Interviews with some Kitchener men

A number of archives hold interviews that were made with some of the men who were in Kitchener camp, and I am gradually going to get around as many of these as I can.

This obviously takes some time – and travelling – so please bear with me, but I think descendants will be interested to read these accounts ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’, as it were.

The first set of summaries of interviews are here: 

I cannot produce the interviews verbatim because of copyright issues, but I have provided a summary and a note of where I found the originals, should anyone wish to follow them up .

I am being sent some fascinating links by descendants and every one of these is appreciated. Not all pertain directly to Kitchener camp, but all address related issues.

Again due to issues of copyright, the best thing I can do to share these is to provide the links, some of which follow below.