Heinz Grünewald

Born: Herdecke, Germany, 20 December 1919

Profession in country of origin: Tailor

Arrived in Britain as a refugee from Germany in 1939


Male enemy alien - Exemption from internment - Refugee                                            Surname: Grunewald
Forename: Heinz
Alias: -
Date and place of birth: 20/12/1919 in Herdecke
Nationality: German
Police Regn. Cert. No.: 712 469
Home Office ref: C 3733 G18072 [later addition]
Address: Kitchener camp, Richborough, Sandwich, Kent
Normal occupation: Tailor
Present occupation:
Name and address of employer: -
Decision of tribunal: Exempted "C"
Date 18.10.1939
Whether exempted from Article 6(A): Yes
Whether desires to be repatriated: No

Hand-written later addition: Release authorised Cat 3
 Report of Internment
                                 Police: MPD Divn "S"
Name of Alien: Grunewald, Heinz
Nationality: -
Date of birth: 21
HO Number: 712469
Interned on: - 
Handed to: -
Reason for internment: Circular 21.06.1940
Release Authorised Cat 3 G18072

Source: National Archives, Home Office: Aliens Department: Internees Index, 1939-1947.

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Kitchener camp, Richborough transit camp, Heinz Grünewald, Auszug Vortrag Eva Lee Nov. 2014
Kitchener camp, Heinz Grünewald, Auszug Vortrag, Extract from speech given by a cousin of Heinz – Eve Lee, November 2014.

After the war Heinz Grünewald went to live in New York. Today, a cousin of his, Eve Lee, lives in Dumont, New Jersey; she is almost 90 years old. I have been in contact with her since 1990. Eve visited Herdecke in 2014, because a memorial tablet for the victims of the Holocaust was being erected. In 2016, I visited her in Dumont.

If you look at the following website you can get more information about the Grünewald family:

– Kindly submitted by researcher Willi Creutzenberg


  • Kitchener camp, Heinz Grünewald
  • Heinz Grünewald, At school, 1926, Sitting in the front row on a chair
  • Kitchener camp, Heinz Grünewald, Family
  • Kitchener camp, Heinz Grünewald, Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, New Jersey, August 2016

-Kindly submitted by researcher Willi Creutzenberg