hilda RaucherFemale15 Oct 1907MarriedSeamstress
Eugen RauchwergerMale10 Apr 1909Single Librarian (employer)
Erhart RaudnitzMale1 Nov 1901SingleTextile salesman
Karl RautenbergMale31 Jan 1911SingleRabbi
George RechelmannMale17 Apr 1898Married Physician
Artur RedlichMale17 Mar 1911MarriedCommercial traveller
Egon RehfeldMale2 Sep 1903MarriedIron salesman
Paul RehfeldMale8 Feb 1899SingleJourneyman baker
Gustav ReichMale22 Apr 1910SingleLeather salesman
Jakob ReichMale28 Feb 1918Gentlemen’s tailor
Leo ReichMale17 Dec 1900SingleLawyer
Richard ReichMale16 Jan 1913SingleMechanic (motor car)
Hermann ReichenbaumMale16 Jan 1911MarriedHairdresser
Fritz L Reichmann
Male7 Feb 1914MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Max ReichmannMale4 Jan 1903SingleChauffer
Ernst ReicherMale14 Dec 1908MarriedFurrier
Heinrich ReifMale23 Apr 1906SingleShoemaker
Wilhelm ReifMale29 Jul 1911SingleMaster hairdresser
Heinz ReifenbergMale31 Dec 1911SingleWindow dresser
Mary ReifferFemale7 Nov 1915SingleSecretary (management)
Hans ReimannMale17 Jul 1905MarriedSign writer
Benjamin ReimerMale22 Dec 1909SinglePaper salesman
Kurt ReinfeldMale12 Nov 1914MarriedHeating engineer
Fritz ReingenheimMale18 Apr 1901SingleTypewriter mechanic
Oskar ReiningerMale3 Mar 1910SingleLeather worker
Simon ReinischMale22 Sep 1895MarriedTextile salesman
Norbert ReinsteinMale3 Mar 1914SingleStudent (medicine)
Heinrich ReischMale23 Apr 1906MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Heinz ReisenbergMale1911
Karl ReiserMale10 Nov 1905MarriedElectrician
Mathilde Reiser
Female11 Jun 1910MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresses)
Maximilian ReiserMale16 Feb 1906SingleFitter (machinery)
Rudolf ReismannMale2 Jun 1903SingleMotorcar driver
Arthur ReissMale31 Jan 1907MarriedAgriculture, farmer
Hermann ReissMale29 Jul 1911SingleStudent (medicine)
Julius I ReissMale5 Aug 1902MarriedInstructor for electicicals, locksmith, welding
Otto ReissMale1904
Joachim ReissnerMale17 Jan 1923SingleStudent
Willi ReissnerMale5 Dec 1919Skins business
Andor ReiszMale8 Sep 1905SingleUpholsterer
Michael ReiterMale 4 Mar 1902MarriedDentist
Salo ReiterMale26 Feb 1900SingleCutter (men and ladies wear)
Rudi ReitmannMale
Paul ReitzerMale29 Dec 1913SingleBuilding engineer
Berthold RenzenhoferMale25 Feb 1897MarriedJoiner/carpenter
Hermann RenzkazischokMale15 Jul 1907MarriedMaster furrier
Lina RenkazischockFemale14 Jan 1906MarriedOwn household
Anna RephanFemale21 Jun 1906MarriedFarm assistant
Artur RephanMale4 May 1907MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Kurt ReschMale27 May 1921SingleStudent (medicine)
Paul RichterMale24 Dec 1905MarriedCap maker
Lothar RickmannMale9 Jun 1908MarriedWireless technician
Erich RieglerMale30 Dec 1915SingleMechanic (machinery), watchman
Arthur RienkrautMale14 Aug 1912MarriedPhysician
Siegbert RiesenfeldMale29 Oct 1857MarriedManager (linen factory)
Fritz RiessMale22 Oct 1907SingleOptician
Otto RiessMale10 May 1904MarriedOffice clerk
Sally RiessMale25 Jun 1906SingleEgg salesman
Wolf RindnerMale15 Nov 1894MarriedBookkeeper, joiner
Herman RingelblumMale1 May 1902SingleClerk (ladies wear)
Otto RintelMale18 Apr 1910SingleElectrician
Max RitzewollerMale15 Dec 1901SingleShop assistant (gentlemans clothes)
Sieghert RitzewollerMale7 Jan 1906SingleShoemaker
Norbert RobertMale16 Sep 1906SingleTextile agent
Paul RobicekMale2 Jul 1909MarriedDecorator
Paul RobitsekMale17 Jan 1907SingleChemist
Jarob RogoschanskiMale23 Aug 1894MarriedAgriculture farmer
Sally RogozinkieMale15 Jun 1904MarriedBricklayer
Moritz RollMale17 Jun 1901MarriedPhysician
Izaak RoniesMale16 Mar 1898MarriedShopkeeper (knitting)
Max RonsheimMale20 Apr 1900MarriedCommercial traveller (textiles)
Ralph RornMale17 Dec 1893SingleSalesman (grocery)
Rywka Rose (Rosenberg) Female25 Oct 1917MarriedDressmaker
Alfred RosenMale1 Jul 1905SingleAgriculural farmer
Erich RosenMale20 Aug 1910SingleFarmer (cattle and bee keeping)
Friedrich G RosenMale8 Mar 1908SingleFurs salesman
Gerhard RosenMale15 Jan 1914SingleFarm labourer
Victor RosenMale13 Mar 1900SingleRailway clerk
Kurt RosenbachMale18 Jan 1920SingleLocksmith
Kurt RosenbaumMale10 Nov 1879SingleKnitter (machinery)
Jonas RosenbaumMale28 Jun 1895MarriedClerk (foundry)
Josef P RosenbaumMale10 Feb 1902SingleLawyer
Julius RosenbaumMale12 Aug 1902SingleBookkeeper
Ludwig RosenbaumMale14 May 1914SingleMarket gardener
Philip RosenbaumMale24 Aug 1904SinglePhysician
Sally RosenbaumMale2 Feb 1902MarriedWelder
Basia RosenbergFemale4 Jul 1907MarriedOwn household
Berthold RosenbergMale27 Dec 1900MarriedCattle dealer
Curt Egon RosenbergMale1915
Ernst RosenbergMale5 Jul 1905MarriedLocksmith
Guenther Rosenberg Male6 Aug 1914SingleMusician (allodium)
Hans RosenbergMale27 Jun 1893MarriedPhysician
Hans RosenbergMale17 Apr 1915MarriedSignwriter and window dresser
Herbert RosenbergMale16 Jul 1905MarriedWelder/locksmith
Jakob RosenbergMale29 Dec 1898MarriedTailor (gents)
Kurt E Rosenberg
Male4 Jun 1915SingleTextile clerk
Martin RosenbergMale14 Nov 1895SinglePhysician
Manfred RosenbergMale12 Mar 1923SingleTrainee plumber
Rudolf RosenbergMale15 May 1902SingleCattle dealer, farmer
Siegbert RosenbergMale19 Aug 1901SingleShop assistant (textile)
Siegmund RosenbergMale15 Mar 1912SingleDecorator
Paul RosenbergerMale23 Aug 1902MarriedBank clerk
Zanni RosenbergerFemale17 Nov 1906SingleNurse (children)
Adolf RosenblattMale17 OCt 1910MarriedCoffee roaster
Meilach Rosenblum Male1 Mar 1893MarriedMaster tailor
Josef RosendahlMale3 Sep 1900SingleShop assistant (textile)
Max A RosenfeldMale16 Dec 1900MarriedTextile salesman
Siegfried RosenfeldMale19 Apr 1910SingleJourneyman tailor
Leo RosengartenMale7 May 1903SingleBricklayer
Salomon RosenrauchMale15 Nov 1900MarriedTextile salesman
Rudolf RosenstadtMale23 Apr 1913SingleStudent (commercial academy)
Ernest RosensteinMale10 Sep 1917SingleGas and water fitter
Gerhard RosensteinMale14 Apr 1906SingleLeather dealer
? RosenthalMale24 Apr 1902MarriedTextile agent (hosiery)
Abram Szwa RosenthalMale3 Apr 1899MarriedMaster tailor (ladies and gentlemans clothes)
Adolf E RosenthalMale18 Dec 1904MarriedSkin dealer/motor car driver
Adolf RosenthalMale29 Jul 1902SingleBookkeeper
Albert RosenthalMale19 Aug 1902MarriedTimber merchant
Alfred RosenthalMale29 May 1914SingleFarm assistant
Emanuel RosenthalMale22 Jan 1901MarriedOffice clerk
Ferdinand RosenthalMale19 Feb 1917SingleWater fitter
George RosenthalMale14 Mar 1902MarriedTextile agent
Hermann RosenthalMale7 Sep 1895MarriedTextile salesman
Isidor RosenthalMale23 Aug 1899MarriedWaiter
Martin RosenthalMale4 Nov 1894MarriedMechanist
Max RosenthalMale22 Sep 1910SingleHairdresser
