Ernst Wasser

Born: Zullichan, 23 March 1893

Profession in country of origin: Physician

Arrived in Britain as a refugee in May 1939


Male enemy alien - Exemption from internment - Refugee   
Surname: Wasser
Forename: Ernst 
Alias: - 
Date and place of birth: 23/03/1893 in Zullichan
Nationality: German
Police Regn. Cert. No.: 711 467 
Home Office ref: C 832     
Address: Kitchener camp, Richborough, Sandwich, Kent 
Normal occupation: Physician
Present occupation: Farm worker in camp
Name and address of employer: - 
Decision of tribunal: Exempted "C" & 9a
Date 11.10.1939 
Whether exempted from Article 6(A): Yes 
Whether desires to be repatriated: No 

[Reverse of card] Release authorised provisionally Cat 17 (Brazil) 28.01.1942 or Return to UK auth. for [?] of release.

Richborough EC
German                              Wasser

23.3.93                             Ernst
W13932                              C Cat

Enrolled Australian Labour Corps 17.12.1942

Source: National Archives, Home Office: Aliens Department: Internees Index, 1939-1947.

Editor’s note: We are not allowed to reproduce National Archives (UK) images, but we are permitted to reproduce the material from them, as shown above.

There are further records about Ernst Wasser, housed at the Australian National Archives as follows:

Title Prisoner of War/Internee: Wasser, Ernst; 
Date of birth - 23 March 1893; 
Nationality - German 
Contents range 1940 - 1942 Series number MP1103/1
Control symbol E40862 Access status OpenItem ID8618542
Prisoner of War/Internee; Wasser, Ernst; 
Year of birth - 1893; Nationality - German
Contents range
1939 - 1945
Series number
Control symbol
Access status
Item ID

There is information about Ernst Wasser’s life online at DGKJ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin e.V. 

The link to the website is here

There is also a PDF below, with translation to English, in case the link breaks over time