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Having had a fascinating day in Sandwich, Kent, among some descendants of the refugees of Kitchener Camp in 1939, this website is being established for a limited period of time to gather together our documents, photographs, and memories.

In this way, we might form a picture of how the men managed to get out of Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, of what their lives and routines were like in Kitchener Camp, and of what they went on to do when the camp closed down.

Hopefully, having a global website presence will mean that Kitchener descendants who do not live in Britain will be able to join us in sharing materials and memories.

At the end of this time, we will offer the site and its public documents to an appropriate institution to maintain these items as both materials for education and as an act of commemoration.

Let this be a good time to share our knowledge of these events among us


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