Rudolf RosenthalMale15 Jan 1909SingleWorker (cinema building)
Siegbert RosenthalMale15 Jul 1896SingleShop assistant (textiles)
Siegfried RosenthalMale16 Mar 1899MarriedTextile clerk
Wilhelm RosenthalMale11 Dec 1902SingleLocksmith (machinery(
Marc? RosenzweigMale4 Sep 1905MarriedKnitter (machinery)
Max Rosenzwieg
Male8 Jan 1903SingleClerk (Jewish community)
Helmut RosettensteinMale
Hermann RosinskiMale10 May 1896MarriedBaker
Ignaz RosnerMale14 Jan 1912SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Frnaz S RosselMale30 Dec 1906SingleLawyer
Erhard RossenthalMale16 Jan 1911MarriedBuilding worker
Juda Wolf RotenbergMale1 Oct 1913SingleStudent (medicine)
Alfred RothMale14 Aug 1914SingleGoldsmith
Egon (Egoni) RothMale11 Mar 1908MarriedClerk
Georges RothMale24 Aug 1914SingleChemist
Johann RothMale 18 Mar 1914SingleEngineer (electrician)
Walter RothMale17 Apr 1904SingleTechnical goods salesman
Alfred RothschildMale25 Jun 1901MarriedLawyer and notary
Herbert RothschildMale28 Oct 1905SingleCattle dealer
Herbert RothschildMale11 Sep 1908SingleOil agent
Leopold RothschildMale7 Jul 1895MarriedSkin dealer
Walter Rothschild Male11 Oct 1912SingleMaster baker
Samuel RotnerMale11 Aug 1899MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Rudolf RottenbergMale16 Jun 1915SingleFarm worker (agriculture)
Leopold RotterMale10 Feb 1899MarriedBookkeeper
Paul RotterMale18 May 1905MarriedPrinter (lay on)
Alfred N RowelskiMale29 Apr 1909SingleAssortmaster of old material
Alan Roy (Adolf) TichlerMale12 Feb 1908SingleMaster shoemaker
Isaak RozengartenMale27 May 1912SingleGeneral labourer (building)
Gerhard RubensohnMale4 Feb 1900SingleTextile salesman
Hermann RubinMale1 Feb 1920SingleStudent (electrician)
James RubinMale12 May 1904MarriedSoap salesman
Kalman RubingerMale20 Jun 1894MarriedIronmonger (on own account)
Isak RubinsteinMale13 Apr 1897MarriedCosmetic goods maker
Srul L RubinsteinMale13 Sep 1899MarriedMaster baker
Israel RubmannMale2 May 1899MarriedMaster tailor (gentlemen)
Felix O RumplerMale14 May 1904MarriedGirdle maker
Hans RuschinMale7 Mar 1911SingleOrthopaedic
Paul RusenbergMale16 Mar 1909MarriedTeacher (secondary school)
Horst RychwalskiMale7 Jun 1910SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Kurt RychwalskiMale8 Jun 1904SingleFarmer


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Ernst S?helMale17 Mar 1908MarriedCommercial traveller (textiles)
Wilhelm S?hillerMale11 May 1899MarriedShop assistant (textile)
Friedrich SabatzkyMale6 May 1897SingleSalesman (textile)
Leo SabelMale14 Dec 1898MarriedCommercial traveller (electrical medical op)
Fritz SaberskyMale5 Aug 1905MarriedTextile salesman
Josef Sadler (Schleider)Male12 May 1923SingleTrainee electrician
Sydney SadlerMale1921SingleTrainee electrician
Egon SafirMale12 May 1912SingleJeweller
Ernst SafranMale11 Feb 1908SingleWatchmaker
Miezislaus SaienbergMale21 Sep 1913SingleElectrician
Ignatz SalamonMale19 Sep 1898MarriedGrocer
Josef Chaim SalamonMale10 Dec 1905MarriedMaster furrier
Erich SalanderMale20 Oct 1912SingleMusician
Adolf SalemannMale15 Jun 1898MarriedElectrician
Augste SalemannFemale31 May 1907MarriedUnpaid domestic duties
Erich SalingMale12 Apr 1894MarriedTextile salesman
Fritz SalingerMale10 Oct 1903SingleTailor (gents)
Herrods SalingerMale11 Feb 1903MarriedGrain dealer
Kurt SalomenMale24 Jan 1902MarriedTextile salesman
Erich SalomonMale14 Jan 1896MarriedBookkeeper and accountant
Fritz Salomon Male18 Dec 1915SingleTextile salesman
Gunther SalomonMale7 Mar 1907SingleHairdresser (men and ladies)
Heinrich SalomonMale17 Oct 1908SingleButcher
Heinz SalomonMale
Hersch SalomonMale21 Oct 1895MarriedFurrier
Max SalomonMale29 Jul 1893MarriedGrocery salesman
Rudi SalomonMale5 Oct 1913SingleTextile clerk
Isabella SalzbergFemale1 Feb 1909MarriedShop assistant (optic goods)
Mechel SalzbergMale20 Nov 1912MarriedShop assistant (scents)
Emil SalzerMale31 Mar 1898MarriedBookkeeper
Siegfried SalzerMale27 May 1904SingleShop assistant (textile)
Feiwel SalzmanMale2 Jul 1896SingleTextile salesman
Berthold SalzmannMale30 Sep 1911SinglePhysician
Friedrich SalzmannMale17 Aug 1911SingleCar driver
Ernst SamuelMale8 Feb 1899MarriedTailor (gents), machine-ironer
Max SamuelMale10 Oct 1900SingleFarmer (inspector)
Max SanderMale 13 Jan 1910MarriedLocksmith
Ernst SandorMale15 Oct 1911MarriedBrush maker
Julius SaphirsteinMale19 Aug 1896MarriedTextiles salesman
Herbert SarneMale22 Feb 1909SingleFarmer gardener (assistant)
Chaim SassMale5 Mar 1901MarriedLibrarian
Franziska SassFemale20 Jan 1907MarriedNurse (children)
Julius SassMale29 Jul 1898MarriedExpert for steel work, musician (cello)
Karl SassMale
Heinz SattelMale27 Sep 1911SingleFilm operator
Max SatzmannMale11 Feb 1910SingleFarm assistant
Leib SauerstromMale18 Oct 1899WidowedTextile salesman
Martin SaulMale12 Mar 1899MarriedBricklayer
Alfred Saunders (Saunder)Male17 Nov 1899Married Confectioner
Hans SaxMale23 Aug 1907MarriedDealer (smallwares)
Martin SaxenbergMale18 Dec 1909SingleShop assistant (wireless)
Erwin SceierMale13 Sep 1901MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Isaac Mordecai SchachterMale3 Nov 1903SingleElectrician
Josef SchachterMale14 Jun 1908MarriedShop assistant (shoes)
Leo SchachterMale30 Jun 1905SingleShop assistant (textile)
Max SchachterMale15 Jan 1914MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Otto SchachterMale18 May 1905SingleLeather worker
Josef SchaechterMale29 Jun 1912WidowedWorker
Norbert SchaechterMale28 Nov 1908SingleShop assistant (wine)
Kurt SchaeferMale23 Sep 1903Married Glazier
Leopold SchaefferMale27 Feb 1913SingleMale nurse
Otto SchafferMale7 Nov 1897MarriedGoldsmith and jeweller
Rudolf SchafranikMale18 Aug 1897MarriedMotor mechanic
Arthur SchaldMale6 Jun 1904SingleLocksmith
George SchallingerMale24 Feb 1910SingleElectrician
Robert SchamestMale15 Jul 1903MarriedShop assistant (old rubber)
Leo SchanerMale14 Mar 1904MarriedPoultry dealer, car driver
Heinz SchanymannMale5 Dec 1914SingleStudent (theology)
Franz Stephan SchanzerMale28 May 1907SingleGrocer
Emil SchapiraMale7 Jul 1902SingleLeather goods maker
Joachim SchapiraMale14 Nov 1909MarriedJourneyman tailor
Moses M SchapiraMale5 Sep 1907SingleBookkeeper
Kurt ScharfMale12 Oct 1903SingleManufacturer (stockings)
Meier ScharfMale23 Aug 1908SingleShop assistant (textile)
Alfred SchargelMale7 Feb 1909SingleManipulator (clothes uniforms)
Josef SchargelMale24 Sep 1911SingleJeweller
Ernest SchartenbergMale29 Jul 1905MarriedSport teacher
Friedrich Schattner Male2 Feb 1902MarriedDealer in dying material
Hermann SchattnerMale1 Jan 1905Married Corset maker
Mina (A) SchatzbergFemale 24 May 1901MarriedSeamstress
Schulim SchatzbergMale1 Sep 1896MarriedDental surgeon
