Berlin ORT photos at CJH

One of those amazing finds this morning that us dabblers in Jewish genealogy know happen all too seldom.

However – a wonderful discovery in the online Centre for Jewish History (CJH) records today – and especially so if your father or grandfather was a youngster with the Berlin ORT that came to Kitchener at the end of August/start of September 1939.

The ORT was one of many German Jewish technical and trade schools that sent young men to Kitchener and elsewhere as skilled refugee emigrants.

It’s tricky to point you to the photographs directly, because the searches here time-out (if anyone knows a way of stopping this, please let me know!)

However, follow these steps, and hopefully you’ll get there!


First – go to the following link:

In the search box at the top of page – type in ‘ORT photographic collection’

You should see: ORT Photographic Collection, 1922-1960

Click on this link.

Control F to bring up a search box (or just scroll down the page) – and type in: ‘identification photographs’, which should bring you to a heading as follows: ‘Identification photographs of teenage boys, probably refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe

Click on the link – and then go down the numbered links on the left-hand side of the page to view the images.

These are incredible – some really lovely photographs here – the recto carries the face, the verso has identifying information from the back.

I understand that Kitchener / ORT families have not seen these images before – and there is other ORT info on that ‘results’ page at CJH, so I hope you get much pleasure out of this morning’s ‘find’!