Arnold Max Lachs

Born: 9 November 1920

Profession in country of origin: Tie maker

Arrived in Britain as a refugee from Austria in 1939


Information from Canada release index, no. 2

Lachs, Arnold Max

Now enemy alien

Released on landing UK 23.1.1941

Category C

RC Y10425


Interned Camp I, Canada

Information from Canada file HO 396/III

Lachs, Arnold Max
SH 3 
Sailed for Canada in SS Sobricki
on 4th July 1940, L18593
Sobricki - to be returned to UK for probationary internment with view to release Category 7. 7/10/41

released on landing UK 23.11.1941
Now enemy alien L18593

Richborough E.C.

Source: National Archives records

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