Walter SchatzkerMale
Jakob SchechnerMale2 Sep 1914SingleStudent (medicine)
Emil SchechterMale30 Nov 1911Single Bookkeeper
Friz SchechterMale3 Apr 1911SinglePoultry farmer
Karl ScheesingerMale9 Apr 1898SingleWine dealer
Bernhard SchefelowitzMale7 Oct 1902MarriedShopkeeper (grocery and sweeper)
Alfons ScheibMale16 Nov 1912SingleCar driver
Erwin ScheibMale14 Oct 1914SingleGeneral labourer (transport driver)
Theodore ScheibMale21 May 1916SingleManaging clerk (fur trade)
Ernst (Otto) SchelhterMale11 Jul 1916SingleClerk
Otto SchelhterMale3 Mar 1907SingleTextile salesman
Alma SchendelFemale10 Mar 1906MarriedSeamstress
Leo SchendelMale28 Dec 1902MarriedBricklayer
David SchereschewskiMale22 Apr 1897SingleMechanic (motor car)
Moses Mordko ScherzerMale9 Mar 1897MarriedFarm hand
Simon ScheuermannMale10 May 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Bruno SchickMale12 Apr 1904MarriedCook
Ernest SchiffMale12 Oct 1896WidowedManufacturer (mens suits)
Ernst SchiffMale1 Nov 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Max SchiffMale4 May 1899MarriedAgriculture farmer
Walter SchiffMale17 May 1896MarriedPhysician
Walter SchiffeldrimMale27 Jul 1912SingleWireless technician
Erich SchifferMale2 Aug 1908SingleTimber clerk
Hans SchifferMale1903
Leopold SchifferMale5 Jul 1903MarriedMerchant (joiners carpenter)
Werner Hans SchifferMale6 Aug 1903SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Bernard SchiffermannMale1 Jan 1907MarriedGreengrocer
Michael SchiffmannMale23 Sep 1898Married Textile salesman
Berthold SchildMale17 Oct 1898Married Butcher
Siegfried SchildMale11 Apr 1895Married Butcher
Hans SchillerMale30 Jan 1903MarriedFancy goods dealer and maker
Karl SchillerMale12 Jul 1918SingleGeneral labourer
Theodore SchillerMale21 Mar 1907SingleBookkeeper
Leo SchilobolskiMale26 May 1907MarriedMaster tailor
Edwin SchiltzerMaleWidowedWindow dresser
Erich SchiltzerMale18 Dec 1896SingleShop assistant (hatter)
Max SchimmeldfenningMale21 Jun 1903MarriedMotor fitter
Samuel SchinbachMale25 Sep 1896MarriedManager (leather wholesalr)
Alfred SchindlerMale6 Aug 1912SingleLeather salesman
Erich SchindlerMale23 May 1905SingleBuilding worker
Josef SchindlerMale3 Oct 1898MarriedWine salesman
Martin SchindlerMale21 Dec 1896Married Shop manager (textiles)
Alexander SchipperMale18 Jul 1914SingleElectrician
George SchitzkowskiMale6 May 1909SingleMechanic (cycles)
Emil SchlagerMale9 Mar 1906MarriedApprentice joiner
Paula SchlagerFemale7 Jan 1908MarriedShop manager (ladies dresses)
Isaak SchlamMale24 Aug 1910SinglePhysician
Salomon SchlamMale12 DEc 1917SingleStudent (medicine)
Simon SchlammMale25 Jul 1894MarriedLocksmith/electrician
Simon SchlangelMale28 Apr 1912SinglePaper clerk
Josef SchleierMale6 Apr 1910SingleHouse painter
Hermann SchleiferMale2 Sep 1909SingleLeather worker
Erich Schlein Male4 Jul 1904MarriedFurniture salesman
Adelbert SchlesingerMale28 Jan 1904SingleButcher
Adolf E SchlesingerMale29 Jul 1898SingleTextiles salesman
Albert SchlesingerMale3 Oct 1904MarriedMaster joiner and carpenter
Albert E SchlesingerMale3 Feb 1915MarriedGardener
Alfred SchlesingerMale26 Jan 1900MarriedQuilter, leather
Heinrich SchlesingerMale14 May 1898MarriedFurs salesman
Kurt SchlesingerMale20 Jan 1898SingleClerk and commercial traveller (cosmetics)
Max SchlesingerMale4 Aug 1906SingleWindow dresser
Richard SchlesingerMale22 Mar 1899MarriedMaster dyer
Siegfried SchlesingerMale28 Mar 1916SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Heinz SchlomeMale16 Apr 1909MarriedStudent (medicine)
Irma SchlomeFemale2 May 1911MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresses)
Gustav SchlossMale1 Oct 1893MarriedCommercial traveller (textiles)
Walther Schloss
Male10 Oct 1900SingleTimber merchant
Abraham SchmahlMale8 Aug 1894MarriedGreengrocer
Herbert SchmelzMale8 Mar 1894SingleLocksmith
Adolf SchmerlMale27 Jun 1894MarriedBuilding worker
Friedrich SchmeterlingMale26 Sep 1903MarriedTailor (ladies and gentlemens)
Alfred SchmidtMale11 Nov 1901MarriedCarrier and forwarding labourer
Heinrich SchmidtMale15 Oct 1912MarriedElectrician
Hugo SchmiteMale10 Mar 1902MarriedTailor (gents)
Leon SchmleuderMale2 Jan 1906SingleWood salesman
Muritz SchnaymannMale4 Sep 1897SingleSalesman (hosier)
Hans SchneeMale5 May 1916SingleTypist
Friedrich SchneiderMale5 Feb 1905MarriedPhysician
Herbert SchneiderMale 7 Feb 1906SingleShop assistant (ladies gowns)
Josef SchneiderMale25 Apr 1912SingleOpticians
Bernhard SchneierMale23 Feb 1912SingleChemist
David SchneierMale5 Jan 1905MarriedClerk (animal feedings)
Fritz SchnekMale
George SchnekMale27 Jan 1909SingleShop assistant (crystal)
Marek SchnittkichMale14 Jun 1901SinglePerfume producer
Alfred Isidor SchnitzerMale5 Apr 1902MarriedTextile clerk
Mendel SchnurMale31 Mar 1900SingleBookkeeper
Fritz SchocknerMale16 Dec 1900MarriedWine salesman
Leopold SchoenbaumMale29 Dec 1894MarriedTextile agent
Max SchoenemannMale8 Apr 1901SingleShop assistant (textiles)
Herbert SchofieldMale6 Oct 1904MarriedAgricultural machines dealer
Maximiliam ScholderMale1 Jan 1904Married Dentist
Siegfried ScholderMale17 Feb 1898SingleTextile clerk
Siedfried SchollMale2 Sep 1894MarriedDental surgeon
Herbert ScholumMale9 Jan 1907Married Textile salesman
Otto SchonMale8 Dec 1906MarriedHotel manager
Walter SchonbergerMale24 Mar 1912MarriedOffice clerk
Alfred SchonfarberMale24 Jan 1896SingleShoe salesman
Daniel SchonfarberMale6 Mar 1901Married Hotel manager
Hans SchonfeldMale25 May 1906MarriedJeweller
Artur SchongutMale16 Jan 1897SingleElectrician
Martin SchorMale2 Apr 1896SingleLibrarian
Emil SchottenMale7 Jan 1907MarriedMaster joiner
Ernest (Ernst) SchragenheilmMale12 Mar 1894MarriedArchitect and builder
Hugo SchramMale15 Jul 1897MarriedMaster cutter and tailor
Fritz SchrammMale28 Jun 1902SingleMerchant (raw products)
Isidor SchrammMale5 Feb 1899SingleMerchant (raw products)
Heinirhc SchrefelMale12 Aug 1910SingleDentist
Wilhelm (William) SchreierMale14 Nov 1909MarriedHand knitter
Zacha Z E SchreierMale3 Nov 1904MarriedStationary and bookbinding
Harry SchrimmerMale31 Dec 1910MarriedQuilter (button holes)
Hans SchueckMale16 Mar 1903SingleMargarine manufacturer
Alfons K SchulerMale20 Nov 1912SingleGeneral labourer
Josef SchullerMale19 Jan 1911MarriedGas and water fitter
Fritz SchurmannMale8 Jan 1915SingleCutter (gents tailoring)
Fritz SchusselMale3 Jan 1915SingleCutter (shirts)
Freda Schuster (Berotrom)Female1 Sep 1910SingleChemist (x-ray laboratory)
Hertha SchusterFemale16 Feb 1908MarriedAssistant (medical massage)
Manfred SchusterMale20 Sep 1900MarriedChauffeur
Mendel SchusterMale12 Feb 1905SingleTextile agent
Leo SchustermannMale16 Jul 1901SingleClerk (textile expert)
Leon (Addle) Schute Male4 Jan 1899SingleChemist interpreter
Alfred SchutzMale22 Aug 1914SingleSugar salesman
Moses SchwagerMale16 Sep 1898SingleBookkeeper
Arnold SchwalbeMale10 Aug 1912SingleCarpenter
Alfred SchwaldeMale23 Jan 1907SingleBricklayer
Walter SchwarteMale11 May 1913SingleSolicitors clerk
Heinirch SchwartzMale6 May 1905MarriedBookkeeper
Herbert SchwartzMale30 Nov 1913Married Sculptor
Koloman SchwartzMale2 Oct 1902MarriedMaster glazier
Martin SchwartzMale7 Dec 1905MarriedGeneral labourer
Max SchwartzMale6 Sep 1917SingleStudent (medicine)
Chil SchwarzMale25 Jan 1897SingleGrain miller
Erich V SchwarzMale30 Sep 1917SingleStudent (chemistry)
Hugo SchwarzMale19 Nov 1903MarriedProducer of bent pieces
Julius SchwarzMale19 Oct 1910MarriedCook, baker and confectioner
Rudolf SchwarzMale4 Apr 1897MarriedPoultry farmer
Sigmund SchwarzMale31 Jul 1912SingleGlazier
Stephen SchwarzMale6 Apr 1902MarriedCivil engineer (electrical)
Walter SchwarzMale15 Dec 1912MarriedShop assistant (shoes)
Wilhelm SchwarzbartlMale12 Jul 1912SingleJourneyman shoemaker
Ernest SchwarzschildMale22 Aug 1911SingleSport teacher
Hermann SchwarzsteinMale28 Aug 1910SingleMaster upholsterer
Samuel SchwarzwaldMale14 Feb 1908SingleBank clerk
Ernst SchweigerMale 13 Aug 1840MarriedPhysician
Otto SchweinburgMale3 Feb 1904MarriedMaster shoemaker
Erwin SchwenkMale16 Mar 1894MarriedBookkeeper, cook
George SchwenkMale23 Jun 1909MarriedLeather cutter
Herbert SchwenkMale26 Aug 1908MarriedGeneral oufitter sales
Walter Seaton (Olshram)Female6 Jan 1928SingleAt school
Hermann SecherMale23 Feb 1900MarriedOutfitter
Otto SecherMale17 Jan 1905SingleTailor (gents)
Curt SeckelsonMale25 Nov 1898MarriedMotor car mechanic
Hans Konrad Seegall Male12 May 1910MarriedMiller’s assistant
Martin SeeligMale20 Dec 1906SingleButcher and farmhand
Moritz SeeligMale23 Jul 1911MarriedTextile salesman
Rudolf SeeligMale14 Jan 1894MarriedManufacturer of paper goods
Walter SeeligMale11 Apr 1899MarriedShoe salesman and orthopaedist
Adolf SeemannMale25 Dec 1904MarriedLeather tannery manager
Ludwig SeernMale28 Apr 1913SingleHosiery/lingerie
Alfred SeffMale10 Oct 1904SingleCommercial traveller (Textile)
Hans SegallMale19 Apr 1904SingleTextile agent
Otto SegallMale14 Mar 1901SingleTextile clerk
Max SegelbaumMale9 Mar 1907SingleMargarine roducer
Alfred SeidelMale28 Aug 1896SingleCook/confectioner
Rudolf SeidlMale5 May 1910SingleSkin dealer
Paul SeilerMale15 Jan 1899SingleInsurance clerk
Hans SelbigerMale29 Jul 1901SingleChemist
Oskar SelbigerMale16 May 1911SingleWindow dresser and placard painter
Benno SeligmannMale18 Apr 1901SingleCattle dealer and farmer
Bernard SeligmannMale30 Apr 1902SingleCattle dealer and butcher
Berthold SeligmannMale19 Nov 1911SingleUpholsterer
Julius SeligmannMale8 Jan 1907SingleCattle dealer
Martin SeligmannMale14 Feb 1914SingleFarmer and cattle dealer
Martin SellingMale 1918
Max SelowskyMale18 Mar 1897MarriedInstrument foreman for locksmith and welding
Alfred SerebrenikMale13 May 1900MarriedEngineer (wireless radio)
Berta Shaw (Schajewitsch)Female27 Nov 1903MarriedOwn household
Israel (Elias) Shaw (Schajewitsch)Male21 Apr 1899MarriedSlater
Jakob Shuerman (Scheuermann)Male23 Oct 1932SingleAt school
Sara (Sarah) Shuerman (Scheuermann)Female22 Feb 1903MarriedDressmaker
Sally SichelMale17 Jun 1900MarriedHebrew teacher
Alfred SiednerMale7 Jun 1893MarriedWindow dresser
Fritz Sieg?Male14 Apr 1894MarriedPrinter (sign boards)
Rudolf SiegelMale15 Dec 1910MarriedSport teacher
Max SiegerMale20 Jul 1901SingleGrocery agent
Josef SiegmannMale20 Feb 1900MarriedHatter
Friedrich Sierner Male28 Aug 1900SinglePhysician
Ernst SilberMale22 Jul 1915SingleDispensing chemist
Erwin SilberMale31 Jan 1907SingleCarpet salesman
Kurt SilberbergMale22 Sep 1903SingleBank manager
Alfred SilbermannMale12 Aug 1907SinleTextile clerk
Erich SilbermannMale8 Feb 1921Mechanic
Gerhard SilbermannMale9 Jul 1908MarriedOffice clerk (Jewish congregation)
Selma SilbermannFemale17 Oct 1912MarriedNurse (children’s)
Siegfried SilbermannMale12 Apr 1920Bookkeeper
Simche SilbermannMale27 Sep 1912SingleShaft maker
Leiser SilbersteinMale8 Aug 1912SingleWindow dresser
Moses SilbersteinMale31 May 1903SingleWatchmaker
Alexander SimonMale21 Apr 1907MarriedButcher
Bernd SimonMale
Bruno SimonMale21 Jan 1913SingleSculptor
Hermann SimonMale25 Sep 1902SingleFarm labourer (agriculture)
James SimonMale6 Jan 1891MarriedTextiles salesman
James SimonMale30 Apr 1898MarriedIronmonger
James SimonMale3 May 1914SingleFreelance journalist
Leo SimonMale21 Sep 1908SingleWorksman (saw mill)
Siegfried SimonMale15 Jul 1903MarriedBookkeeper
Jakos SinaiMale29 Jan 1907SingleClerk (professional clothes)
Fritz SinasohnMale17 Oct 1902MarriedSpectacles maker
Siegbert SinasohnMale27 Apr 1901SingleScrap iron dealer
Adela SingerFemale4 Apr 1894MarriedOwn household
Ferdinand SingerMale27 May 1893Married
Franz SingerMale6 Dec 1908MarriedFarmer (agriculture)
Alfred SingerMale1 Jun 1893SingleMusician (violin and xylophone)
Hermann Singer Male6 Apr 1909SingleBuilding engineer
Mina SingerFemale14 Sep 1899MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Saloman SingerMarried20 Nov 1903MarriedJoiner and carpenter
Leon SirotMale21 Apr 1907SingleInterpreter
Ernst SittenfeldMale9 Aug 1896MarriedDestillator
Hans Seigmund SkomlinskiMale30 Aug 1911SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Moses SkurnikMale19 Dec 1896MarriedRabbi teacher
Adolf SmaracMale20 May 1916SingleTextile clerk
Leo SmolianskyMale28 Jun 1907SingleShop assistant (carpets)
Walter SnheuerMale15 Dec 1898MarriedShoe salesman
Siegfried So?Male1 Apr 1917SinglePhotographer and bookbinder
Leo SobelMale14 Sep 1895MarriedPedlar
Franz SohnMale18 Mar 1897SingleInnkeeper and maker of spirits
Ilse SollanderFemale21 Dec 1914MarriedChildrens nurse
Jakob SollanderMale21 Dec 1904MarriedFishmmonger
Anna SommerFemale15 Oct 1899MarriedShopkeeper (knitting goods)
Ernest SommerMale3 May 1908SingleHouse painter
Paul SommerMale27 Sep 1897MarriedKnitting (maker)
Alfred SommerfeldMale12 Nov 1904MarriedFarmer and sorter of materials
Martin SommerfieldMale23 Jan 1914SingleTobacco worker
Theophilus SommersteinMale12 Feb 1909SingleCivil engineer (building)
Gertrud Son (Israel Sohn)Female13 Dec 1903Married Photographer
Samuel SondehimMale7 Apr 1894MarriedSalesman (colours)
Siegfried SondheimMale23 May 1895SingleMetal smelder
Meinhard SonnMale10 Jul 1909MarriedTextile salesman
Edgar SonnebergMale18 Jan 1886MarriedBank manager
Nelli (J) SonnebergFemale5 Feb 1900MarriedKindergarten teacher
Viktor SonnenfeldMale14 Apr 1905Upholsterer
Kurt SonnenmarkMale9 Dec 1909SingleManager, corn dealer, motor car
Friedrich SonnenscheinMale1 Feb 1908SingleHousepainter
Hans SonnenscheinMale15 Apr 1894SingleHotel proprietor
Hans SonnenscheinMale21 Jun 1905SingleOffice clerk
Otto SonnenscheinMale29 Jul 1907SingleAirplane mechanic, motor car driver
? SperlingMale21 Apr 1913SingleCutter (suits)
Heinz SperllingMale9 Jun 1913SingleMusician (piano)
George SpiegelMale11 Feb 1902MarriedGroceries dealer
Hermann SpiegelMale9 Nov 1915SingleConfectioner (sweets)
Josef SpiegelMale23 Apr 1910MarriedScrap iron storekeeper
Wilhelm SpieglerMale14 Dec 1901MarriedWaiter
Franz SpielerMale7 Apr 1905SingleLawyer
Manele SpielmannMale21 Aug 1901MarriedTextile tradesman
Kabol H SpindelMale29 Mar 1894MarriedScrap iron rag dealer
Rudolf SpinradMale14 Feb 1914SingleJourneyman furrier
Egon SpiraMale15 Jul 1905MarriedClerk (dairy factory)
Josef SpiraMale20 Jan 1907MarriedCabinet maker
Otto SpitzMale30 May 1913SingleShop assistant (grocer)
Bernhard SpitzerMale31 Oct 1897MarriedMaster baker
Jakob SpitzerMale10 Jul 1897SingleInsurance clerk
Hans SplitzerMale13 Jan 1910MarriedTailor (gents clothes)
Ire SpodekMale15 Oct 1904MarriedGold and silversmith
Ignatz SpornMale28 Feb 1900MarriedKnitter (machine)
Arnold SprecherMale21 Oct 1914SingleTailor (gents clothes)
Hirsch SprecherMale13 Aug 1910SinlgeTailor (gents clothes)
Simon SprecherMale6 Sep 1902SingleTailor (ladies and gents)
Emil SpringerMale14 Jul 1900SingleCommercial traveller (textile)
Hans SprinzelesMale6 Nov 1907MarriedTies salesman
Leopoldine SprinzelesFemale22 Mar 1904Married Dressmaker
Max SprinzelesMale22 Sep 1894Married Bank clerk
Otto SpitzMale1913
Elias SprungMale5 Aug 1906SingleGents outfitter
Friedrich SpunerMale14 Mar 1904MarriedStage dresser
Paul SpunerMale24 Mar 1894MarriedCommercial traveller (machines)
Jakob SrilMale30 Nov 1896MarriedIron shop assistant
Rolf StargardtidMale11 Apr 1916SingleShop assistant (ladies clothes)
Henoch StarkMale20 Dec 1906MarriedAgriculture farmhand
Walter StarkMale15 May 1913SingleCommercial traveller
Alfred StehbergMale
Ernst SteinMale30 Dec 1896MarriedLocksmith and welder
Ernst Stein Male23 Sep 1905SingleHouse painter
Ferdinand SteinMale9 May 1893MarriedIron turner
Franz SteinMale18 Aug 1903MarriedMaster fitter (gas, water, electrical)
Gertrud SteinFemale14 Apr 1909MarriedApplied arts worker
Hermann SteinMale4 Oct 1906MarriedCattle dealer and farmer
Isidor SteinMale28 Sep 1911SingleMaster baker
Lothar SteinMale19 Aug 1905SingleTeacher (elementary school)
Ludwig SteinMale24 Apr 1900MarriedTeacher (elementary school)
Ludwig SteinMale12 Sep 1902MarriedJourneyman tailor
Ludwig SteinMale20 Dec 1905SingleCattle dealer and farmer
Max SteinMale26 Nov 1914SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Moses SteinMaleJune 1895MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Paul I SteinMale21 Oct 1906SingleTanner
Siegbert SteinMale30 Nov 1907SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Helene Stein?Female5 Jul 1893SingleShopkeeper (stationary)
Walter SteinMale7 Jun 1906MarriedTextile salesman
Otto SteinbachMale27 Sep 1900SingleElectrician
Heinz Leopold Steinberg Male27 Jan 1912SingleJoiner (carpenter)
Herbert SteinbergMale6 Nov 1916SingleMaster baker
Hugo SteinbergMale7 Oct 1894Married Butcher
Max SteinbergMale12 Dec 1909SingleDentist
Josef SteinbergerMale1 Mar 1902MarriedJoiner (carpenter)
Franz SteindlerMale9 Apr 1891MarriedKnitting goods producer
Israel SteindlingMale30 Dec 1914SinglePlumber
Alexander SteinerMale1 Jun 1904MarriedDentist
Erwin SteinerMale20 Feb 1914SingleButcher
Felix SteinerMale9 Jul 1902MarriedMaster tailor (gents)
Hans SteinerMale7 Aug 1908MarriedShop assistant (leather)
Harry SteinerMale28 Mar 1912SingleMechanical engineer (printing)
Leopold SteinerMale15 Feb 1903SingleTextile clerk
Ludwig SteinerMale22 Jul 1906MarriedMiller (wheat and corn)
Paul SteinerMale4 Jul 1910SingleHousepainter
Manfred SteinhardtMale20 Nov 1893Married Draughtsman
Wilhelm SteinkleinMale16 May 1913SingleClerk (gents clothes)
Albert SteinschneiderMale13 Nov 1896MarriedGoldsmith
Oskar StengelMale12 Nov 1903MarriedCosmetics manufacturer
Walter StenschMale
Helene SterbergFemale25 May 1903Married Gardener
Fritz StermanMale6 Nov 1912SingleTechnician (machines)
Jacques StermannMale11 Jun 1904MarriedFishmonger
Albert SternMale10 Oct 1905SingleShoe salesman
Emil SternMale12 Oct 1919SingleTextile technician
Ferdinand SternMale31 Oct 1904SingleElectrician
Friedrich SternMale23 Apr 1897MarriedSalesman (gents clothes)
Gustav SternMale5 Aug 1911MarriedTeacher (elementary school)
Hermann SternMale8 Jun 1899SingleCattle dealer, farmer
Karl SternMale24 Oct 1912SingleFarm labourer
Kathe SternFemale10 Mar 1912MarriedOwn household
Leo SternMale2 Sep 1901MarriedMaster tailor
Leopold SternMale19 Jun 1909SingleStudent (of medicine)
Lucian SternMale7 May 1916SingleLocksmith, welder
Ludwig SternMale28 Feb 1913SingleLocksmith
Max SternMale20 Sep 1907SingleMechanic (knitting machines)
Max SternMale16 Nov 1907SingleConfectioner
Theo SternMale18 Aug 1905Dealer in precious stones
Wilhelm SternMale26 Apr 1915SingleTeacher (elementary school)
George SternbachMale12 Oct 1909MarriedPhysician
Viktor SternbachMale23 Jun 1905MarriedMaster baker
Arnim SternbergMale29 Sep 1917SingeFarm labourer
Edmund SternbergMale27 Nov 1909SingleFarmers help
Ernst SternbergMale8 Nov 1903SingleProducer of knitting ware
Fritz W SternbergMale1 Oct 1899MarriedTextile salesman
Hans SternbergMale1 Jan 1910SingleTailor, cutter (gents)
Herbert SternbergMale9 Mar 1904SingleBookkeeper
Julius SternbergMale21 Dec 1912SingleCar driver
Otto SternbergMale14 Jun 1897SingleIronmonger
Otto SternbergMale6 Jul 1914SingleShop assistant (textile)
Sigismund SternfelsMale20 Sep 1907MarriedChauffeur
Samuel David SternklarMale6 Jan 1905MarriedConfectioner
Martin SternlichtMale11 Aug 1907SingleAgent (fancy articles)
Sigismund SternfelsMale20 Sep 1907MarriedChauffeur
Samuel David SternklarMale6 Jan 1905MarriedConfectioner
Martin SternlichtMale11 Aug 1907SingleAgent (fancy articles)
William SternschusMale4 Jul 1907SinglePhotographer
Isak SternschussMale11 Jun 1906MarriedTextile salesman
Salli SternsteinMale2 Mar 1902SingleTextile shop assistant
Walter SteuerMale25 Jan 1891MarriedEngineer (mechanic), professional machinery
Kurt StiassnyMale24 Aug 1904SingleKnitter (machinery)
Gunter StoppelmannMale20 Oct 1905MarriedTextile salesman
Leo StorchMale3 Mar 1921Student
Richard StosselMale26 Jan 1895MarriedTanner
Josh F StrahlbergMale6 Jan 1911MarriedFurrier
Friedrich StrassmannMale20 May 1904SingleLawyer
Kenneth (Kurt) Stratton (Strenitz)Male13 Mar 1902MarriedWomens tailor
Albert StraussMale6 Dec 1905SingleTrainee gardener, formerly bank clerk
Bruno StraussMale22 May 1896SingleBank clerk
Dewald StraussMale4 Jul 1906SingleCommercial traveller
Gustav StraussMale20 Apr 1911SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Hermann StraussMale23 Oct 1894MarriedMaster baker
Ludwig StraussMale23 Oct 1905MarriedSilk salesman
Martin StraussMale14 Jan 1916SingleButcher
Salli StraussMale19 Oct 1894MarriedTextile agent
Salomon StraussMale24 Mar 1906MarriedMaster butcher and farmer
Siegbert StraussMale
Siegfried StraussMale23 Oct 1896MarriedCattle dealer
Walter StraussMale12 Jul 1902MarriedTextile salesman
Egon StrausslerMale31 Jan 1908MarriedTechnical clerk (electrician)
Moritz M StreiflerMale11 Nov 1902Married Dentist
Hans J StrengerMale7 Aug 1898SinglePhysician
Kurt StrenitzMale1902
Ernst StrickerMale18 Jul 1900SingleGrain dealer
Hermann StriemMale27 May 1904SingleAgriculture, farmer
Martin StriemMale9 Dec 1906SingleLabourer (building)
Max StretzelMale14 Feb 1907MarriedPainter, decoration
Isak StrizowerMale17 Apr 1903MarriedMaster goldsmith
Pavl StuehlerMale24 Mar 1904SingleMaster butcher
Herbert R StutinskiMale27 Mar 1917SingleTextile clerk
Hans (John H) StuxMale6 May 1911SingleEngineer, electrician
Victor StuxMale20 Jan 1910SingleMechanic (typewriters)
Zachariasz SucherMale17 Feb 1902SingleTanner
Julius SuessMale21 Mar 1918SingleMechanic (typewriters)
Emanuel SuessmannMale17 Jul 1910SingleGroceries (storekeeper)
Heinz SuessmannMale24 Oct 1911MarriedMusician (piano and flute)
Wilhelm Siegfried Sumner (Schlesinger) Male23 Dec 1920SingleTrainee mechanician
Baruch SumpfMale18 Jun 1905SingleGoldsmith
Otto SuschniMale5 Jan 1914SingleLeather cutter
Alfred SussmannMale15 Oct 165MarriedCable fitter
Erich I SussmannMale29 Jun 1899Single Welder
Fritz SussmannMale26 Sep 1911MarriedTeacher (religion)
Gerson SussmannMale3 Jul 1900MarriedMaster butcher
Siegfried Felix SussmannMale22 Apr 1895SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Schymon H SziperMale17 Oct 1899MarriedTextile salesman
? SzmuszkowiczMale31 May 1911SinglePhysician
Walter SzwersztenbergMale27 Dec 1902MarriedCommercial traveller
Mendel L SzwimerMale17 Jun 1906SingleLocksmith and mechanic


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
David TabakMale16 May 1908MarriedWeaver (manufacturing)
Leib TabakMale10 Oct 1909MarriedGlazier
Bernard TachauerMale1920
Leo TammerMale15 Dec 1900SingleShop assistant (textile)
Arno TanchenMale31 May 1905MarriedShoe salesman
Bernhard TanbauerMale
Bruno TanchenMale29 Dec 1899SingleIronmonger
Max Tanne-MuenzMale5 Nov 1912SingleTextile salesman
Erich TannenbaumMale17 Mar 1916SingleGardener (market)
Max TannenbaumMale6 Aug 1913SingleWeaver, knitter (machinery)
Berthold TanzMale12 May 1913SingleJoiner/carpenter
Markus TaubenkuebelMale8 Aug 1915SingleStudent (of medicine)
Emil TauberMale8 Mar 1912SingleCutter (shoes)
David TauberMale16 Mar 1899WidowedAgriculture, farmer
Leo Tauber (Rauchbach)Male1 Mar 1916SingleManservant in private household
Jakob S TaubesMale13 Aug 1898MarriedSalesman (electrical articles)
Erich TaulMale28 Mar 1906SingleHairdresser
Felix TauszigMale9 Apr 1897SingleDruggist
Jetty TeicherFemale21 Apr 1911MarriedChildrens nurse
Salomon TeicherMale26 Dec 1900MarriedTextile agent
David TeichmannMale28 Aug 1912SinglePhysician (ophthalmologist)
Albert TeichnerMale2 May 1904SingleMusician (pianoforte and accordian)
Salomon TempelmannMale6 Oct 1901SingleGeneral labourer (jute bags)
Mendel TenenbaumMale12 Feb 1906MarriedGoldsmith
Harry Tenne (Henenberg) Male11 May 1898MarriedMaster tailor
Chaim TennenhausMale20 Oct 1897MarriedTeacher (historics, Hebrew)
Michael TennenhausMale17 Apr 1901MarriedTeacher (history, geography, gym)
Heinrich TepperMale
Juda B TepperMale7 Mar 1902MarriedWeaver (machinery)
Mordko J TetelbaumMale26 Oct 1896MarriedBrewer
Joachim M ThalerMale17 Nov 1907SingleClerk (weaver)
Walter H ThringMale1910
Ottokar TichauerMale22 May 1902SingleMining engineer and surveyer
Karl TimanMale3 Oct 1904MarriedCorset salesman
Paul TimanMale12 Jul 1909MarriedBank clerk and singer
Walter TischlerMale6 Dec 1906MarriedWindow dresser
Gustav TobiasMale10 May 1916SingleStudent (technical school)
Max TobiasMale11 Aug 1908SingleWorker (Baring powder manufacturing)
Arthur TobinskiMale30 Dec 1902MarriedMaster joiner and carpenter
Ernst TochMale7 Jan 1907MarriedGrocer
Adolf TodtenkopfMale6 Feb 1897SingleFarm assistant
Harry TonelloMale27 Nov 1894SingleInnkeeper
Siegfried TorchheimerMale4 Jun 1905SingleCattle dealer, farmer
Erwin TramerMale23 Oct 1900SingleChemist
Max TraugottMale4 Dec 1893MarriedTextile salesman
Otto TrebitschMale3 Sep 1900DivorcedLeather goods manufacturer
Goldberg (Josel) TreiberMale15 Jul 1902SingleTailor (gents)
Karl TrompeterMale25 May 1902MarriedSkin dealer
Ludwig TropkeMale10 Apr 1906MarriedJourneyman baker
Josef TrubMale14 May 1906MarriedChemical cleaner
Siegfried TrubMale2 Jun 1907SingleChemical cleaner and dyer
Leonard Neidhart TuchmannMale1922
Hermann TuchnerMale2 Aug 1899SingleBookseller
Mellech (Martin) Tuckner (Tuchner)Male28 Jun 1900MarriedTailor (ladies dresses)
Jakob TuerkiszMale30 May 1913SingleClerk (forwarding agent)
Bernhard TurkischMale18 Feb 1903SingleShirt cutter
Jakob TurkischMale6 Nov 1904SingleClothes salesman
Leopold TurkischMale24 Jun 1913SingleJourneyman tailor
Regina Turner (Tabak)Female20 May 1907MarriedShop assistant (ladies dresser)
Fritz TurteltaubMale19 Mar 1909SingleTextile salesman
Chil TybergMale5 Mar 1897WidowedShoemaker (upper parts)
Emil (Ronald) Tyrrell (Goldberg)Male24 Nov 1913MarriedWindow dresser
Edith ?TzerFemale14 Nov 1909MarriedLibrarian


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Siegfried UhlfelderMale13 Dec 1898MarriedPhotographer (industry)
Erich UlkoMale16 Apr 1895MarriedDraper
Richard UllmannMale5 Aug 1896SingleJoiner/carpenter
Gertrud Ulmer (Vhlfelder)Female17 Jun 1899MarriedPhotographer
David Unger David M Nov 17 1905 1905 Married Tailor (Ladies)Male17 Nov 1905MarriedLadies tailor
Ernest (E) UngerMale3 Jul 1896WidowedFilm operator expert/feeding animals/bakers machines
Eva UngerMale31 Mar 1903MarriedGymnastics teacher
Fritz UngerMale19 May 1909SingleChauffeur
Hans UngerMale20 Jan 1909SingleProperty administrator
Leo UngarMale28 Jul 1899MarriedPhysician
Rudolf (Chanvel) Ungar Male12 Jul 1904MarriedChemist
Valerie UngarFemale25 Nov 1907MarriedDressmaker
Berthold UngermunzMale7 Apr 1912SingleLeather worker
Herbert UnikowerMale28 Nov 1911SingleSalesman (grassier shoes)
Arthur UrbachMale15 Jul 1896SingleDentist (surgeon)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Jakob ValferMale1 Jan 1906SingleWine salesman
Anneleise van der ZylFemale27 Mar 1909MarriedMusic teacher
Werner van der ZylMale11 Sep 1902MarriedRabbi/teacher
Egon VeiszMale23 Mar 1914SingleOffice clerk
Philip VeitMale1 Dec 1918SingleBank clerk
Martin VhlfelderMale19 Jul 1908SingleElectrician/motor car driver
Arnold VogelMale23 Jul 1906MarriedElectrician
Leontine VogelFemale1911MarriedDressmaker
Morite VorchheimerMale7 Dec 1898SingleAgriculture/farmer
Ferdinand VulkanMale20 Apr 1901SingleWeaver (manufacturing machinery)
Heinrich VulkanMale17 May 1905SingleElectrician


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Herbert WachenheimerMale30 May 1905MarriedLeather dealer
Alfred WachsMale
Walter WachsmannMale22 Feb 1910MarriedElectrician
Salo WachtigallMale
Karl WachtlMale3 Oct 1906SinglePrinter (employer)
Kurt WachtlMale12 Jun 1917SingleElectrician
Walter WaidhoferMale20 Oct 1909MarriedClerk (photographers assistant)
Walter WaitzfelderMale1 Mar 1894SinglePhysician
Cecil WaksmannMale20 May 1899MarriedLaundry owner
Alfred WallachMale31 Jul 1909SingleScrap iron dealer
Estera WalterFemale27 Apr 1912Married Milliner
Oscar WalterMale24 Dec 1900SingleCivil engineer (machines)
Salamon WalterMale12 Oct 1902MarriedChemical goods salesman
Richard WaltuchMale23 Jul 1905MarriedCar mechanician
Bernhard WandMale26 May 1894SingleMaster turner (iron)
Kurt WangenheimMale6 Sep 1902SingleLawyer
Julius WantuchMale30 May 1913SingleShop assistant (medical goods)
Walter W WarmanMale1915
Arnold WarschauerMale3 Apr 1898MarriedCotton salesman
Martin WarschaverMale15 May 1901MarriedTextile salesman
Gunter WartenbergerMale28 Jun 1914SingleDruggist
Rudi W WartenbergerMale5 Apr 1908MarriedShop assistant (ladies gowns)
Joseph WartenburgMale14 Jun 1898MarriedCattle breeding
Kurt WartenburgerMale24 Sep 1913MarriedCutter (gents)
Ernst WasserMale23 Mar 1893MarriedPhysician
Jakob WassermannMale5 Nov 1902SingleMechanician/driver
Kendal WassermannMale15 Jul 1895SingleTobacconist
Otto WassermannMale1 Jun 1914MarriedJourneyman tailor
Hang WasservogelMale17 Nov 1916MarriedStudent (medicine)
Josef WasservogelMale25 Jun 1907SingleShoemaker
Edmund Wedel Male7 Nov 1909SingleFarm assistant
Salop WeichMale1 Aug 1916SingleClerk and driver trainer
Rudolf WeigertMale13 Oct 1904MarriedElectro-engineer
Usecotte Werber (Hochstimm)Female18 Jan 1917SingleDressmaker
? Weigler-Feierstein MoritzMale27 Aug 1902MarriedJeweller (on own account)
Alfred WeihsMale19 Apr 1902MarriedSelling agent (clothes)
Erich WeihsMale15 Apr 1905SingleHandweaver
Friedrich WeihsMale23 Mar 1906SingleHairdresser
Erna WeilFemale28 Aug 1905MarriedBookkeeper
Felix WeilMale1 Oct 1909SingleTextile clerk
Leopold WeilMale2 Apr 1917SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Max WeilMale15 May 1907MarriedWine salesman
Otto WeilMale7 Oct 1902SingleCattle dealer
Sallu WeilMale23 Dec 1905SingleFarm assistant
Siegfried WeilMale13 Jul 1918Butcher
Erich WelburgMale23 Jun 1913SingleClerk (varnishing manufacturer)
Hans WeileMale25 Oct 1914SingleCattle dealer
Berthold WeinbergMale4 Sep 1907SingleLawyers assistant
Chana Weinberg Female14 Jul 1911MarriedShop assistant (ladies dress)
Eva Weinberg (Havrwite)Female12 Dec 1910SingleSecretary (Jewish assistant)
Fritz WeinbergMale21 Jul 1913SingleWindow dresser/draughtsman
Heinz WeinbergMale21 Jul 1915Shop assistant
Leo WeinbergMale23 Sep 1899SingleBookkeeper/correspondent
Otto WeinbergMale3 May 1906MarriedLocksmith (welder)
Rudolf WeinbergMale26 Nov 1909MarriedShop assistant (department store)
Bernhard WeinbergerMale18 May 1915SingleJourneyman baker
Julius WeinbergerMale3 Oct 1911SingleTailor/cutter (gents)
Phillip WeinbergerMale2 Sep 1904MarriedScents dealer
Ernst WeinerMale9 Nov 1906SingleLocksmith (motor cars and aeroplanes)
Franz WeinerMale31 Jul 1902MarriedShoemaker (leather dealer)
Johann WeinerMale23 Jun 1914SingleStove maker, potter
Filip WeingartenMale8 Mar 1897MarriedLawyer
Rudolf WeingartenMale1912
Josef A WeingeistMale15 Oct 1899MarriedStationer
Erich WeinigerMale5 Aug 1904MarriedLeather cutter
Fritz WeiningerFemale4 Oct 1908MarriedDressmaker
Hermann WeiningerMale24 Nov 1899SingleAgricultural labourer
?bert WeinmannMale31 Oct 1908SingleConfectioner
Josef S WeinrauchMale2 Aug 1910SingleTextile salesman
Joseph WeinsaftMale28 Apr 1897MarriedBookbinder
Fritz WeinsteinMale2 Nov 1909SingleHorticultural worker
Siegfried WeinsteinMale3 Oct 1909SingleStudent (law)
Josef Weinstein-RothMale18 Jun 1908SingleForwarding clerk
Emil WeinstockMale24 Mar 1904MarriedTextile agent
Max WeinstockMale6 Sep 1917SingleHairdresser
Alfred Siegfried WeintraubMale30 Mar 1911SingleTeacher (languages)
Chawa WeintraubFemale20 Apr 1913MarriedTeacher of music
Eduard WeintraubMale1 Sep 1914SingleLawyers assistant
Isidor WeintraurMale30 May 1915MarriedJourneyman baker
Ernst WeinzweigMale12 Feb 1905MarriedMotor car mechanic
Jacob WeisMale17 Jan 1904SingleUpholsterer
Paul WeisMale19 Mar 1907SingleSpirits producer
Siegfried WeismanMale26 Apr 1900 MarriedChauffeur
Alfred WeissMale
Edward WeissMale17 Jan 1910SingleKnitter (hand)
Fritz WeissMale5 Jan 1912SingleClerk/furrier
Gerhard WeissMale8 Aug 1903MarriedEngineer and mechanic (heating)
Herbert WeissMale23 Jul 1920Student
Isidor WeissMale9 Oct 1908MarriedButcher/farmer
Jacob WeissMale
Mechel WeissMale17 Nob 1909Single Commercial traveller (ladies clothes)
Oswald WeissMale31 Dec 1907SingleTextile salesman
Peter Josef WeissMale23 Nov 1918Student (chemistry)
Shaja WeissMale19 Jul 1908SingleCarpenter
Heinz WeissenbergMale29 May 1904SingleTextile agent
Sali WeissenbergMale11 Aug 1893MarriedTextile salesman
Walter WeissenbergMale9 Jul 1902MarriedBookkeeper
Werner WeissenbergMale7 Nov 1911SingleTeacher (science)
Simons WeissglasMale10 Jul 1914SingleWeaver (manipulator)
Eduard WeissmannMale6 May 1896MarriedLocksmith
Hans WeissmannMale
Heinrich WeissmannMale6 Apr 1903DivorcedJourneyman locksmith
Rudolf WeissmannMale6 Aug 1907SingleJourneyman baker
Wilhelm WeissmannMale23 Jan 1913SingleWaiter
Alfred WeiszMale11 Apr 1900MarriedJoiner/carpenter
Ludwig WeiszMale27 Feb 1904MarriedGents outfitter
Otto WeiszMale19 Jan 1907SingleDairy labourer
Wilhelm WeiszMale7 Mar 1902MarriedShopkeeper (scents)
Julius WeitzmannMale5 Jun 1891SinglePhotographer
Otto WelchMale27 Dec 1909MarriedPlumber
Leo WelderMale6 May 1904MarriedMotor car mechanic
Paul Wellish (Wellisch)Male7 Mar 1909MarriedElectrician
Robert WellnerMale20 Oct 1896MarriedDraughtsman (placard)
Kurt WendrinerMale29 Jul 1897MarriedChauffeur
Egon WengerMale11 Apr 1909SingleCar driver
Josef WengerMale31 Jul 1916SingleMusician (jazz-pianist)
Karl WengerMale20 Jul 1907SingleOrganiser (industry)
Isak WenkartMale2 Dec 1896MarriedBustbodice maker
Ludwig WerberMale7 May 1908SingleDentist
Elsa WerfelFemale12 Jan 1908MarriedShop assistant (toys)
Julius WerfelMale22 Apr 1907MarriedShopkeeper (scents)
Ignaz WerheimMale18 Sep 1903MarriedCommercial traveller
Elias ? WernerMale6 May 1909SingleOffice clerk
Fritz WernerMale25 Jan 1914SingleShop assistant (shoes)
George WernerMale22 Feb 1903MarriedClerk/waiter
Samuel WernerMale
Ferdinand WertheimMale11 Jan 1909SingleMaster shoemaker
Julius WertheimMale6 Jan 1907MarriedMaster butcher
Felix WertheimerMale30 Mar 1911MarriedConfectioner (sweets)
Egon WesselyMale11 Sep 1907Single Goldsmith
Franz WesthovenMale6 Jan 1900WidowedChauffeur
Josef WettensteinMale10 Jul 1905SingleShop assistant (machinery)
Hermann WetterhahnMale13 Oct 1909MarriedMaster house painter
Ludwig WetterhahnMale7 Sep 1895MarriedCommercial traveller (textiles)
Hermann WeylMale1 Jul 1894SingleTextile salesman
Naftali WiederMale5 May 1905SingleTeacher (Hebrew)/Rabbi
Moritz WienerMale9 Jun 1899Married Commercial traveller
Schachne WienerMale24 Jun 1896MarriedLadies clothes dealer
Hans WienskowitzMale23 Jul 1894MarriedTextile agent
Saul WieselbergMale4 Feb 1899MarriedButton maker
Bruno WiesingerMale14 Sep 1915SingleMetal turner
Ithamer WilderMale29 Jul 1912SingleHairdresser
Leo WilgotMale28 Jun 1913SingleChemician-engineer (rubber)
Hugo WilhelmMale4 Aug 1901MarriedElectrician
Hans WilkMale17 Aug 1899SingleLocksmith
Isidor Leib WilkenfeldMale13 Nov 1899MarriedShopkeeper (textiles)
William (Wilhelm) Williams (Weininger)Male1 OCt 1903SingleHouse painter
Samuel (Leib L) WillnerMale21 Sep 1906SingleCook
Heinz WillschickMale13 Sep 1914SingleWindow dresser/sign writier
Beila Wilson (Wurzel)Female24 Jan 1910MarriedDressmaker
Mali Wilson (Tauber)Female20 Jan 1921SingleCutter (ladies underwear)
Adolf WilzigMale12 Nov 1916SingleWelder
Ernest WindeckerMale29 Aug 1909MarriedFitter (machines)
Gunther WindmullerMale13 May 1910SingleClerk (plywood)
Rudolf Wingate (Weingarten)Male25 Feb 1912SingleUmbrella maker
Jacques WinterMale7 Aug 1913SingleGeneral labourer
Leo WinterMale19 Nov 1902MarriedCutter (shoes)
Leopold WinterMale9 Jul 1899MarriedAccountant
Leopold Winter Male6 Oct 1899MarriedButcher/cook
Oskar Winter (Winterberger)Male19 Jul 1906SingleTextile agent/weaver
F?on WischnowitzerMale12 Nov 1907SingleGoldsmith
Rudolf WischnowitzerMale24 Feb 1909MarriedEngineer (machines)
Alfred Martin Wise (Weihs)Male11 Feb 1905SingleButcher
Arnold WisztynieckiMale1 Jan 1906SingleTextile salesman
Noah WitiwkerMale4 Nov 1910SingleSack dealer
Hans WittenbergMale22 Jul 1904MarriedManufacturer of watch glass
Hersch WitztumMale27 Sep 1909SinglePhysician
Benham (Binem) WodkaMale6 Jul 1903MarriedBuilding technician
Max WohlMale25 Jul 1903MarriedTradesman (hosiery)
Schara (Shaya) WohlMale15 Mar 1897SingleRabbi
Hans WohlfarthMale13 Feb 1906MarriedShop assistant (hardware)
Israel Otto WohlmuthMale1 Feb 1908SingleLawyer/clerk (rubber trade)
Egon WoldsohnMale13 May 1909SingleElectrician (wireless)
Hans WohlfarthMale13 Feb 1906MarriedShop assistant (hardware)
Israel Otto WohlmuthMale1 Feb 1908SingleLawyer/clerk (rubber trade)
Egon WoldsohnMale13 May 1909SingleElectrician (wireless)
Bruno H WolfMale15 Feb 1906MarriedMaster glazier
Gerhard WolfMale25 May 1923Student (ORT)
Gottfried WolfMale31 Jan 1909MarriedJourneyman butcher
Isak WolfMale10 Apr 1895MarriedFlour dealer
Kurt WolfMale17 Aug 1904MarriedTextile salesman
Moses Wolf (Drenger)Male17 Feb 1895MarriedMaster sadler
Anita WolfeFemale17 Aug 1911MarriedNurse (children)
Joachim M WolfeMale26 Mar 1907MarriedElectrician
Manfred WolfeMale8 Aug 1914SingleFarmer (agriculture)
Heinrich WolffMale11 Mar 1905Married Tinsmith
Abraham S WolffMale27 Jun 1903MarriedFarm assistant
Alice WolffFemale7 Feb 1908SingleCook
Arnold WolffMale13 Jan 1907MarriedSaw mill owner
Enid WolffMale19 Jun 1904Married Textile salesman
Fritz N WolffMale2 Jun 1906SingleWholesaler (textiles)
Heinrich WolffMale30 Sep 1904SingleCommercial traveller (leather)
Kurt Edward WolffMale24 Jul 1893MarriedTextile salesman
Kurt Wolff Male30 Jun 1902MarriedJoiner/carpenter
Martin WolffMale24 Jun 1901SingleMechanic (car machines)
Selly Ludwig WolffMale2 Jul 1899MarriedButcher/motor car driver
Theodore WolffMale16 Oct 1905MarriedTextiles traveller
Fritz WolffbergMale27 Sep 1897MarriedChauffeur
Walter WolffsMale20 Aug 1917SingleButcher/farmer
Julius WolffsbergMale20 Oct 1910SingleTextile agent
Alfred WollischMale23 Feb 1900SingleForwarding clerk
?ona WorimklaynMale31 Aug 1907SingleTextile clerk
Kurt WreschnerMale15 Oct 1903Married Bricklayer
Osias WurzelMale20 Oct 1900MarriedCommercial traveller (textile)
Arthur WyanMale6 Apr 1903SingleShop assistant (silk)


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Adolf YorchheimerMale27 Nov 1903MarriedFarmer/cattle dealer
Erna Younger (Jungerwirth)Female11 Feb 1902MarriedBookkeeper


Original NameGenderDate of BirthStatusOccupation
Srul ZacMale21 Jun 1910SingleStudent (medicine)
Julian ZachariasMale9 Jul 1905SingleCommercial traveller (textiles)
Izaak Zadel (Chil)Male24 Apr 1897MarriedTextile salesman
Sander ZahlerMale10 Jan 1906DivorcedMaster goldsmith
George ZajacMale6 Dec 1903SingleCommercial traveller (textiles)
Isaak ZajacMale1 Oct 1900MarriedJourneyman baker
Moritz ZajacMale15 Nov 1896SingleCommercial traveller (textiles)
Aron ZaksMale18 Jul 1906SingleGeneral labourer (underground)
Wilhelm ZanderMale1 Nov 1901MarriedWelder
Schmul ZarywaezMale15 Feb 1900MarriedMaster tailor (gents clothes)
Aszyk ZelechowerMale21 Sep 1915SingleWindow dresser/sign writer
John (Isidor) ZellerMale24 Aug 1894SingleDepartment store manager
Adolf ZellermayerMale1 Jan 1912SingleDruggist
Heinz ZellermayerMale3 Sep 1914SingleGents tailor
Walter ZellermayerMale30 Mar 1913SingleHatter
Isidor ZelmanovicMale6 Jul 1911MarriedDairy farmer
Jakob ZelnikMale25 Aug 1909MarriedWireless technician
Erwin ZenkerMale8 Jun 1912SingleCabinet maker
Robert ZieglerMale21 May 1906SingleMaster mechanic
Lewy ZiemandMale5 Apr 1905MarriedLawyer
Benjamin ZieringMale10 Mar 1903SingleGents tailor
Leib ZieringMale3 Dec 1900MarriedGents tailor
Leopold ZinnerMale27 Mar 1913SingleFurrier (pegger)
Otto ZirlingerMale1 Sep 1909SinglePhysician
Mor?E (Charles M) Morris (Zlolnic?)Male15 May 1898Married Textile warehouse manager
Josef ZuckerMale26 Feb 1900MarriedDecorator
Josef ZuckerbergMale12 Feb 1906SingleFruiterer
Cheil ZuckermannMale14 Mar 1897MarriedShoes salesman
Sigmund Zulawski Male16 Nov 1900MarriedCompositor
Moses ZunikMale16 Apr 1908MarriedMaster tailor
Otto Ludwig ZwiebackMale25 Jan 1912
Ernst ZweigentialMale22 Dec 1907SingleBookkeeper
Hermann ZwerlingMale11 Jul 1911SinglePhysician
Erich ZwillenbergMale19 Jan 1895MarriedForwarding agent
David ZwillingMale9 Dec 1903SingleIron founder
Chaim D ZylberstajnMale28 Dec 1908MarriedGents tailor
Chaim L ZylberstajnMale12 Jul 1893MarriedWeaver (plush)